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June 7, 2011

Valentino Garavani Sketches – Lessons From a Professional

When it comes down to sketches, now retired Valentino took a special effort to make sure they are clean, descriptive and beautiful. He is classically trained at the famous Paris Art School and spent many years working under numerous designers before taking leading roles at Guy Laroche and starting his own label.

His sketches are probably closest to framable art among other designers because he often uses color and makes them look like real paintings as oppose to just sketches. Also, Valentino’s sketches are very realistic, full of details and clearly defined silhouettes which makes them easy to read on clothing models. The wedding dresses are his specialty! He even draws a face of a beautiful and happy bride to add joyful mood to the drawing. Enjoy the collection!

Kate Middleton Dress

Kate Middleton Dress Alternative View