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October 8, 2013

Gucci Sunglasses 2013 Collection

Guccio Gucci has created a brand that remains most sought after even today. In fact, Gucci brand is named as one of the most recognizable by Forbes magazine. Amount of advertising put by the company this year is insane. I see Gucci add everywhere – on most of websites I go to, on billboards in the city, subway stations etc. This makes Gucci one of the most aggressive brands in fashion industry. Gucci is also very productive. Gucci sunglasses 2013 collection is a proof. Here are my favorite models of this year:

Gucci 4247 sunglasses Gucci 3616 sunglasses Gucci 3613 sunglasses
Gucci 3611 sunglasses Gucci 3610 sunglasses Gucci 3589 sunglasses
Gucci 2235 sunglasses Gucci 2227 sunglasses Gucci 2222 sunglasses
Gucci 1047 sunglasses Gucci 1041 sunglasses Gucci 4239 sunglasses
September 19, 2013

Gucci Glasses 2013 Collection

Gucci always has great styles for any taste when it comes down to glasses. Not only there are many plastic, geeky styles that are popular in the past few years, there are many metal frames. Making metal glasses frames is much harder and cost consuming than plastic. Admittedly, making a plastic frames all it takes is to manufacture a mold and keep stamping. Gucci, an elite brand hand assembles every frame and includes many nice accents onto the plastic frames. But metal frames need more work. After metal frame has been manufactured, often from a titanium or steel, it needs to be coated in color, glaze etc. It then needs to be assembled with screws and other parts, and just like plastic, a logo, rein stone or other detailed needs to be added. Don’t forget, metal frames also have rotating nose pieces. So, if you appreciate quality and value, you will appreciate Gucci metal glasses frames because they sell for about the same price as plastic.

Here is Gucci 2013 Glasses Collection

Gucci 3010 glasses Gucci 1045 glasses Gucci 1024 glasses
Gucci 3010 glasses Gucci 1045 glasses Gucci 1024 glasses
Gucci 4228 glasses Gucci 4223 glasses Gucci 4222 glasses
Gucci 4228 glasses Gucci 4223 glasses Gucci 4222 glasses
Gucci 4220 glasses Gucci 4213 glasses Gucci 3607 glasses
Gucci 4220 glasses Gucci 4213 glasses Gucci 3607 glasses
June 14, 2012

Frida Giannini Sketches. Lessons from a Professional

There is very little known about Frida Giannini, presently lead designer for Gucci. Frida, a beautiful, talented and very hard working woman. In many ways she reminds me Stella McCartney. Frida has a formal art education from Rome’s Fashion Academy. Her talent was noticed right out of school and her first job was with Fendi.
Frida Giannini’s sketches are quite academic. She is well trained on drawing techniques and is well aware of human anatomy, thus people she draws are proportional and are often depicted in complex poses. She often signs her sketches as Gucci, instead of her name – which only speaks about her high dedication to the company. Another notable fact that her sketches are often in color and look like drawn on computer, almost animated. You still can see the hand drawing, but as a modern woman, she most likely uses a drawing tablet as oppose to a paper and pen. This allows the drawings to be more thought through, clean and clear to the team. Enjoy!

Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
August 24, 2011

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Sunglasses and Glasses Collection

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Glasses are made to please people of all styles and career levels. You can call fall Gucci glasses classics or you can call them trendy. They are actually both …

This fall geeky style continues to develop, evolving in more shape variations and colors. After fashion movers of our time – celebrities and models have been wearing oversized glasses shapes for a few seasons, we see more people of more conservative taste putting similar glasses on.

Gucci 1643 GUCCI 1654 Gucci 3202
Gucci 1643 Gucci 1654 Gucci 3202
Gucci 2906 Gucci 2902
Gucci 2906 Gucci 2902

Gucci fall sunglasses also introduce a new, so called butterfly shape. A bit cat eye inspired, but more so a hybrid of oversized and cat eye. These are new and if you consider yourself among fashion movers – get them and you won’t be disappointed. Butterfly sunglasses that agreeably look a bit over the top on the pictures, actually look very beautiful on many face shapes. If you have a round face, these Winter/Fall 2011 Gucci sunglasses will make it look visually longer. If your face is long, they will balance it out adding more angles to the overall silhouette. Enjoy!

