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September 30, 2014

Woman Prada Sunglasses for Chickie Ladies

Prada Sunglasses for Woman has been a topic at many fashion magazines this year. Large gems and bright colors, thick plastic frames and dark lenses made them so fun to write about. Sunglasses suppose to be for fashion. Why not! You can just have one of bright yellow sunglasses and forget about rest of wardrobe. You will look stunning guaranteed!


Now let’s look at the best Prada sunglasses models of 2014.


Prada SPR 28Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 28Q Voice

Prada SPR 28Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 27Q Voice

Prada SPR 26Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 26Q Voice

Prada SPR 22Q suntlasses

Prada SPR 22Q Voice

Prada SPR 21Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 21Q Voice

Prada SPR 16Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 16Q Cinema

Prada SPR 09Q Sunglasses

Prada SPR 09Q Cinema

Prada SPR 08Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 08Q Portrait

Prada SPR 07Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 07Q Poeme

Prada SPR 06Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 06Q Journal

Prada SPR 04Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 04Q journal

Prada SPR 03Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 03Q Handbag

October 3, 2013

Marc Jacobs Is Now A Businessman

marcJacobsMarc Jacobs has announced that he is quitting Louis Vuitton after 16 years as the Chief Creative Director. He is leaving to concentrate on his own label Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs to take it IPO. Today he showed his last collection for LV in Paris, as usually with a lot of stage drama. Most of models were in black colors and short silhouettes, it is up to us to interpret it in our own ways.

The reason of his leave – an IPO work, promotes him from a designer or creative director to a real businessman, a CEO, Financial Director and so forth. Ambitions are set high to repeat the legacy of Tom Ford, who also once left LV for his own label management. The leave was a success for Tom Ford who went off to independent life engaging in business of fashion and designing nothing. Who wants to stand near the drawing board with seamstresses when he can rub shoulders with financiers.

Nevertheless Louis Vuitton can’t keep unquestionably the most consistent and hardworking designer in the industry forever. Marc Jacobs brand was launched a year before the aspiring designer joined LV. Over the past 16 years he was splitting his time between LV collections and Marc Jacobs. His own label did very well opening stores all over the world and licensing his name to various initiatives, sunglasses and glasses included. A few years ago Marc Jacobs name was licensed to Safilo for undisclosed number of million dollars.

Int past 16 years Louis Vuitton brand survived China and recession. China posed a tremendous threat to the brand when LV trademark was not granted to Louis Vuitton, but other company who immediately started to copy LV products and sell them as real. Sales went global and confused consumer started to under-appreciate the brand and buy fakes as real. Louis Vuitton fought back by opening stores in central malls in Asia, suing eBay and significantly lowering the prices of their products to close the gap between real and fakes. It is not clear what role Marc Jacobs played in this strategy, but he surely learned enough business lessons to continue as independent businessman.

An IPO for fashion companies is a great marketing tool. We expect to see more free press coverage over the next year, just like it was with Prada two years ago before Prada IPOed in Hong Kong. IPO certainly allowed Muccia Prada cash out big, while quality of her products decreased dramatically. Entire legacy of Prada shoes was erased in one year when entire manufacturing was outsourced to Vietnam. No more Devil wears Prada. No doubt that the pressure to decrease costs to increase profit was posed by shareholders who cared for stock more than long term legacy of the brand. Reputation of Marc Jacob brand is potentially on the line as well. Today brand is known for it’s immense creativity, fun factor, reasonable price and quality. It is still quite a niche brand, and IPO could allow it to grow in a good sense. It will all be up to Marc Jacobs.

August 4, 2011

Counterfeiting in Italy is a National Problem

Counterfeit stand on the busy Rome street

Items of Italian fashion are among the most counterfeited in the world. In fact luxurious fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and Hermes make up at least 30% of all fashion fakes sold today. This is not news, not a secret any more. Corporations file countless lawsuits each year, often publicize their success in press to raise awareness among consumers that something is being done. Just recently Canada made news for the largest anti-counterfeit law suit win in favor of LVMH and Burberry. Total $2.6 million was awarded to the plaintiffs payable by three Canadian corporations that were accused of distribution of fake LV and Burberry goods.

Here in North America we are very counterfeit conscious  and even know that we, consumers, can be arrested for buying a fake LV purse or Gucci belt.

What is a real eye opener is that while corporations fight counterfeiting in North America and Asia they already gave up to fight it in their own country. If you ever visited Naples, Rome, Venice or other touristic Italian city you see counterfeit stands on the busiest streets of the city, most within minutes from flagship stores. Why this is happening?

There are several answers. One would be that law in certain European countries does not protect corporations against this “economical” crime. There are much stricter laws in the USA, Canada and China that in Italy for example. Another reason is that law, even when present, is not reinforced by local police in Italy. In fact, you hardly see police officers in spots one would think are most logical – metro stations, airport, major tourist attractions. And of course, the last, but not least reason – corruption. Local police in Italy is getting a cut of the profits for letting counterfeit goods sell on the streets.

