September 12, 2014

Prada Sunglasses Fall 2014

This year Prada has showed it’s loyalty to customers and released a large collection of shades. While we didn’t see much action this year from other luxurious brands such as Gucci or Hugo Boss, Prada decided to capitalize on their rivals inactivity and pumped total of 60 new styles, 5-7 colors each. This is close to 150 new sunglasses.

Here are our favorites:

Prada SPR 55Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 55Q


Prada SPR 53Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 52Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 52Q

Prada SPR 51Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 51Q

Prada SPR 50Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 50Q

Prada SPR 25Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 25Q

Prada SPR 24Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 24Q

Prada SPR 23Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 23Q

Prada SPR 17Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 17Q

Prada SPR 14Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 14Q

Prada SPR 13Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 13Q

Prada SPR 12Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 12Q

Prada SPR 11Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 11Q

Prada SPR 09Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 09Q

Prada SPR 08Q

Prada SPR 08Q

November 24, 2013

Dior Creates New Sunglasses Styles for Christmas Season

Dior Sunglasses are always been a great Christmas gift idea. Not only becuase Dior is a big brand name, but also because they are truly beautiful. Dior sunglasses also have good fitting, a bit conservative and a bit fashionable. Fashion is not something Dior cares about to follow. Dior is a huge brand that creates fashion. Yes, they rarely copy or follow other ideas, they stick to their own and eventually others pick up and go with. For example cat eye sunglasses. No one knows if they were the first to bring the cat eye sunglasses back from 50s to modern age, but they were the most consistent brand to keep these sunglasses going for so many years now. Same goes about geeky ophthalmic frames. Dior was the first to recover the style from 60’s  by putting the glasses on Gisele Bundchen in their 2008 ad.

So, you will never go wrong with buying Dior sunglasses as a gift for your lady. Your girlfriend, your mom, your business partner – anyone really. Any age and any style will pull off these Diors:

Dior sunglasses DIORISSIMO 2 N S



DAIQUIDIOR S sunglasses


Dior MYDIOR 3 N S sunglasses


Dior MYDIOR 1 N S sunglasses


LADYINDIOR 2 S sunglasses


LADYINDIOR 2 F S sunglasses


LADYINDIOR 1 S sunglasses









October 21, 2013

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses 2013 Collection

Marc Jacobs has been very strategic with sunglasses sub-licensing deal that went to Safilo, one of the world’s largest glasses manufacturing company. He decided to have two sunglasses lines Marc Jacobs – a premium line and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Both took off at their own pace. Marc by Marc sunglasses are mainly made in China, so is a lot of Marc Jacobs clothing. But sunglasses are very well made and are offered at a large variety of styles. The target market are teenagers and people in early 20’s. They can’t afford Dior and Gucci, but they want to look good and fashionable. So, Marc by Marc fills that niche. Of course, now with expected IPO of Marc Jacobs company there is expectation that sunglasses will go up in price. Here are the best deals so far:

October 8, 2013

Gucci Sunglasses 2013 Collection

Guccio Gucci has created a brand that remains most sought after even today. In fact, Gucci brand is named as one of the most recognizable by Forbes magazine. Amount of advertising put by the company this year is insane. I see Gucci add everywhere – on most of websites I go to, on billboards in the city, subway stations etc. This makes Gucci one of the most aggressive brands in fashion industry. Gucci is also very productive. Gucci sunglasses 2013 collection is a proof. Here are my favorite models of this year:

Gucci 4247 sunglasses Gucci 3616 sunglasses Gucci 3613 sunglasses
Gucci 3611 sunglasses Gucci 3610 sunglasses Gucci 3589 sunglasses
Gucci 2235 sunglasses Gucci 2227 sunglasses Gucci 2222 sunglasses
Gucci 1047 sunglasses Gucci 1041 sunglasses Gucci 4239 sunglasses
October 3, 2013

Marc Jacobs Is Now A Businessman

marcJacobsMarc Jacobs has announced that he is quitting Louis Vuitton after 16 years as the Chief Creative Director. He is leaving to concentrate on his own label Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs to take it IPO. Today he showed his last collection for LV in Paris, as usually with a lot of stage drama. Most of models were in black colors and short silhouettes, it is up to us to interpret it in our own ways.

