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September 9, 2013

OGA Glasses Are The Best for Men with Big Heads

We have recently learnt that Buying Tips for Big Head SunglassesĀ written years ago still makes one of the most read articles on our blog. Given the interest, we would like to expand on the topic and give some tips on buying regular prescription glasses for big heads. It turns out that some brands offer better selection for men with big heads than others. And often those will not be a central designer line, like Prada or Gucci. It will be a niche line, like OGA for example. Reason is that designers are targeting customers with specific looks to wear their products. This is a reason why clothing is not offered in big sizes either. Designer brands are interested in slim, tall and average men to wear their glasses. Marketeers believe if “beautiful” men wear their stuff, their stuff looks better and subsequently sells better. As discriminating as this marketing strategy is, it is true. No one can deny this strategy has been there from the Chanel and Dior times. It was more visible in women’s fashion. As men getting more into fashion, it is more visible in men’s fashion too. Glasses fell victims of this, luckily for OGA Eyewear.

OGA, a Scandinavian brand chose the strategy to offer a huge selection to men of any sizes and shapes. Not only there is a selection of glasses of various shapes and forms, there is a BIG selection. Many glasses models are offered in large lens size. As we talked earlier, lens width of 55 mm would be considered a standard of men with big heads. Anything larger such as 56 mm or 57 mm is for a very large heads šŸ™‚ Pair that with not very wide arms, ideally metal for easier adjustment and you are all set. Here are our top picks from 2013 collection:

OGA 7026O glasses OGA 7080O glasses
OGA 7027O glasses for big head, 55 mm OGA 7026O glasses for big head, 55 mm OGA 7080O glasses for big head, 55 mm
OGA 7085O glasses OGA 7191O glasses OGA 7190O glasses
OGA 7085O glasses for very big head, 56 mm OGA 7191O glasses for very big gead, 57 mm/td> OGA 7190O glasses for a big head, 55 mm
OGA 7189O glasses OGA 7181O glasses OGA 7180O glasses
OGA 7189O glasses for very big head, 56 mm OGA 7180O glasses for very big head 57 mm OGA 7180O glasses for big head, 55 mm
June 27, 2013

How To Buy Sunglasses If You Have a Large Head

Many men believe that they have a big head and that is the reason they have a hard time buying sunglasses. But the reality is that over 50% of men are facing the same problem. Given that majority of designers consider this physical fact, there is plenty of choice for any head size. Real reason is that men with large heads don’t like to see themselves in sunglasses and have harder time fitting a nice looking pair on the face.

To help you out, here are a few tips:

1. Try various shapes.

Common mistake big head men do when buying sunglasses is to try only rectangular or just one sunglasses shape. Could be because sales girls in glasses store just show one shape or store buyer likes just one shape and therefore keeps offering it to his men customers. There is lot’s of variety in shapes: aviators, ovals, wrap-arounds, round and mixed shapes. Try one of each to see if you starting to like any.

Prada SPR 590

Wrap-around sunglasses shape


Aviator sunglasses shape

Rectangular sunglasses shape

Tom Ford TF 248 Henry

Round sunglasses shape

Tom Ford TF 286 Robbie

Oval sunglasses shape

Prada SPR 11P

Mixed sunglasses shape

2. Try various styles.

Being focused on one style can also narrow your choices. If you are men of business and happen to only try conservative sunglasses shapes, you will limit your choices because these could happen to only be rectangular sunglasses. Casual styles offer more diversification in shapes and detailing, and as long as you don’t get something too sporty, like goggles, you will be fine even wearing them on a suit. Prada is one of the most diversified sunglasses lines for casual style. You can get plastic, metal, various shapes and styles – but because it is Prada, any pair of Prada sunglasses will look superb even with a three piece suit.

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 342 S

Classic Style sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 342 S


Racing Style sunglasses Carrera SAFARI P

Yves Saint Laurent SL 1 S

Couture Style sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent SL 1 S

3. Listen to your own voice.

There are as many opinions as people and you may subconsciously trust your wife or daughter opinion even if you don’t agree with it. Real men make sunglasses buying decisions without anyone’s opinion. Try it, like it, get it. Be cool.

4. Go High End.

Designer sunglasses may be a bit more expensive than a cheap pair of Ray-Bans or Maui Jims. But you get what you pay for. Ray-Bans have not changed a style in the past 50 years. By now even a bum has a pair of Wayfarers. This could be a real reason your girlfriend does not like your purchase. If you get Tom Ford, Prada, Hugo Boss or comparable brand, she won’t even dare to say something bad. Also, studies show that successful and rich men tend to be tall and wide-boned, so designer sunglasses are made to fit them. You will be surprised how much larger will be your choice if you just concentrate on designer eyewear.

Yves Saint Laurent Classic 11 sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Classic 11

Gucci 3588 sunglasses

Gucci 3588S sunglasses

Gucci 2226 S sunglasses

Gucci 2226 sunglasses

Dior Homme 0144 sunglasses

Dior Homme 0144 sunglasses

Dior Homme 0165 sunglasses

Dior Homme 0165 sunglasses

Hugo Boss 0541PS sunglasses

Hugo Boss 0541PS sunglasses

Tom Ford TF207 William sunglasses

Tom Ford TF207 William sunglasses

Persol PO30447S sunglasses

Persol PO3047S sunglasses

October 29, 2012

Big Head Glasses for Men. Bvlgari 2012 Glasses Collection.