Gucci 2908 Gucci 2909 Gucci 1000
Gucci 2908 Gucci 2909 Gucci 1000
June 15, 2011

Gucci 2011 – Collection Additions

Gucci has taken an offensive market penetration approach this year and released a large collection of both ophthalmic and sunglasses collection. We covered details of the initial Gucci 2011 glasses collection in earlier post. But as year moves on, Gucci came up with more models that are lovely! Check them out before buying anything else:

2011 Gucci Glasses Frames


Gucci 1645 glasses Gucci 1650 glasses Gucci 2893 glasses
Gucci 1645 Gucci 1650 Gucci 2893
Gucci 2894 glasses Gucci 2910 glasses Gucci 3200 glasses
Gucci 2894 Gucci 2910 Gucci 3200
Gucci 3201 glasses Gucci 3204 glasses
Gucci 3201 Gucci 3204

2011 Gucci Sunglasses


Gucci 1647/S glasses Gucci 1649/S glasses Gucci 1656/S glasses
Gucci 1647/S Gucci 1649/S
Gucci 3206/S glasses Gucci 3207/S glasses Gucci 3208/S glasses
Gucci 3206/S Gucci 3207/S

As usually many of the models come in different color. And color – is the main element of determining the style, especially in plastic models. You may also notice that some of the models have a hint on cat eye shape with raised corners. Gucci is positioning themselves to appeal to younger market, people who are trendy, but in the same time value brand name appeal and quality. These recent models are made in this strategy in mind.

April 25, 2011

Gucci Glasses 2011 Collection

Gucci is one of the most progressive brands in fashion eyewear. A lot of attention is given to sustaining and growing the image of luxurious brand, task that is only possible by continuous quality control, design innovation and creative marketing. Over the years Gucci has been trying to create eyeglasses that will last many years and still appear updated and chic. Shapes are classic, temple decorations are modest and colors relatively versatile. Tortoise, brown and black are most common colors which can be traced to the collection of Gucci purses that today are a hidden dream of every fashion forward lady.

Year of 2011 has brought a number of trends that we covered in depth in a previous articles. Gucci collection has adopted the trend of oversized minimalism and gender neutrality that can be clearly seen in many of these 2011 models. Many frames fit equally men and ladies and instead of dictating the look, they only accompany and emphasise the style of its owner. In these Gucci sunglasses and Gucci glasses men look strong and rich, at the same time ladies look feminine and chic wearing same models. Enjoy the collection.

Gucci Ophthalmic Frames 2011

Gucci 1948 Gucci 1942
Gucci 1644 Gucci 3181
Gucci 3184 Gucci 3186

Gucci Sunglasses 2011

Gucci 1612/S Gucci 1636/S
Gucci 1646/S Gucci 1950/S
Gucci 2887/S Gucci 2890/S
Gucci 2897/S Gucci 2899/S
March 9, 2011

Gucci Sunglasses Spring 2011 Collection

Following a very successful 2010 year, Gucci is continuing to do designs that are both suitable for many people and fashionable. In 2011 Gucci took a safe path in choosing colors. Black and their best seller Tortoise, make most of their collection color tone and will suit people of any skin and hair color. Logo design has not changed since last year, and bright gold or gunmetal silver is still a signature on most of the frames.

Here are some 2011 frames that you should have a look at before shopping for any other brand.

Cat EyeCat Eye Gucci 2891 and Gucci 3162. These are the only cat eye frames from Gucci this year. Again, Gucci tries to remain conservative catering to majority, but as a fashionable brand they did follow the 2011 cat eye mania and released their version of it, one metal and one plastic.

Gucci 2891/S Gucci 3162/S

Bold Square Shapes are dominant. We already see that ladies enjoy what was supposed to be men models, among them Gucci 1648, Gucci 1945, Gucci 1641 and Gucci 1943. These models come in a variety of colors and will look amazing on both guys and girls.

Gucci 1648/S Gucci 1945/S
Gucci 1641/S Gucci 1943/S

Feminine Bold Squares. Of course, ladies first… so Gucci, understanding that ladies love big logos and wrapped around fitting, released these models to satisfy beauties that want latest 2011 square trend. Gucci 3170/S, Gucci 3170/N/S, Gucci 3169/S and Gucci 2892/S.

Gucci 3170/S Gucci 3170/N/S
Gucci 3169/S Gucci 2892/S

Bold Aviator. This is not a sweet, classic aviator any more. It is a military inspired, wide, thick aviator that is covering bigger part of your face. Gucci, along with Dior and Prada are setting this trend for 2011. If you want something new, here your go: Gucci 1639, Gucci 1944, Gucci 1566 and Gucci 1889.

Gucci 1639/S Gucci 1944/S
Gucci 1566/S Gucci 1889/S

Updated 2010 models include Gucci 3159, Gucci 3161, Gucci 3163, Gucci 3164. Last year Gucci totally rocked outselling big brand names such as Chanel. This year they are clearly set to win and instead of reinventing the wheel they updated a number of models without any trend following, just keeping their main colors and shapes that sold well.

Gucci 3159/S Gucci 3161/S
Gucci 3163/S Gucci 3164/S

Want to see more, visit our online eyewear store and type in search 2011, then choose Gucci in brand to see new Gucci Sunglasses and Gucci Glasses models.