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November 29, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses – Perfection from the Late Couturier

Yves Saint Laurent was a men of style. He was very opinionated men and self-conscious, which was a good thing at the time. It helped him to revolutionize fashion. On most of the pictures that survived today Yves is wearing thick black glasses of a rectangular shape. And while many trends in glasses went on and off, thick plastic black glasses never left the trend. This what Yves believed in, it will be trendy while you choose to wear it, once you put something else on – it will take over. Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses is no exception. They are very bold and all share similar style. You can almost look on one pair without staring at the logo and say “This is YSL”. Check these out:

YSL 2338

YSL 2338 sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent YSL 6363

YSL 6363 glasses

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses

YSL 2345 sunglasses

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Yves Saint Laurent YSL 2340 sunglasses

YSL 2340

Yves Saint Laurent YSL 2339 sunglasses

YSL 2339

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses YSL 2335

YSL 2335

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Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses YSL 2332

YSL 2332

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses YSL 2331

YSL 2331

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses YSL 2330

YSL 2330

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November 3, 2012

New Additions to Hugo Boss Sunglasses. Last of 2012

Hugo Boss is one of the most consistent brands today in eyewear industry. They clearly don’t believe in trends. They believe in solid, comfortable and elegant styles that look perfect on any kind of face. Little experimentation takes place when it comes down to pick colors. Black, Brown and Tortoise shell (aka Havana) are dominating colors that are present in most of the sunglasses frames. Hugo Boss sunglasses however do resemble business style above casual or sport, although 2012 was the most productive year for Boss sport styles. When you wear Hugo Boss sunglasses, you don’t need to worry about looking funny or overly couture. You will be yourself whether you wear suit, jeans or bermuda shorts. Enjoy the collection:

Hugo BOSS 0285/S

Hugo BOSS 0285/S

Boss 0342 sunglasses

Boss 0342

Boss 0343 sunglasses

Boss 0343

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BOSS 0349 sunglasses

BOSS 0349

Boss 0402 sunglasses

Boss 0402

Boss 0466 sunglasses

Boss 0466

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Boss 0442 sunglasses

Boss 0442

BOSS 0403 sunglasses

BOSS 0403

Boss 0410 sunglasses

Boss 0410

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June 11, 2012

Gucci 2012 Sunglasses

Gucci after winning a historic lawsuit from Guess can now breathe freely and concentrate on making all time classic sunglasses. Gucci 2012 sunglasses are a bit playful, fun, unique and truly high end. They are for people who have taste, style and chutzpah. With years Gucci has expanded the eyewear collection to cover all age categories and social statuses from fashionable students to mature business people. Recent 2012 Gucci sunglasses collection has new models for all of these people:

Gucci 2213 sunglasses Gucci 2214 sunglasses Gucci 2215 sunglasses
Gucci 2213/S Gucci 2214/S Gucci 2215/S
Gucci 3540 sunglasses Gucci 3554 sunglasses Gucci 4216 sunglasses
Gucci 3540/S Gucci 3554/S Gucci 4216/S
Gucci 4217 sunglasses Gucci 3510 sunglasses Gucci 3522 sunglasses
Gucci 4217/S Gucci 3510/S Gucci 3510/S
Gucci 1011 sunglasses Gucci 1012 sunglasses Gucci 1013 sunglasses
Gucci 1011/S Gucci 1012/S Gucci 1013/S
Gucci 1014 sunglasses Gucci 1018 sunglasses Gucci 2202 sunglasses
Gucci 1014/S Gucci 1018/S Gucci 2202/S
June 7, 2012

Boss 2012 Sunglasses

Boss Sunglasses are made in a perfect German clean and sleek style. 2012 Boss sunglasses are not much different from 2011 or 2010 models. But this is what brand decided to do – not to follow trends, but to remain true to itself and serve their customers well. In the end of the day, who already has a pair of sport Prada sunglasses, or a pair of trendy Gucci sunglasses, one day will arrive at the need to own something classic, mature and truly Boss style.

Boss 0342 sunglasses Boss 0343 sunglasses Boss 0349 sunglasses
Boss 0342/S Boss 0343/S Boss 0349/S
Boss 0402 sunglasses Boss 0403 sunglasses Boss 0410 sunglasses
Boss 0402/S Boss 0403/S Boss 0410/S
Boss 0440 sunglasses Boss 0442 sunglasses Boss 0466 sunglasses
Boss 0440/S Boss 0442/S Boss 0446/S
April 16, 2012

Women 2012 Emporio Armani Sunglasses Collection

Quickly following 2012 Emporio Armani Men Sunglasses overview we write about ladies models. Georgio Armani has won hearts of upscale American and European women decades ago. Armani suit is a must have for every business lady. Emporio Armani sunglasses might be a perfect match. However, we must admit that Armani ladies 2012 models are a bit more trendy than men, which means that teen generation may find a few models that will be cool enough for them. Enjoy the collection!

Ladies 2012 Emporio Armani Sunglasses Collection

Emporio Armani 9814 Emporio Armani 9823 Emporio Armani 98811
Armani EA9814 Armani EA9823 Armani EA9811
Emporio Armani 9750 Emporio Armani 9815 Emporio Armani 9821
Armani EA9750 Armani EA9815 Armani EA9811
Emporio Armani 9822 Emporio Armani 9824 Emporio Armani 9690
Armani EA9822 Armani EA9824 Armani EA9690
Emporio Armani EA9752 Emporio Armani 9757 Emporio Armani 9759
Armani EA9752 Armani EA9757 Armani EA9759
Emporio Armani 9798 Emporio Armani 9723 Emporio Armani 9607
Armani EA9798 Armani EA9723 Armani EA9607
April 16, 2012

Men Emporio Armani 2012 Sunglasses Collection

Georgio Armani has always been true to his men clientele. Bold, stylish and rich are often descriptors of his style. Armani eyewear is no different. Most of 2012 men sunglasses collection are classic, a bit trendy and well balanced models. Each Armani sunglasses would work with all types of outfits. Whether it is a formal suit, a shirt and jeans or shorts and polo shirt, Emporio Armani sunglasses would match the look. Enjoy the 2012 collection!

Men Emporio Armani 2012 Sunglasses Collection

EA9753 EA9815
Armani EA9761 Armani EA9753 Armani EA9815
EA9817 EA9819 EA9820
Armani EA9817 Armani EA9819 Armani EA9820
Emporio Armani 9804
Armani EA9854 Armani EA9813 Armani EA9804
Emporio Armani 9857 Emporio Armani 9803 Emporio Armani 9855
Armani EA9847 Armani EA9803 Armani EA9855