What is also interesting that fake goods sold in Italy, are not necessarily made in China. According to a bestselling book Gommorah by Roberto Saviano which is now put in award winning film, many of fake goods in Italy are actually made in Italy. Saviano made an extensive research on Naples criminal society that surrounds drug dealing, human trafficking, racketeering and robbery with one Italian “family” Cammora. Saviano touched down on counterfeiting too. There are many very small factories that take orders from large and small corporations along with street vendors. It would not be a surprise that a fake shirt could be made by same factory as a real one. Of course, quality standards may not be met to the same degree and Saviano explains that orders to factories come with very distinct descriptions to what is needed to be done.

So with our eyes wide open, we continue to shop in flagship stores and large department stores, eventually training our eye to recognize real goods to the point that we can tell whether that new LV purse on a shoulder of a girlfriend is a fake or real by just looking. Even she bought it in Italy label says “Made in Italy”, we now know it may still be fake unless she shows a box and a receipt from the flagship store.

July 14, 2011

Prada Glasses 2011 – Prescription Classics

Prada is one of the best keepers of original brand traditions. Ever since creation the idea of quality has been the major mover throughout an ever evolving fashion world. Prada does not bend under the temptations to reinvent fashion. Now, under the creative management of Miuccia Prada, company is producing models that are meant to last for decades. While some admire trendiness of progressive designers such as Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and futuristic Donatella Versace, Miuccia moves along her own brand style. And this is particularly admirable in the world of eyewear. When everyone is happy to try crazy designs, sale goes to one that makes face look better and more beautiful. Please check new Prada 2011 Glasses collection!

Something for Men

Prada PR 04NVA glasses Prada PR 12LV glasses Prada PR 17GV glasses
Prada PR 04NVA Prada PR 12LV Prada PR 17GV
Prada PR 52LV glasses Prada PR 52MV glasses Prada PR 55IV glasses
Prada PR 52LV Prada PR 52MV Prada PR 55IV

Something for Ladies

Prada PR 03LVN glasses Prada PR 06LV glasses Prada PR 06MV glasses
Prada PR 03LVN Prada PR 06LV Prada PR 06MV
Prada PR 07LV glasses Prada PR 09MV glasses Prada PR 10MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV glasses Prada PR 21LV glasses Prada PR 54MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV Prada PR 21LV Prada PR 54MV

Prada 2011 Unisex Glasses

Prada PR 01LVN glasses Prada PR 13LV glasses Prada PR 16HV glasses
Prada PR 01LVN Prada PR 13LV Prada PR 16HV
Prada PR 59LV glasses Prada PR 59MV glasses Prada PR 74LV glasses
Prada PR 59LV Prada PR 59MV Prada PR 74LV

Prada 2011 Super Fashion

Prada PR 15MV glasses Prada PR 22LV glasses Prada PR 56LV glasses
Prada PR 15MV Prada PR 22LV Prada PR 56LV
Prada PR 58IV glasses Prada PR 60IV glasses Prada PR 65LV glasses
Prada PR 58IV Prada PR 60IV Prada PR 65LV
Prada PR 66LV glasses Prada PR 68LV glasses Prada PR 71IV glasses
Prada PR 66LV Prada PR 68LV
June 3, 2011

Prada Sunglasses 2011 – Definite Head Turner

“We started with this idea of doing something fancy… but with the basis of sport.” – Miuccia Prada

Pradas are classic and always will be.  Prada is known for its classic sport inspired style. Prada sunglasses are made to last and most importantly to emphasize what we call elegant luxury. While following the trends in 2011 Prada tries to stay within its own boundaries. You will not find anything super decorated with rhinestones, super oversized or extreme. This is inline with the rest of accessories collection – purses and shoes. A little bit of black, silver, and of course signature red. Plastic is a dominating material because it is comfortable.

Prada Sport 2011 collection made for especially active people and each model has added details to make sure glasses really fit for sport – rubber inserts on the temples to hold head, ergonomic shapes to avoid wind and soft nose pads to allow better grab in front.

Given Prada’s IPO plans and announced whooping 150% increase in sales over the last year, company is set to succeed and this is only possible due to meticulous work of Miuccia and her super talented team. Enjoy the collection:

Ladies Classics

Prada PR 19MS Prada PR 23MS
Prada PR 19MS Prada PR 23MS
Prada PR 17MS Prada PR 08NS
Prada PR 17MS Prada PR 08NS
Prada PR 04NSA Prada PR 04LS
Prada PR 04NSA Prada PR 04LS

Men in Business

Prada PR 50HS Prada PR 54NS
Prada PR 50HS Prada PR 54NS
Prada PR 57MS Prada PR 54GS
Prada PR 57MS Prada PR 54GS

Ladies Trendy

Prada PR 09NS Prada PR 14NS
Prada PR 09NS Prada PR 14NS
Prada PR 05NS Prada PR 51NS
Prada PR 05NS Prada PR 51NS

Prada Sport 2011

Prada PS 01MS Prada PS 04MS Prada PS 02LS
Prada PS 01MS Prada PS 04MS Prada PS 02LS
Prada PS 51GS Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 02MS
Prada PS 51GS Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 02MS
Prada PS 52MS Prada PS 50MS Prada PS 54IS
Prada PS 52MS Prada PS 50MS Prada PS 54IS