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September 27, 2011

Tiffany Glasses and Sunglasses Fall Winter 2011 Collection Additions

Tiffany, an iconic American jewellery company, is continuing to put its mark in the eyewear fashion by introducing new glasses and sunglasses models to Fall Winter 2011 season.
By looking at the collection it is clear that company is targeting primarily ladies of either teen or old generations. Designs are elegant with added elements of jewellery such as charms, signature key or rhinestones. Almost every model has signature Tiffany blue color, often combined with black. Glasses are made to appeal to wealthy, jewellery lovers who like sparkle and highly decorated designs. Either way, Tiffany eyewear is a statement, an attention grabber and instant sign of beauty devotion by its wearer.
If you have a large selection of sunglasses and glasses, Tiffany’s Fall Winter 2011 Eyewear collection is one to choose from this season.

Tiffany Fall Winter 2011 Sunglasses

Tiffany TF4026 Tiffany TF4045 Tiffany TF4046B
Tiffany TF4026G Tiffany TF4045 Tiffany TF4046B
Tiffany TF4047B Tiffany TF4048B Tiffany TF4050
Tiffany TF4047B Tiffany TF4048B Tiffany TF4050

Tiffany Fall Winter 2011 Glasses

Tiffany TF1055B Tiffany TF1056B Tiffany TF1057G
Tiffany TF1055B Tiffany TF1057G
Tiffany TF1059B Tiffany TF2041 Tiffany TF2042
Tiffany TF1059B Tiffany TF2041B Tiffany TF2042
Tiffany TF2043B Tiffany TF2044B Tiffany TF2047B
Tiffany TF2043B Tiffany TF2044B Tiffany TF2047B
August 24, 2011

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Sunglasses and Glasses Collection

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Glasses are made to please people of all styles and career levels. You can call fall Gucci glasses classics or you can call them trendy. They are actually both …

This fall geeky style continues to develop, evolving in more shape variations and colors. After fashion movers of our time – celebrities and models have been wearing oversized glasses shapes for a few seasons, we see more people of more conservative taste putting similar glasses on.

Gucci 1643 GUCCI 1654 Gucci 3202
Gucci 1643 Gucci 1654 Gucci 3202
Gucci 2906 Gucci 2902
Gucci 2906 Gucci 2902

Gucci fall sunglasses also introduce a new, so called butterfly shape. A bit cat eye inspired, but more so a hybrid of oversized and cat eye. These are new and if you consider yourself among fashion movers – get them and you won’t be disappointed. Butterfly sunglasses that agreeably look a bit over the top on the pictures, actually look very beautiful on many face shapes. If you have a round face, these Winter/Fall 2011 Gucci sunglasses will make it look visually longer. If your face is long, they will balance it out adding more angles to the overall silhouette. Enjoy!

Gucci 2908 Gucci 2909 Gucci 1000
Gucci 2908 Gucci 2909 Gucci 1000
July 14, 2011

Prada Glasses 2011 – Prescription Classics

Prada is one of the best keepers of original brand traditions. Ever since creation the idea of quality has been the major mover throughout an ever evolving fashion world. Prada does not bend under the temptations to reinvent fashion. Now, under the creative management of Miuccia Prada, company is producing models that are meant to last for decades. While some admire trendiness of progressive designers such as Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and futuristic Donatella Versace, Miuccia moves along her own brand style. And this is particularly admirable in the world of eyewear. When everyone is happy to try crazy designs, sale goes to one that makes face look better and more beautiful. Please check new Prada 2011 Glasses collection!

Something for Men

Prada PR 04NVA glasses Prada PR 12LV glasses Prada PR 17GV glasses
Prada PR 04NVA Prada PR 12LV Prada PR 17GV
Prada PR 52LV glasses Prada PR 52MV glasses Prada PR 55IV glasses
Prada PR 52LV Prada PR 52MV Prada PR 55IV

Something for Ladies

Prada PR 03LVN glasses Prada PR 06LV glasses Prada PR 06MV glasses
Prada PR 03LVN Prada PR 06LV Prada PR 06MV
Prada PR 07LV glasses Prada PR 09MV glasses Prada PR 10MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV glasses Prada PR 21LV glasses Prada PR 54MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV Prada PR 21LV Prada PR 54MV