To continue on topic of which glasses are suitable for big heads, we would like to put a few suggestions from Bvlgari 2012 collection. Bvlgari tends to employ men models with rather large heads, Clive Owen being the latest. Clive Owen is a British actor who is known for his appearances in American movies such as Sin City, Closer and Inside Man. Clive Owen is 6.2 feet, or 1.89 cm – his head is one of the biggest.

Quick summary on what you need to look for when buying glasses for a big brainy head:

  1. Ensure that size is large, 54 and up
  2. Lens is deep toĀ achieveĀ balanced look in both vertical and horizontal directions
  3. If you like lense to be very large, go for semi-rimless frames. This will make lens visually appear not as large as it is.
  4. Large glasses look better on narrow arms/temples. When arms are wide they tend to visually enlarge the look of entire glasses. Bvlgari glasses, all have very elegant, balanced arm.
  5. Arms should be long enough to reach properly behind your ear. Since Bvlgari frames are made large, you don’t need to worry about the temple from this brand. Otherwize, make sure arm is at least 140 cm long.
  6. Bridge is only a concern if your nose is wide in the area where glasses normally sit. Clive’s nose is not wide in that area. But of course, if you pick metal frames glasses bridge is not a concern at all because nosepads can be adjusted to fit any size.

Here are several Bvlgari glasses frames from 2012 fall collection:

Bvlgari BV1049

Bvlgari BV1049

Bvlgari BV1050

Bvlgari BV1050

Bvlgari BV1053

Bvlgari BV1053

Buy here Buy here Buy here

Bvlgari BV1054

Bvlgari BV1054

Bvlgari BV3017

Bvlgari BV3017

Bvlgari BV3018

Bvlgari BV3018

Buy here Buy here Buy here

Bvlgari BV3019

Bvlgari BV3019

Buy here
July 7, 2011

Sunglasses for Big Heads. Tips, Ideas, Styles.

Many men find it challenging to chose a nice pair of sunglasses because they have a big head. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, everyone has their own problem and while it’s true many optical stores don’t offer wide selection of glasses for big heads necessarily it does not mean that people with average sized or small heads have large choices. Finding glasses is not like finding shoes. Nose bridge, cheek bones, ear positioning, face shape – all adds their own layer of complexity to finding right glasses. In this post we would like to offer tips to finding glasses for big heads. And offer some nice styles to chose from.

How big is big?

Ok, first let’s see what would be considered “big head”. If to look through majority of designer sunglasses offered for sale today, size over 142 mm in width would be big. In addition, lens over 64 mm and bridge 18 mm or more would qualify as big.

Frame width 146mm + Lens width 64mm + Bridge width 18mm +

How to know your size?

Take a ruler, ideally plastic that can bend a bit and measure your head from one temple to another. Keep in mind that glasses normally extend a few cm on the side. If you have a pair of sunglasses that fit, it is easier to take measurements from it following the pictures above. If you are lucky you will find some measurements printed on the side of the temple of your glasses. Today, most of the glasses specify lens width, bridge width and temple length. Writing will be something like this: 63 x 17 136. First two numbers are lens and bridge width. The last number is temple length. Temple size is of less concern as it is usually made in proportion and if too large can stick out a bit – it’s normal. Just make sure you don’t assume that 136 is frame width, it’s not. Frame width needs to be calculated: 2 x Lens width + Bridge width. So, in our example: 63 x 2 + 17 = 143 mm.

Glasses styles for big head

Many styles will fit. You are lucky this year because trend is actually toward bigger sunglasses, so choices are huge. Some men like rectangular sunglasses, especially if they have a very round head. Square glasses will balance it out. All time classics aviators will also fit many face shapes and very big heads. They are already made very large by design and will cover the eye from all directions. Just keep in mind that aviator glasses were initially made for sport, so even now when there are many variations of the shape, aviators tend to look more casual than rectangular glasses. I personally really like shield shape on big head men. Shields wrap around the face in front adding some trendiness to the look. There are also shields with combination of aviator drop shape – good option for stylish men. This year you will find nice Dior Homme and Gucci sunglasses inspired by Carrera style – two lenses that blend on the bridge. This is a true military look. Check our suggestions.

Rectangular – Business Style

E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 glasses Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 glasses Prada PR 54IS sunglasses GUCCI 1856 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 Prada PR 54IS GUCCI 1856

Aviator – Casual Style

GUCCI 1889 glasses BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS glasses
GUCCI 1889 Hugo BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 glasses Gucci 1956 sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3026 sunglasses
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 Gucci 1956 Ray-Ban RB3026

Shields – Universal Style for All Occassions

D&G DD8039 sunglasses Armani E_ARMANI 9423 sunglasses Prada PS 07HS sunglasses
D&G DD8039 Armani E_ARMANI 9423 Prada PS 07HS
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268

Racing Inspired Style – Military and Tough

Carrera BACK 80 Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695 glasses
Carrera BACK 80’s Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934 sunglasses
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934