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December 28, 2010

Babies for Natalie Portman and Elton John

I am not sure which news are more high profile – Natalie Portman getting a baby or Elton John. In either case the net is blowing off with all kind of articles and even more important – comments. Some people are judgmental to 63 year old gay Elton John and some – to yet unmarried Natalie Portman.

On Elton John

Elton and semi-adopted son Lev

Ok, let’s admit, we live in 21st century where everything is possible. If society welcomes equality based on sexual orientation, than it should accept equality based on gender – the right long ago accepted by North American countries making them human rights example to the rest of the world. Still with me? Ok, so, if two lesbian girls can simply just get pregnant and have a baby without any kind of paperwork and permission, why can’t guys? Isn’t it just fair that gay guy couples should have a right to have a baby? Especially guys like Elton John, a person of immense respect, one of a celebrity pioneers in charities for AIDS (raised over $15 million) and gay rights.

Elton John has tried to adopt a boy from Ukraine. To his surprise AIDS affected Lev looked like a mini-me version of Elton and absolutely touched his heart to the point that Elton wanted to raise him as his own son. But laws in Ukraine became a show stopper to this endeavour. To some reports laws in Ukraine don’t allow adoption by gay couples, in reality they just don’t allow adoption without hefty bribe. Angelina Jolie had similar issues with Gleb, although she is not gay. We can’t blame these people to give up fighting with bureaucracy to literally save lives of children that fallen to their heart and woke up parenthood in them. After going through this humiliating, heartbreaking experience both Angie and Elton decided to have their natural own. We can only wish Elton and his partner David Furnish amazing parenthood and their son Zachary memorable childhood.

On Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman and Charlie Tahan in Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.

One of the most talented and beautiful actresses of Hollywood has announced engagement to a dancer Benjamin Millepied and that they are expecting a child. Natalie has first touched our hearts by her performance in Leon, when she was just 11. Despite a quick rising career Natalie was able to graduate from Harvard in psychology – and we all know there are no shortcuts there. Her education not only didn’t slow down her acting career, but seem to have only deepened her performances making her characters more real or surreal based on what was needed. Her role in V for Vendetta is a proof of that. She is drawn to roles that portray people from different times and societies, starting from daughter of royalty in The Other Boleyn Girl, ending with stripper at Closer. But interestingly she has been playing a mother so many times that after watching some of these movies you would become convinced that she already has a few of her own. These include Cold Mountain, Goya’s Ghosts, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, Brothers and Where the Heart Is. She was brought up in a loving family of a doctor, never encountered any issues with drugs or alcohol. She will be a great mother and we wish her amazing family life.

December 22, 2010

Skype is Down

After numerous attempts to reboot Skype today, I realized something is terribly wrong. I installed, reinstalled new and older versions, checked firewall and Internet connection – all for nothing. I did have similar issues before, but always found a way to start Skype and do some talking. Today is different.

After searching the web I found this article: and several more along these lines. Not only Skype is down, but also Twitter – I checked at 3:10 pm EST – it was. Perhaps too many people tried to check Twitter for #skype updates, which caused Twitter crash consequently.

What is in the world going on!

I am sure they’ll figure it out. Is it a really big deal? I don’t think so. We lived without Skype before and there are other services such as Calliflower, Google Talk and old Windows Live  Messenger. We all love Skype, everyone knows it and people like my mother in Ukraine, figured how to use it. We wish it goes back to live soon. Until then, we continue loading new frames to Eyeinform – your ultimate online source for eyeglasses.