Prada 2011 Unisex Glasses

Prada PR 01LVN glasses Prada PR 13LV glasses Prada PR 16HV glasses
Prada PR 01LVN Prada PR 13LV Prada PR 16HV
Prada PR 59LV glasses Prada PR 59MV glasses Prada PR 74LV glasses
Prada PR 59LV Prada PR 59MV Prada PR 74LV

Prada 2011 Super Fashion

Prada PR 15MV glasses Prada PR 22LV glasses Prada PR 56LV glasses
Prada PR 15MV Prada PR 22LV Prada PR 56LV
Prada PR 58IV glasses Prada PR 60IV glasses Prada PR 65LV glasses
Prada PR 58IV Prada PR 60IV Prada PR 65LV
Prada PR 66LV glasses Prada PR 68LV glasses Prada PR 71IV glasses
Prada PR 66LV Prada PR 68LV
June 15, 2011

Gucci 2011 – Collection Additions

Gucci has taken an offensive market penetration approach this year and released a large collection of both ophthalmic and sunglasses collection. We covered details of the initial Gucci 2011 glasses collection in earlier post. But as year moves on, Gucci came up with more models that are lovely! Check them out before buying anything else:

2011 Gucci Glasses Frames


Gucci 1645 glasses Gucci 1650 glasses Gucci 2893 glasses
Gucci 1645 Gucci 1650 Gucci 2893
Gucci 2894 glasses Gucci 2910 glasses Gucci 3200 glasses
Gucci 2894 Gucci 2910 Gucci 3200
Gucci 3201 glasses Gucci 3204 glasses
Gucci 3201 Gucci 3204

2011 Gucci Sunglasses


Gucci 1647/S glasses Gucci 1649/S glasses Gucci 1656/S glasses
Gucci 1647/S Gucci 1649/S
Gucci 3206/S glasses Gucci 3207/S glasses Gucci 3208/S glasses
Gucci 3206/S Gucci 3207/S

As usually many of the models come in different color. And color – is the main element of determining the style, especially in plastic models. You may also notice that some of the models have a hint on cat eye shape with raised corners. Gucci is positioning themselves to appeal to younger market, people who are trendy, but in the same time value brand name appeal and quality. These recent models are made in this strategy in mind.

June 7, 2011

Dior 2011 Collection – New Additions

Dior eyewear team must be the hardest working from all. This year they have released over 40 new styles in various categories: trendy, retro and classic. The company has taken a utility approach to release many models to appeal to people of different styles, ages and even budgets. We can’t pass on mentioning the color versatility of the brand. Some models come in as many as 6-7 colors such as Dior Paname or Dior Ladycat 1/S. We talked earlier about eyewear industry trends and how companies are not following two seasons Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer- they are releasing new models few at a time adding them to the year collection. This makes sense because glasses don’t have a season – you wear them all year long every day and sun is shining no matter what. In line with this strategy please, enjoy a few new additions to Dior 2011 eyewear collection:

Dior 3213 Dior 3214
Dior C_DIOR 3213 Dior C_DIOR 3214
Dior 3754 C_Dior 3753
Dior C_DIOR 3754 Dior C_Dior 3753
June 3, 2011

Prada Sunglasses 2011 – Definite Head Turner

“We started with this idea of doing something fancy… but with the basis of sport.” – Miuccia Prada

Pradas are classic and always will be.  Prada is known for its classic sport inspired style. Prada sunglasses are made to last and most importantly to emphasize what we call elegant luxury. While following the trends in 2011 Prada tries to stay within its own boundaries. You will not find anything super decorated with rhinestones, super oversized or extreme. This is inline with the rest of accessories collection – purses and shoes. A little bit of black, silver, and of course signature red. Plastic is a dominating material because it is comfortable.

Prada Sport 2011 collection made for especially active people and each model has added details to make sure glasses really fit for sport – rubber inserts on the temples to hold head, ergonomic shapes to avoid wind and soft nose pads to allow better grab in front.

