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November 23, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Sketches

Yves Saint Laurent was a true master of sketches. He is known to draw not only for work, but also casually as a hobby. Just recently Voque magazine published an article about ongoing fight between two former lovers of Yves over the 300 sketches that are about to get exhibited. Apparently many of the sketches are erotic. But when it came down to Yves Saint Laurent work sketches, there was nothing erotic. In fact, his women models were always very serious, workaholic looking and a bit manly. Hence is his most famous invention – pant suit for a woman. There are thousands of Yves Saint Laurent sketches survived today. We can see that when new collection was planned Yves would produce dozens versions of a sketch to experiment with fabric, silhouettes or clothing combinations.

Yves Saint Laurent Sketch
Yves Saint Laurent Sketch
Yves Saint Laurent Sketch
Yves Saint Laurent Sketch
Yves Saint Laurent Sketch
Yves Saint Laurent Sketch

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June 14, 2012

Frida Giannini Sketches. Lessons from a Professional

There is very little known about Frida Giannini, presently lead designer for Gucci. Frida, a beautiful, talented and very hard working woman. In many ways she reminds me Stella McCartney. Frida has a formal art education from Rome’s Fashion Academy. Her talent was noticed right out of school and her first job was with Fendi.
Frida Giannini’s sketches are quite academic. She is well trained on drawing techniques and is well aware of human anatomy, thus people she draws are proportional and are often depicted in complex poses. She often signs her sketches as Gucci, instead of her name – which only speaks about her high dedication to the company. Another notable fact that her sketches are often in color and look like drawn on computer, almost animated. You still can see the hand drawing, but as a modern woman, she most likely uses a drawing tablet as oppose to a paper and pen. This allows the drawings to be more thought through, clean and clear to the team. Enjoy!

Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
May 4, 2012

Giorgio Armani Sketches. Lesson from a Professional

In a Sketches series of our blog we are pleased to admire Giorgio Armani. We have already talked about Valentino sketches and Karl Lagerfeld sketches. Giorgio Armani deserves some credit as the most successful designer of all times, if measured by financial success. His company is one of the few, not yet swallowed by a group corporation. He is the only designer listed in top 500 richest people in the world. From 5 lines of clothing collections, to iconic Emporio Armani sunglasses, to furniture and even hotels, Giorgio has covered it all.

So, Giorgio Armani business talent casts no doubt. But what is also very impressive, is that he is a talented drawer. To call him artist, would be a big underestimation. He is indeed a great drawer. The lines of his sketches are close to perfection, making objects look like perfect models. The body elements such as muscles and natural curves are well followed and are in proportion. Just think about it, Giorgio Armani has absolutely no formal art education. He studied medicine before abandoning the idea of becoming a doctor and going to work as a window dresser. But perhaps, his deep knowledge of human anatomy helped him to be so precise with human body sketches. Enjoy this collection:

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June 7, 2011

Valentino Garavani Sketches – Lessons From a Professional

When it comes down to sketches, now retired Valentino took a special effort to make sure they are clean, descriptive and beautiful. He is classically trained at the famous Paris Art School and spent many years working under numerous designers before taking leading roles at Guy Laroche and starting his own label.

His sketches are probably closest to framable art among other designers because he often uses color and makes them look like real paintings as oppose to just sketches. Also, Valentino’s sketches are very realistic, full of details and clearly defined silhouettes which makes them easy to read on clothing models. The wedding dresses are his specialty! He even draws a face of a beautiful and happy bride to add joyful mood to the drawing. Enjoy the collection!

Kate Middleton Dress

Kate Middleton Dress Alternative View

May 15, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld – Master of Sketches

Designers are artists. Most of them are classically trained and all of them possess high skills for drawing. Every outfit design starts with a sketch. Every productive designer produces thousands of sketches per season and as you can imagine only a fraction of them turn into life on a runway or ready to wear stores. I find watching the sketches just as fascinating as watching their collections. We are happy to announce a “Sketches” series where we will show famous designers ‘sketches and analyze them.

To start off, we are pleased to present Karl Lagerfeld. There is a particular interest to his sketches because of his background. In one of his interviews he confessed that he went to school to become a cartoon artist. He also said that sketching for him is like writing text for other people. His loyal team that has been working for him for over 20 years can look at the drawing and know what exactly he wanted an outfit to look like – shapes, fabric type, colors and details. Everything that could be described in pages of text is on one simple drawing. Karl says that he does not understand why other people need text. Well Karl, perhaps other people don’t have drawing skills… Interesting fact about him is that likes to wear Dior Homme glasses.

By looking at Karl sketches we can actually read cartoony style. Karl is one of the few designers who always adds background and a border to his sketches – an extra step that makes them really look like drawings. Ok, enough is said, enjoy the gallery. If you have more photos of his sketches, please let us know; we would love to add links here.

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