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August 16, 2013

Why Models Kill Themselves

Hayley Kohle, a Canadian model, who was found dead in Milan due to falling from the balcony

Hayley Kohle, a Canadian model, who was found dead in Milan due to falling from the balcony

If you look at the list of recently deceased fashion models you will realize that staggering amount died from suicide. Drug overdose is not considered a suicide, by the way, it is considered accident, as most of people overdose in accident without intention to end their life. Model Suicide could be via jumping, shooting, hanging or other self inflicted injuries. According to American Association of Suicidology not all suicide attempts are successful, only 1 in 25 attempts will result in death. There are more models who try then those make it to the press due to actual apparent suicide.

With models however, many deaths are very suspicious. Just like death of Russian model Ruslana Korshunova who is believed to have jumped to death from her New York apartment. Her friends and family still sure that there was more to it than depression. Many think she was getting death threats and was “helped” out of the window. Same story with Canadian model Hayley Marie Kohle, who also, was found dead after jumping from a balcony in Milan. Since she was not known for any particular mental issues, her friends and family, also are unsure about the cause of death. If these suspicious suicides are taken out of statistics, model rate of suicide would go down closer to average.

All real suicides are preceded by extensive depression. But what causes such a heavy depression that triggers young, successful and beautiful people end their life, often at the peak or the rise of their careers?

Among top 3 reasons for suicide are:

1. Depression, often combined with mental disorder

2. Relationship difficulties

3. Alcohol or drug abuse disorder

Among other reasons is violence in the family, financial and legal problems. This is often on the top of the first three reasons. A person might be depressed because she is facing relationship difficulties.

Models are vulnerable to depression due to the hyper active lifestyle that often entails working long hours without rest and food, but for a short periods of time. The nature of model profession is that they have to show up for castings without being paid for the time. They often will not get a job as a result of a day spent on casting. Another problem of model lifestyle is that they live from job to job, casting to casting and do have lots of free time in between for drugs and alcohol. They also face extreme pressure to look thin.

Here are some reasons for suicide of top models in the past few years:

  • Wallis Franken, Italian Voque cover model, jumped from the window. Among reasons for suicide was abuse by her husband, Claude Montana. She also lost a child and struggled with endless castings resulting in no job.
  • Colombian supermodel and television presenter Lina Marulanda, also jumped. Shortly before her death she undergone a nasty divorce and faced problems at work.
  • Korean model Daul Kim hanged herself in her apartment. She was also an aspiring artist, but prone to depression and metal illness.
June 4, 2012

Many Still Believe Toronto is a Safe City

I travel a lot and when go back to Toronto always felt very safe. In Toronto I never have to worry about keeping my purse zipped, my phone on a bracelet or leaving some stuff in the car trunk. Yes, on occasion I hear stuff gets stolen from the car, but every time I ask if car has been left open, answer is “yes”. So, some people even leave their car unlocked when going to a store or a coffee shop in Toronto downtown.

This Sunday, Eaton Centre shooting, seem to have changed this prospective for many people. Imagine you are inside the mall having a snack and suddenly one idiot starts shooting people around. Then police comes and locks all the doors and you can’t get out for a few hours. You hear people scream, see them push each other around, blood etc. Then media of course writing details of how messy things got, don’t you get in the state of panic? Is every mall the same? Eaton Centre is always jam-packed. It is the busiest mall in Toronto.  It is also the densest mall in Toronto. If you ever been there, try to remember using up the escalator, getting on is a challenge. This time it was a random shooting, next time it could be targeted.

So far, 2012 has seen 133 victims from shootings, up by 40 from the same time last year and 31 from 2010. Every year shootings peak during the summer, therefore summer is called “summer of the gun”. Most of them are related to two gangs  the Jamestown Crips and the Mount Olive Crips.

Eaton Centre shooting is by far the bloodiest ever. 1 person dead – the target, 6 people shot – 2 in critical condition including a 13 year old child who was shot in the head. Unconfirmed amount, I would imagine, hundreds who got bruised for being pushed around. Some people abandoned their bags when running for their lives.

According to opinions published in Toronto Star, many people believe that despite the disaster, Toronto is still a safe city.  This event by no means is not normal and last time something similar happened was 5 years ago when a young girl was killed outside the shopping centre also in gang related shooting.

I certainly want to believe that Toronto is still a safe city. A shooting suspect is arrested, but given linear Ontario laws, unlikely will face more than 20 years in jail. In the end of the day, he is probably safer in jail than on the streets among gangs. Interesting fact is that suspect actually turned himself in. I think the police should take a special note on ensuring that public places, especially very public like Eaton Centre are safe. Also, it would not harm the mall administration from topping up their security efforts to watch who is walking around the mall perhaps with the gun so freely.

June 13, 2011

Princess Diana’s Dresses Auction Is Only A Week Away

Well promoted auction of Princess Diana dresses is approaching its historic date. And well on time. Just last week Michael Jackson’s Thriller leather jacket sold for over $400,000. Diana’s dresses are expected to raise over $5 million in Toronto next week.

14 evening dresses come with a story and hallmark photos – all nostalgic and recognizable. The dance with Travolta is perhaps the most memorable. The auction will take place in Toronto on June 23, 2011 at Waddington’s Auction House on Bathurst & King St.

According to the auction house appraisals dresses are estimated between $150,000 to $475,000. Experience shows that many times the estimated price is only to set approximate starting bid and most likely dresses will go for over $500,000 each.

