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October 24, 2012

Tavi Gevinson. Young Phenomenon of Future Fashion Business

Tavi Gevinson. A phenomenon of todays fashion publishing.

Today Toronto Star has made a post about Tavi Gevinson, an American fashion blogger who several years ago has blown Internet with her creative blog about fashion. Tavi made headlines when her photos in front rows of Paris Fashion Week surfaced up , and then a few more together with John Galliano. This was back when John Galliano was still a living legend, still a head of House of Dior and Tavi a child really, but flamboyantly dressed with grey colored hair.

Tavi’s story was very simple. She was blogging about fashion posting simple pictures she found online and in fashion magazines about what interested her. And then after a year or so, her blog somehow was picked up by Google attracting millions of hits a month. When you get millions hits a month, your blog becomes something like a Justin Bieber early YouTube videos – a phenomenon of todays Web 2.0. Tavi’s blog was mentioned by a fashion magazine and then she got interviewed by New York Times and subsequently endorsed by fashion brands to blog about them. She became an Internet sensation.

Few months later, back in 2010 I wanted to show her blog to my daughter and found that Tavi’s blog was down. There was a message from Google Blogger service stating that the blog was taken down for “copyright” concerns. I was a bit puzzled and thought it was some kind of a joke. But today when Toronto Star has wrote about now 16 year old, I am more than happy. Young people should get a chance. All that hard work she did travelling around America, making photos and writing creatively can not be wasted. In fact it is remarkable that her blog The Style Rookie is still hosted by Blogger…

Anyhow, I find Tavi a phenomenon of today’s publishing. Ever since blogging became a norm and the most common form of website, people like Tavi overpower fashion magazine editors and journalists. When you look at her blog today you see that she mostly writes about herself, her ideas and likes slightly connecting them to brands, trends, fashion news and so forth. Her blog appears very far from commercial bias, information presented in a free opinionated, a little bit childish form. People love that. Young people love that. Teenagers love that. Young people feel good about not being lied to, they are fed up with outdated advertisements that haven’t changed since 1960’s. Ads themselves didn’t change, just where they are shown has changed. Tavi simply gets it.

Tavi has a bright future. I surely hope that she can one day head the Elle, or Vogue magazine or some very large Advertising company.