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June 11, 2012

Gucci 2012 Sunglasses

Gucci after winning a historic lawsuit from Guess can now breathe freely and concentrate on making all time classic sunglasses. Gucci 2012 sunglasses are a bit playful, fun, unique and truly high end. They are for people who have taste, style and chutzpah. With years Gucci has expanded the eyewear collection to cover all age categories and social statuses from fashionable students to mature business people. Recent 2012 Gucci sunglasses collection has new models for all of these people:

Gucci 2213 sunglasses Gucci 2214 sunglasses Gucci 2215 sunglasses
Gucci 2213/S Gucci 2214/S Gucci 2215/S
Gucci 3540 sunglasses Gucci 3554 sunglasses Gucci 4216 sunglasses
Gucci 3540/S Gucci 3554/S Gucci 4216/S
Gucci 4217 sunglasses Gucci 3510 sunglasses Gucci 3522 sunglasses
Gucci 4217/S Gucci 3510/S Gucci 3510/S
Gucci 1011 sunglasses Gucci 1012 sunglasses Gucci 1013 sunglasses
Gucci 1011/S Gucci 1012/S Gucci 1013/S
Gucci 1014 sunglasses Gucci 1018 sunglasses Gucci 2202 sunglasses
Gucci 1014/S Gucci 1018/S Gucci 2202/S
August 24, 2011

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Sunglasses and Glasses Collection

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Glasses are made to please people of all styles and career levels. You can call fall Gucci glasses classics or you can call them trendy. They are¬†actually¬†both …

This fall geeky style continues to develop, evolving in more shape variations and colors. After fashion movers of our time – celebrities and models have been wearing oversized glasses shapes for a few seasons, we see more people of more conservative taste putting similar glasses on.

Gucci 1643 GUCCI 1654 Gucci 3202
Gucci 1643 Gucci 1654 Gucci 3202
Gucci 2906 Gucci 2902
Gucci 2906 Gucci 2902

Gucci fall sunglasses also introduce a new, so called butterfly shape. A bit cat eye inspired, but more so a hybrid of oversized and cat eye. These are new and if you consider yourself among fashion movers – get them and you won’t be disappointed. Butterfly sunglasses that agreeably look a bit over the top on the pictures, actually look very beautiful on many face shapes. If you have a round face, these Winter/Fall 2011 Gucci sunglasses will make it look visually longer. If your face is long, they will balance it out adding more angles to the overall silhouette. Enjoy!

Gucci 2908 Gucci 2909 Gucci 1000
Gucci 2908 Gucci 2909 Gucci 1000