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June 11, 2013

Tiffany & Co 2013 Sunglasses Collection

Tiffany & Co has posted a record breaking sales this year. One of the reasons is that they rise as a brand globally, newest store is opening in Moscow. With an increased amount of counterfeited diamond and gold products, people are turning over the brand name stores that guarantees authenticity of it’s products. In fact diamonds are among the easiest items to counterfeit and the hardest items to uncover if fake. And it not only comes down whether you’ve got a real diamond, it may come down whether you have a good quality diamond. Only professional can tell if your diamond is S or I grading. Price however will vary significantly. Tiffany claims to never sell I grading diamonds. Most of them are VS and higher grading. If you are wondering here is an easy chart for you:

Diamond Grading Scale

Diamond Grading Scale

But one of the reasons why Tiffany has risen to success as a brand over the past few years is because they entered a fashion business via release of sunglasses and glasses collection. It’s not only about earrings and necklaces any more, it is also about eyewear. And when it might be hard to follow a real trend with engagement rings, it is totally necessary for sunglasses. And Tiffany is hoping to sell you a pair every year, not once in your lifetime. You might end up spending more money on glasses over the lifetime, than on a pair of diamond earrings or a ring. Check these new 2013 Tiffany sunglasses models:

Tiffany TF4074B sunglasses Tiffany TF4072B sunglasses Tiffany TF4071B
Tiffany TF4074B Tiffany TF4072B Tiffany TF4071B
Tiffany TF4070B Tiffany TF4068B sunglasses Tiffany TF4058B
Tiffany TF4070B Tiffany TF4068B Tiffany TF4058B
Tiffany TF3038B sunglasses Tiffany TF3037 Tiffany TF3036B
Tiffany TF3038B Tiffany TF3037 Tiffany TF3036B