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May 4, 2012

Giorgio Armani Sketches. Lesson from a Professional

In a Sketches series of our blog we are pleased to admire Giorgio Armani. We have already talked about Valentino sketches and Karl Lagerfeld sketches. Giorgio Armani deserves some credit as the most successful designer of all times, if measured by financial success. His company is one of the few, not yet swallowed by a group corporation. He is the only designer listed in top 500 richest people in the world. From 5 lines of clothing collections, to iconic Emporio Armani sunglasses, to furniture and even hotels, Giorgio has covered it all.

So, Giorgio Armani business talent casts no doubt. But what is also very impressive, is that he is a talented drawer. To call him artist, would be a big underestimation. He is indeed a great drawer. The lines of his sketches are close to perfection, making objects look like perfect models. The body elements such as muscles and natural curves are well followed and are in proportion. Just think about it, Giorgio Armani has absolutely no formal art education. He studied medicine before abandoning the idea of becoming a doctor and going to work as a window dresser. But perhaps, his deep knowledge of human anatomy helped him to be so precise with human body sketches. Enjoy this collection:

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April 16, 2012

Women 2012 Emporio Armani Sunglasses Collection

Quickly following 2012 Emporio Armani Men Sunglasses overview we write about ladies models. Georgio Armani has won hearts of upscale American and European women decades ago. Armani suit is a must have for every business lady. Emporio Armani sunglasses might be a perfect match. However, we must admit that Armani ladies 2012 models are a bit more trendy than men, which means that teen generation may find a few models that will be cool enough for them. Enjoy the collection!

Ladies 2012 Emporio Armani Sunglasses Collection

Emporio Armani 9814 Emporio Armani 9823 Emporio Armani 98811
Armani EA9814 Armani EA9823 Armani EA9811
Emporio Armani 9750 Emporio Armani 9815 Emporio Armani 9821
Armani EA9750 Armani EA9815 Armani EA9811
Emporio Armani 9822 Emporio Armani 9824 Emporio Armani 9690
Armani EA9822 Armani EA9824 Armani EA9690
Emporio Armani EA9752 Emporio Armani 9757 Emporio Armani 9759
Armani EA9752 Armani EA9757 Armani EA9759
Emporio Armani 9798 Emporio Armani 9723 Emporio Armani 9607
Armani EA9798 Armani EA9723 Armani EA9607
April 16, 2012

Men Emporio Armani 2012 Sunglasses Collection

Georgio Armani has always been true to his men clientele. Bold, stylish and rich are often descriptors of his style. Armani eyewear is no different. Most of 2012 men sunglasses collection are classic, a bit trendy and well balanced models. Each Armani sunglasses would work with all types of outfits. Whether it is a formal suit, a shirt and jeans or shorts and polo shirt, Emporio Armani sunglasses would match the look. Enjoy the 2012 collection!

Men Emporio Armani 2012 Sunglasses Collection

EA9753 EA9815
Armani EA9761 Armani EA9753 Armani EA9815
EA9817 EA9819 EA9820
Armani EA9817 Armani EA9819 Armani EA9820
Emporio Armani 9804
Armani EA9854 Armani EA9813 Armani EA9804
Emporio Armani 9857 Emporio Armani 9803 Emporio Armani 9855
Armani EA9847 Armani EA9803 Armani EA9855