The reason of his leave – an IPO work, promotes him from a designer or creative director to a real businessman, a CEO, Financial Director and so forth. Ambitions are set high to repeat the legacy of Tom Ford, who also once left LV for his own label management. The leave was a success for Tom Ford who went off to independent life engaging in business of fashion and designing nothing. Who wants to stand near the drawing board with seamstresses when he can rub shoulders with financiers.

Nevertheless Louis Vuitton can’t keep unquestionably the most consistent and hardworking designer in the industry forever. Marc Jacobs brand was launched a year before the aspiring designer joined LV. Over the past 16 years he was splitting his time between LV collections and Marc Jacobs. His own label did very well opening stores all over the world and licensing his name to various initiatives, sunglasses and glasses included. A few years ago Marc Jacobs name was licensed to Safilo for undisclosed number of million dollars.

Int past 16 years Louis Vuitton brand survived China and recession. China posed a tremendous threat to the brand when LV trademark was not granted to Louis Vuitton, but other company who immediately started to copy LV products and sell them as real. Sales went global and confused consumer started to under-appreciate the brand and buy fakes as real. Louis Vuitton fought back by opening stores in central malls in Asia, suing eBay and significantly lowering the prices of their products to close the gap between real and fakes. It is not clear what role Marc Jacobs played in this strategy, but he surely learned enough business lessons to continue as independent businessman.

An IPO for fashion companies is a great marketing tool. We expect to see more free press coverage over the next year, just like it was with Prada two years ago before Prada IPOed in Hong Kong. IPO certainly allowed Muccia Prada cash out big, while quality of her products decreased dramatically. Entire legacy of Prada shoes was erased in one year when entire manufacturing was outsourced to Vietnam. No more Devil wears Prada. No doubt that the pressure to decrease costs to increase profit was posed by shareholders who cared for stock more than long term legacy of the brand. Reputation of Marc Jacob brand is potentially on the line as well. Today brand is known for it’s immense creativity, fun factor, reasonable price and quality. It is still quite a niche brand, and IPO could allow it to grow in a good sense. It will all be up to Marc Jacobs.

October 1, 2013

A Real Cost of Participating in a Fashion Week

fashionWeekFashion weeks is a multi-million dollar business. Thousands of jobs got created because of this 20th century entertainment phenomena. These days every large city wants to host their own Fashion week. Paris, Milan and New York hold the largest fashion weeks twice a year. Other big cities that have a fashion week are Toronto, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin Los Angeles and dozen others.

Have you ever wondered how expensive is to participate in a fashion week? Do they charge fees? Do they pay any labels to participate? What is a real cost of presenting a collection at a international fashion week? Here is what we found out:

To participate well established labels don’t have to pay entry fee, nor they need to pay for the venue since tickets are sold to attend that cover these costs. They however have to pay for decoration and operations of the show they are putting. A fashion show revealing the new collection can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars according to Forbes. Cost is broken down between setting up the venue decor, furniture, building the runway and backstage room, hosting a reception, hiring models, stylists and make-up artists and so forth. According to Forbes interview with a famous fashion show producer Thomas Onorato, certain costs may appear surprising. Large labels can shell $20,000-50,000 just to hire a celebrity stylist or makeup artist, which in turn will pay off in increased sales if presentation goes well. Some models request a special suite, that of course, has to be built at participating label’s cost, this on the top of paying the model. A famous phrase by Linda Evangelista “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000” which was said back in 90’s gives us a rough idea how much just a few minute appearance can cost designers.

A newly emerging label has to pay differently. While it is up to them how much operating expenses they want to spend, they have to pay for venue rental on top of that. As venues compete for business, some offer value-add participation by providing services such as lighting and stage organization such as MAC and Milk in New York. But even to those, to get in, a designer has to be invited. So, you can’t be just completely new label.

As shows get larger, with close to 300 labels showcasing collections a few minutes apart during the week, scheduling of events is becoming more challenging. Paris fashion week has a reputation of a very good organization with not more than one large label showing the collection per hour. This gives media time to switch between the viewings. New York fashion week in contrary, has a bad reputation of scheduling that affects labels in the long term. If media and photographers didn’t get a chance to make good pictures there will be no publicizing later. Perhaps this is the reason why so many grand labels, such as Versace or Dior for example did not participate in the New York fashion week this year. In a slow economy labels have a choice where to put their money.

