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June 6, 2012

Boss 2012 Optical Collection

Boss has always followed their own bold men style. Most of Boss glasses are simply made for men only. While there are a few ladies models, they are geared toward tough ladies that portray business, bold style.

Boss Glasses look very good on suits, but also on dress casual style – jeans and shirt. Dress casual is actually the most common style in corporate America. Suit is still part of dress code for classic professions – lawyer, accountant, financial manager. Other industries IT and consulting, in particular prefers business casual. Boss glasses would make it a perfect fit.

Boss 0367 glasses Boss 0369 glasses Boss 0374 glasses
Boss 0367 Boss 0369 Boss 0374
Boss 0380 glasses Boss 0382 glasses Boss 0414 glasses
Boss 0380 Boss 0382 Boss 0414
Boss 0415 glasses Boss 0419 glasses Boss 0428 glasses
Boss 0415 Boss 0419 Boss 0428
Boss 0429 glasses Boss 0431 glasses Boss 0432 glasses
Boss 0429 Boss 0431 Boss 0432