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October 28, 2012

Quotes from Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is without questions is the brightest fashion designer of the present. He is also one of the most outspoken. To continue on topic of quotes by famous designers, here is some of Largerfeld’s “karlshisms“:

  • The best things I’ve ever done have come from dreams
  • I love change; I’m attached to nothing
  • When I took on Chanel, it was a sleeping beauty — not even a beautiful one; she snored
  • Hunters make a living having learnt nothing else than hunting, killing those beasts who would kill us if they could. In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and clothes and even handbags, the discussion of fur is childish
  • Why should I stop working? If I do, I’ll die and it’ll all be finished
  • Success nullifies; you have to do it again, and better
  • Russian men are the worst. If I would be a Russian woman, I would be a lesbian by now
  • It is my job to adopt to changes of today and not live in the past
  • What is interesting is now. If you think it was better before, then you might as well commit suicide immediately
  • Everything changes, except death. Billions have died before us, so it can’t be that bad. If you ask me, death and deep sleep are the same thing
  • In all my contracts it says, if you want me, send a private jet
  • What you need is a face. If you have a face you don’t need height or a voice. Models know this; that’s why the good ones don’t need to talk much
  • Nowadays you start to model because you’re young. Now the girls are sixteen, seventeen, fifteen, and Russian. They are like from another planet.
  • I hate all these tall women. They are all giants!
  • I don’t need meetings. I’m only interested in my own opinion anyway
  • I’m mad for books, it is a disease I won’t recover from
  • Career, what career? What does it mean – career? Everything I do is my passion. Everything is connected
  • I don’t turn pages. I tear them out. I make blank pages again. I am an unwritten book
July 15, 2011

Why High Collar Shirts are So Hard to Find

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld reinvented himself and lost 90 pounds 10 years ago he started to wear high fashion clothing and with years progressing his style turned into a focal point of media and press. In fact Karl Lagerfeld is the most photographed designer in the world and the most known. He explained his weight loss “I suddenly wanted to dress differently, to wear clothes designed by Hedi Slimane”. Hedi Slimane is a French fashion designer who is currently working on releasing his own label. Among his notable employers are Dior (Dior Homme collection), Prada and Gucci. Perhaps Slimane was the one to come up with a high collar shirt design that Karl has been wearing over and over again.

But if you try to purchase a shirt like that you will run into trouble. Shockingly none of the big man labels are carrying them. Not even Harry Rosen, not even Chanel itself. Why? What is so hard about it?

Well, partially is that a true high collar, one that goes all the way to the chin, must be custom made. Historically all men shirts were custom made. Collars were detachable. Karl’s shirts are made that way too. There was an episode in the beginning of Private Confidential biographic documentary where it is shown that Karl has a massive drawer with probably couple of hundreds of such collars. When inquired from Chanel store manager in Toronto it was confirmed that shirts are indeed custom made for Karl. Just look at the variety? Collars and cuffs are often of a different color to create contrast. Sometimes they are of the same fabric as the shirt on the outside and have inner lining on the inside. Until Hedi Slimane or another men designer will start including these shirts into ready-to-wear collections all we got is to enjoy pictures of fashionable Karl.

June 21, 2011

Donatella Versace to Design a Collection for H&M

H&M lovers have been waiting for this moment way too long. And here it comes: H&M announced today a collaboration with the house of Versace.

H&M is a trendy Swedish company that caters to young people. Label made a name retailing low priced, high quality and trendy fashion. Currently 2200 stores worldwide offer a huge selection of clothing, shoes, lingerie and accessories. H&M earned reputation for showing off the low price, $19.99 for a pair of jeans or $49.99 for a trendy coat at their super model ads. While company has been growing organically since its foundation in 1947, collaborations with premium brand designers have brought the H&M label to a completely new level.

First collaboration was in 2004 with Karl Lagerfeld. While it was a huge success with lineups stretching around the block and the collection selling within days, Karl criticized the organizers for underestimating the demand. His idea of the collaboration was that people would get a bit of Chanel experience when they can come to stores at the relaxed pace and try the clothing with no restrictions. He feared that H&M collection will cheapenize his lables’ luxurious image.

Since then H&M released close to 10 guest designer collections, most notable being Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf and most recent Lanvin. All designers have expressed appreciation to participate and were happy with PR outcomes. Many low priced retail companies followed the idea and launched their own partner collections. For example Target had collections done by Alexandr McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Milla Jovovich. Issac Mizrahi made collections for  Target in 2002 and Fairweather.

Versace collaboration news have already exploded the press. Bloggers and fashion journalists are very excited about an upcoming H&M – Versace release that is scheduled for late November, 2011. Donatella shared her vision for the collection: “The collection for H&M will be “quintessentially Versace,” inspired by the archives, and including clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry for men and for women.” Apart from clothing pieces collection will also include home pieces such as Versace for H&M pillows and a bedspread.

May 15, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld – Master of Sketches

Designers are artists. Most of them are classically trained and all of them possess high skills for drawing. Every outfit design starts with a sketch. Every productive designer produces thousands of sketches per season and as you can imagine only a fraction of them turn into life on a runway or ready to wear stores. I find watching the sketches just as fascinating as watching their collections. We are happy to announce a “Sketches” series where we will show famous designers ‘sketches and analyze them.

To start off, we are pleased to present Karl Lagerfeld. There is a particular interest to his sketches because of his background. In one of his interviews he confessed that he went to school to become a cartoon artist. He also said that sketching for him is like writing text for other people. His loyal team that has been working for him for over 20 years can look at the drawing and know what exactly he wanted an outfit to look like – shapes, fabric type, colors and details. Everything that could be described in pages of text is on one simple drawing. Karl says that he does not understand why other people need text. Well Karl, perhaps other people don’t have drawing skills… Interesting fact about him is that likes to wear Dior Homme glasses.

By looking at Karl sketches we can actually read cartoony style. Karl is one of the few designers who always adds background and a border to his sketches – an extra step that makes them really look like drawings. Ok, enough is said, enjoy the gallery. If you have more photos of his sketches, please let us know; we would love to add links here.

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