September 26, 2013

Diesel Sunglasses Are For Smart and Stupid

Diesel is one of the most creative brands in the modern fashion. Founder just a bit over 20 years ago by two entrepreneurs who are not fashion designers, Diesel took the world by storm with it’s creative advertising focused on young people. The chief designer for Diesel Wilbert Das is creating for the company since inception. Perhaps he is the reason why Diesel is so consistent in their fashion focus and over the years Diesel developed its own style. There actually is such a thing as Diesel style. Diesel sunglasses is a new addition to Diesel products.

Latest funny Diesel ads are mentioning word stupid as compared to smart trying to show that stupid is creative, risk taker and winner when smart is just lazy and one who never tries.

The first collection just launched a few years ago and is now selling in most of Diesel stores and optical boutiques. Here are our favorite models:

Diesel DL0026 sunglasses Diesel sunglasses DL0029 Diesel sunglasses DL0030
Diesel sunglasses DL0026 Diesel sunglasses DL0029 Diesel sunglasses DL0030
Diesel sunglasses DL0012 Diesel sunglasses DL0005 Diesel sunglasses DL0051
Diesel sunglasses DL0012 Diesel sunglasses DL0005 Diesel sunglasses DL0051
Diesel sunglasses DL0052 Diesel sunglasses DL0053 Diesel sunglasses DL0054
Diesel sunglasses DL0052 Diesel sunglasses DL0053 Diesel sunglasses DL0054
Diesel sunglasses DL0055 Diesel sunglasses DL0067 Diesel sunglasses DL0068
Diesel sunglasses DL0055 Diesel sunglasses DL0067 Diesel sunglasses DL0068
September 24, 2013

Great Muses For Great Designers.

Pierre Cardin and Maya Plisetskaya

Pierre Cardin and Maya Plisetskaya

Every fashion designer has a muse. Yes, like most people they are inspired by outside world, politics, economy and each other. But there is always one woman on the top of their lists who provides a lot of inspiration by her personality, her own style and time that she influences. We took a look at the most notorious relations:

Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn

They were great friends and through tight collaboration helped each other rise to success. Who does not know about her black dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? There were many more in countless Audrey’s movies. Givernchy understood her petite fragile figure and was inspired by her open child-like personality. Audrey once said “His are the only clothes in which I am myself. He is far more than a couturier, he is a creator of personality”. Their friendship began in 1953, years before Givenchy label was established, and lasted for over 40 years.

Pierre Cardin and Maya Plisetskaya

Maya Plisetskaya is a legendary Russian prima ballerina, who became prima at age 40 and danced lead roles through her late 60’s, was Pierre Cardin’s biggest muse. Few people know that the famous designer made over 30 visits to Moscow during his career. They met at her open air performance after which Pierre was left mesmerized with her frail figure, and famous Swan Lake dance. Now both retired, Pierre and Maya keep in touch by paying each other visits in France and Moscow.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna

Madonna’s signature cone bra will for ever be associated with Jean Paul Gaultier style. Their friendship goes back to early 1980’s. Just recently at Jean Gaultier’s exhibition in Paris, Madonn’a bra gained more publicity than the Gaultier’s show itself. Gaultier’s created a famous corset for her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. Two rebellious souls have collaborated for over 30 years with Gaultier keeping busy making most of her outfits for the singing shows. The most resent one was for her 2006 Confessions tour.

Valentino Garavani and Ann Hathaway

Ann Hathaway is Valentino’s last and most famous muse. She has been wearing Valentino for years to all kind of red carpet appearances, but just this year a pair revealed their friendship to public after past Oscar. Valentino said that Ann Hathaway is like a daughter to him and that he will continue making beautiful gowns for a Hollywood beauty. Valentino was around long enough to do magic for many American’s, including Jacqueline Kennedy for whom he designed a wedding dress and for Nancy Reagan for whom he made countless outfits for her public appearances. Ann Hathaway was a new fresh face for a designer who sought youth for his last designs before officially retiring 5 years ago.