Given Prada’s IPO plans and announced whooping 150% increase in sales over the last year, company is set to succeed and this is only possible due to meticulous work of Miuccia and her super talented team. Enjoy the collection:

Ladies Classics

Prada PR 19MS Prada PR 23MS
Prada PR 19MS Prada PR 23MS
Prada PR 17MS Prada PR 08NS
Prada PR 17MS Prada PR 08NS
Prada PR 04NSA Prada PR 04LS
Prada PR 04NSA Prada PR 04LS

Men in Business

Prada PR 50HS Prada PR 54NS
Prada PR 50HS Prada PR 54NS
Prada PR 57MS Prada PR 54GS
Prada PR 57MS Prada PR 54GS

Ladies Trendy

Prada PR 09NS Prada PR 14NS
Prada PR 09NS Prada PR 14NS
Prada PR 05NS Prada PR 51NS
Prada PR 05NS Prada PR 51NS

Prada Sport 2011

Prada PS 01MS Prada PS 04MS Prada PS 02LS
Prada PS 01MS Prada PS 04MS Prada PS 02LS
Prada PS 51GS Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 02MS
Prada PS 51GS Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 02MS
Prada PS 52MS Prada PS 50MS Prada PS 54IS
Prada PS 52MS Prada PS 50MS Prada PS 54IS
May 27, 2011

Tiffany 2011 Glasses Collection – A Guide To Elegance

Tiffany is relatively new to eyeglasses business. Their first collection launched in 2009 and right there and then it took a solid spot in jewelery eyewear. A splash was made with sunglasses decorated with real Tiffany diamonds and logo made out of sterling silver. Many are still looking for these models that unfortunately are all sold out. But…! 2011 collection does have appeal due to super thought through feminine shapes, charm embeddings and Tiffany signature green color. Enjoy!

Something Serious

Tiffany TF2035 Tiffany TF2036
TF2035 TF2036
Tiffany TF2023 Tiffany TF2037G
TF2023 TF2037G

Something Girly

TF2033 Tiffany TF2016 Tiffany TF1050
TF2033 TF2016 TF1050

Something Dressed

Tiffany TF2011B 8001 Tiffany TF2011B 8049
TF2011B 8001 TF2011B 8049

Sunglasses Classic

Tiffany TF3022 Tiffany TF3023
TF3022 TF3023
Tiffany TF4023 Tiffany TF4024
TF4023 TF4024

Sunglasses Chic

Tiffany TF4025B Tiffany TF3024B Tiffany TF4043
TF4025 TF3024B TF4043B
April 25, 2011

Gucci Glasses 2011 Collection

Gucci is one of the most progressive brands in fashion eyewear. A lot of attention is given to sustaining and growing the image of luxurious brand, task that is only possible by continuous quality control, design innovation and creative marketing. Over the years Gucci has been trying to create eyeglasses that will last many years and still appear updated and chic. Shapes are classic, temple decorations are modest and colors relatively versatile. Tortoise, brown and black are most common colors which can be traced to the collection of Gucci purses that today are a hidden dream of every fashion forward lady.

Year of 2011 has brought a number of trends that we covered in depth in a previous articles. Gucci collection has adopted the trend of oversized minimalism and gender neutrality that can be clearly seen in many of these 2011 models. Many frames fit equally men and ladies and instead of dictating the look, they only accompany and emphasise the style of its owner. In these Gucci sunglasses and Gucci glasses men look strong and rich, at the same time ladies look feminine and chic wearing same models. Enjoy the collection.

Gucci Ophthalmic Frames 2011

Gucci 1948 Gucci 1942
Gucci 1644 Gucci 3181
Gucci 3184 Gucci 3186

Gucci Sunglasses 2011

Gucci 1612/S Gucci 1636/S
Gucci 1646/S Gucci 1950/S
Gucci 2887/S Gucci 2890/S
Gucci 2897/S Gucci 2899/S
March 21, 2011

Ophthalmic Frames Trends 2011

Spring of 2011 is a true season of interesting innovations in prescription glasses trends. We made observations from a number of premium brand collections and have spotted similarities that hope you will follow.


Clear Frames

Clear frames have definitely kicked in. If you prefer plastic glasses over metal but always looked for something lighter on your face, clear is the way to go. Put these on and you will get a “disappearing” effect, similar to rimless. In the same time these glasses look dressy and unusual. These are a definite compliment sucker.