Diana sold her collection of dresses just two years before her tragic death to raise funds for her charitable foundation. In reaction to Diana’s death entrepreneur Maureen Rorech Dunkel has created a People’s Princess Charitable Foundation to carry on Diana’s mission. They were used in the Dresses for Humanity Exhibition tour that over the years circulated the world delivering an illustrative story of Diana’s life. Kensington Palace also borrowed the dresses to be displayed as part of its Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection where the Princess lived from 1981 to 1997.

Dresses collection told a story of Diana’s journey as a “Peoples Princess” and described her personality and character to over a million of viewers who saw the exhibit. By looking at these particular 14 dresses one can draw a picture of Diana’s fun part of personality that was evolving over the time she was married to Prince Charles. From a 19 year old, newly wed princess Diana turned into an iconic figure of humanity in just one decade.

Mrs. Dunkel purchased dresses with a charitable purpose and now after undergoing bankruptcy is in need to sell. Proceeds from sale will go Canada’s National Ballet School.

diana travolta dress Diana Travolta Dance
Est. $800000 / 1000000 A famous Travolta Dance dress was worn in 1985 to a State Dinner at the White House hosted by President & Mrs. Reagan.
Diana's Voque Dress diana posting to voque
Est. $225000 / 275000 Also, Diana wore this dress to pose for Vanity Fair magazine in 1997. Same dress was also worn to the Palace de Versailles for “La Deuxieme Nuit International de L’enfrance” organized by UNESCO, 1994.
Diana's pink dress Diana in Pink dress
Est. $375000 / 425000 Diana wore this dress to a trip to India in 1992. It possesses the cultural elements of Indian traditional gowns – jewels, silky fabric, long sleeves.
Diana's blue dress
Est. $150000 / 200000 Diana was wearing this dress to a state occasion in Vienna in 1986 and to a film premiere in 1993
Est. $250000 / 300000 This dress is known from a Vanity Fair magazine cover in 1997. It was originally designed by Catherine Walker for Diana’s attendance at a royal banquet for the King and Queen of Malaysia in 1993.
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May 6, 2011

Models That Jumped

Ruslana Korshunova, 20

Ruslana Korshunova

This week new details of Ruslana Korshunova death have surfaced up. A Russian model, who jumped out of the window 2 years ago in New York, is now believed to have been allured to end her life by a secret Russian sect “Rose of the World.” While police has closed the case shortly after she died, her family and friends never believed that she could commit suicide. She was in good spirits for weeks before the incident, she left no suicide note and her body was found further from the building than expected. According to friends she was frightened by an elite prostitution agency that followed her and she threatened to call police. Speculation is now renewed since her manager has found a recording of her attending psychological sessions at the “Rose of the World” sect. The sect has been closed in the United States due to criminal investigation started after several students reported to police their wrongdoings. Korshunova was a face of Nina Ricci, Dior, featured in Vogue magazine and appeared in many runway shows.

Anastasia Drozdova

Her friend, Ukrainian model Anastasia Drozdova has also jumped out of the building a year after Korshunova in 2009 in

Anastasia Drozdova

Anastasia Drozdova

Kiev. She has also attended “Rose of the World” along with Korshunova. Girls believed that the organization can help them with daily troubles and enlighten them to find meaning in life and advance careers.  Anastasia’s mother has found notes in her room with sporadically written notes suggesting she is not physiologically stable. She lost weight and was behaving weirdly after attending the sect according to her mother.

Lina Marulanda

Lina Marulanda, a famous Colombian model, was found dead on April 22, at the age of 29. She commited suicide by jumping out the window of her apartment. Friends reported that Lina was depressed because of a recent separation from her second husband. Lina Marulanda had

been a successful model and a TV host. According to her closest friend, Lina Marulanda had been seeking professional psychological support as she was going through an emotional crisis.

Cibele Dorsa

Lina Marulanda, 29

Cibele Dorsa was a Brazilian model. 36 year old Cibele has jumped out of her Sao Paulo apartment. Few years before the accident Cibele was involved in a tragic car accident that killed her friend and left Cibele in a hospital with heavy injuries. After recovery she got engaged with E! Brazil TV presenter Gilberto Scarpa who jumped out of same window two months earlier. Cibele couldn’t find terms with the tragedy and her overall unhappy life. She left behind her daughter and a suicide note.

Tom Nicon

Tom Nicon, a male French Fashion model has jumped out of his Milan apartment in June of last year. He was 22, led very active modeling life and on the day of his death was to appear at the Versace runway showing. According to friends’ reports Tom was fighting depression after splitting with his girlfriend. Days before the accident he left threatening messages for former girlfriend suggesting the intent to end his life. Tom was on the peak of his career modeling for big labels such as Burberry, John Varvatos, Versace, Hugo Boss and others.

Sahar Daftary

Sahar Daftary, 23, a crowed Face of Asia was a famous Muslim model. She jumped of her Manchester apartment. Just like Korshunova, Sahar did not leave a suicide note that prompted her family and friends doubt that she ended her live

Tom Nicon, 22

voluntarily. The prime suspect, her former lover was first arrested, but then cleared of all charges. Boyfriend was in the apartment at the time of accident and called police asking for help. Sahar led an active life, attended university and was from a wealthy family.

Lashawna Threatt

Lashawna, 30, an American print ad model died just on May 29, 2011. She died by accidentally jumping out of the window while playing a wrestling with her best friend in a W Atlanta-Midtown hotel room. Both girls tripped near the window and plunged down in an eyewitness of a number of their friends. Lashawna was celebrating her birthday. She is survived by a teenage daughter.