John Galliano and Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron wears Galliano’s creations for most of her red carpet appearances. She continues to be Dior’s face after Galliano left the fashion house, but it was with Galliano when friendship began. Similar to Audrey Hepburn with Givenchy perfume, Charlize Theron will be forever associated with Dior’s J’adore fragrance that came out close to a decade ago. She wore his dress to receive Oscar award and was among very few to stand by him through out his Dior firing ordeal. A true friend knows the designer better than public, she kept in touch during his lengthy rehab last year.

September 19, 2013

Gucci Glasses 2013 Collection

Gucci always has great styles for any taste when it comes down to glasses. Not only there are many plastic, geeky styles that are popular in the past few years, there are many metal frames. Making metal glasses frames is much harder and cost consuming than plastic. Admittedly, making a plastic frames all it takes is to manufacture a mold and keep stamping. Gucci, an elite brand hand assembles every frame and includes many nice accents onto the plastic frames. But metal frames need more work. After metal frame has been manufactured, often from a titanium or steel, it needs to be coated in color, glaze etc. It then needs to be assembled with screws and other parts, and just like plastic, a logo, rein stone or other detailed needs to be added. Don’t forget, metal frames also have rotating nose pieces. So, if you appreciate quality and value, you will appreciate Gucci metal glasses frames because they sell for about the same price as plastic.

Here is Gucci 2013 Glasses Collection

Gucci 3010 glasses Gucci 1045 glasses Gucci 1024 glasses
Gucci 3010 glasses Gucci 1045 glasses Gucci 1024 glasses
Gucci 4228 glasses Gucci 4223 glasses Gucci 4222 glasses
Gucci 4228 glasses Gucci 4223 glasses Gucci 4222 glasses
Gucci 4220 glasses Gucci 4213 glasses Gucci 3607 glasses
Gucci 4220 glasses Gucci 4213 glasses Gucci 3607 glasses
September 16, 2013

Roberto Cavalli – A Designer Who Is Inspired By Women

Roberto Cavalli is one of the makers of what we call Italian fashion. Excessive decorations with stones, prints, feathers and colorful patches is what makes Italian style. Roberto Cavalli spent over 50 years proving the world that a style should be consistent, but it does not have to be monotone.

When asked what inspires him, he gladly says “I am inspired by women”. Woman lover, woman mother or woman wife – he had them all and says that studied their psychology and body needs as if he studied science. This helped to develop ultra feminine style with accent on sexiness and aggressiveness. Hence is the animal prints that became signature for every collection.

In one of his interviews for NewStyle, Roberto elaborates that the best compliment he received for his designs was from a woman who said “I tried everything from Ives Saint Laurent to Chanel, but when put on your clothing realized that suddenly all men are looking at me. You changed my life”. He is inspired by women who are desired. While press and media is picking on minimalism and architectural designs in women fashion, Cavalli is not getting much appraisal from big Vogue and Elle. In fact there was only one interview with the designer for the past 10 years! He however is getting enough attention from such women, who keep coming back for clothes that make them sexy and beautiful.

When asked what makes his designs so true to his style he said “The secret lies in deep knowledge of women body proportions and fearless attitude to their femininity. I don’t change my designs in favor of monochrome, I use chic silks, reptile skins and furs. Anything that makes woman look like Goddess.” Goddess will not only wear dresses, but also accessorize to the max, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses became an attribute of a true fashionista.

His Goddess of two decades is Eva Cavalli, his wife who was able to tame the gypsy soul and create a family with playful designer. Roberto admires his wife. He says that the secret to their long marriage is that she is not just beautiful, she is a strong personality with similar life values and ideas. According to maestro, to keep a good men on a short leash for many years, beauty is not enough. Woman has to carry a mystery. So in styles, he does not like anything too short or too open. Super mini skirt or very open shirt will not make a woman sexy. What will is a mystery that she hides behind her leopard coat or snake skinny pants.

Roberto admits that his muse is Jennifer Lopez. A true Italian does not hide the fact that he was once madly in love with Latino legend. She inspired him on many new designs. Her love of her own body led him to create more designs for women of similar proportions.

Roberto Cavalli also has a men line. American Aerosmith lead singer Steve Tyler is one of the biggest admirers of Cavalli style. However there is not much for men other than a small selection of jeans and shirts. Roberto admits that it’s not his goal to create competitors among men by dressing them well.