Prada PS 01BV Tiffany TF2016 Bvlgari BV4034B


Colorful Oversized Shapes

Oversized round and square shapes were on the market since last two years. As people just started to get used to them and only real fashionistas put them on, this year added even more fun to these retro rounders – color. Of course, black is still a hit, but if you are looking for something more suitable for your light hair or tanned skin, 2011 gives you more options:

Dior 3198 Gucci 1635 Dior 3198


Cat Eye

This intricate eyeglasses shape was slowly getting introduced back to the market through few sunglasses models in 2010. But not many expected that 2011 will became a real boom of cat eye shapes. Almost every premium designer has their version of cat eye glasses. While glasses may look a bit wild on the shelf, you should definitely try them on to see the result. The uplifted side corners open up eyes quite nicely on many face types and look especially good on round and square face shapes. Due to popularity of this shape this year, we added it to the menu for you to quickly find cat eye prescription glasses and cat eye sunglasses frames on our website.

Dior 3197 Dior 3203 Prada PR 23MV


Decorated Geeky Frames

By now people got used to black heavy geeky frames that no longer see a barrier in any of age or status categories. Some companies experimented with adding elements of decor to the temple and front of the frame to make those more appealing and girly.

Tiffany TF2035 Bvlgari BV4024 Gucci 3133


Navette Shapes

Navette is a real novelty of this year with few companies introducing their first versions. We expect much more next year, so if you are a first mover getting navette shaped eyewear will guarantee you first place on “Most Trendy” list. Disregarding whether you are into fashion or not, this shape will look great if you have a small face. Also looks great on Asians.

Gucci 3134 Prada 17MV Tiffany TF2033


Two Tone

Plastic frames remain all time favourites for many people. Fashion brands agreed to experiment with the color also offering two tone lamination options. Result is actually quite nice especially when light color is on the inner side illuminating the face from the inside.

Boss 0186 Prada PS 11AV Tiffany 2016

Another interesting looking option with two tones gradually flowing vertically or horizontally.

Gucci 3094 Gucci 3152 Dior 3204


We welcome you to visit our site to find more options for each trend. Search glasses by shape, by color, material type in the menu. Also, if you are after 2011 year collections simply type “2011” in search field and then sort by brand or category.

March 9, 2011

Gucci Sunglasses Spring 2011 Collection

Following a very successful 2010 year, Gucci is continuing to do designs that are both suitable for many people and fashionable. In 2011 Gucci took a safe path in choosing colors. Black and their best seller Tortoise, make most of their collection color tone and will suit people of any skin and hair color. Logo design has not changed since last year, and bright gold or gunmetal silver is still a signature on most of the frames.

Here are some 2011 frames that you should have a look at before shopping for any other brand.

Cat EyeCat Eye Gucci 2891 and Gucci 3162. These are the only cat eye frames from Gucci this year. Again, Gucci tries to remain conservative catering to majority, but as a fashionable brand they did follow the 2011 cat eye mania and released their version of it, one metal and one plastic.

Gucci 2891/S Gucci 3162/S

Bold Square Shapes are dominant. We already see that ladies enjoy what was supposed to be men models, among them Gucci 1648, Gucci 1945, Gucci 1641 and Gucci 1943. These models come in a variety of colors and will look amazing on both guys and girls.

Gucci 1648/S Gucci 1945/S
Gucci 1641/S Gucci 1943/S

Feminine Bold Squares. Of course, ladies first… so Gucci, understanding that ladies love big logos and wrapped around fitting, released these models to satisfy beauties that want latest 2011 square trend. Gucci 3170/S, Gucci 3170/N/S, Gucci 3169/S and Gucci 2892/S.

Gucci 3170/S Gucci 3170/N/S
Gucci 3169/S Gucci 2892/S

Bold Aviator. This is not a sweet, classic aviator any more. It is a military inspired, wide, thick aviator that is covering bigger part of your face. Gucci, along with Dior and Prada are setting this trend for 2011. If you want something new, here your go: Gucci 1639, Gucci 1944, Gucci 1566 and Gucci 1889.

Gucci 1639/S Gucci 1944/S
Gucci 1566/S Gucci 1889/S

Updated 2010 models include Gucci 3159, Gucci 3161, Gucci 3163, Gucci 3164. Last year Gucci totally rocked outselling big brand names such as Chanel. This year they are clearly set to win and instead of reinventing the wheel they updated a number of models without any trend following, just keeping their main colors and shapes that sold well.

Gucci 3159/S Gucci 3161/S
Gucci 3163/S Gucci 3164/S

Want to see more, visit our online eyewear store and type in search 2011, then choose Gucci in brand to see new Gucci Sunglasses and Gucci Glasses models.