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September 30, 2014

Woman Prada Sunglasses for Chickie Ladies

Prada Sunglasses for Woman has been a topic at many fashion magazines this year. Large gems and bright colors, thick plastic frames and dark lenses made them so fun to write about. Sunglasses suppose to be for fashion. Why not! You can just have one of bright yellow sunglasses and forget about rest of wardrobe. You will look stunning guaranteed!


Now let’s look at the best Prada sunglasses models of 2014.


Prada SPR 28Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 28Q Voice

Prada SPR 28Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 27Q Voice

Prada SPR 26Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 26Q Voice

Prada SPR 22Q suntlasses

Prada SPR 22Q Voice

Prada SPR 21Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 21Q Voice

Prada SPR 16Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 16Q Cinema

Prada SPR 09Q Sunglasses

Prada SPR 09Q Cinema

Prada SPR 08Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 08Q Portrait

Prada SPR 07Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 07Q Poeme

Prada SPR 06Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 06Q Journal

Prada SPR 04Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 04Q journal

Prada SPR 03Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 03Q Handbag

September 12, 2014

Prada Sunglasses Fall 2014

This year Prada has showed it’s loyalty to customers and released a large collection of shades. While we didn’t see much action this year from other luxurious brands such as Gucci or Hugo Boss, Prada decided to capitalize on their rivals inactivity and pumped total of 60 new styles, 5-7 colors each. This is close to 150 new sunglasses.

Here are our favorites:

Prada SPR 55Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 55Q


Prada SPR 53Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 52Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 52Q

Prada SPR 51Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 51Q

Prada SPR 50Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 50Q

Prada SPR 25Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 25Q

Prada SPR 24Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 24Q

Prada SPR 23Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 23Q

Prada SPR 17Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 17Q

Prada SPR 14Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 14Q

Prada SPR 13Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 13Q

Prada SPR 12Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 12Q

Prada SPR 11Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 11Q

Prada SPR 09Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 09Q

Prada SPR 08Q

Prada SPR 08Q

September 7, 2012

Prada Sunglasses From 2012

Prada sunglasses are among the most looked after in the past years mainly due to their sporty casual feel. If you want to look bold, relatively low profile but high end in the same time, Prada sunglasses would work the best. Prada has been among the first brands to create their own sunglasses line some 20 years ago. They have been known for their metal full rim frames and aviators with mirror lenses. Any how, have a look, which one you like?

 Prada SPR 55O

Prada SPR 55O

Prada SPR 57N

Prada SPR 57N

Prada SPR 57O

Prada SPR 57O

Buy Prada SPR 55O here Buy Prada SPR 57N here Buy Prada SPR 57O here

Prada SPR 59O

Prada SPR 59O

 Prada SPR 61O

Prada SPR 61O

Prada SPR 68O

Prada SPR 68O

Buy Prada SPR 59O here Buy Prada SPR 61O here Buy Prada SPR 68O here

 Prada SPS 01N

Prada SPS 01N

Prada SPS 07M

Prada SPS 07M

Prada SPS 50N

Prada SPS 50N

Buy Prada SPS 01N here Buy Prada SPS 07M here Buy Prada SPS 50N here

Prada SPS 51N

Prada SPS 51N

Prada SPS 52N

Prada SPS 52N

Prada SPS 53N

Prada SPS 53N

Buy Prada SPS 51N here Buy Prada SPS 52N here Buy Prada SPS 53N here
July 14, 2011

Prada Glasses 2011 – Prescription Classics

Prada is one of the best keepers of original brand traditions. Ever since creation the idea of quality has been the major mover throughout an ever evolving fashion world. Prada does not bend under the temptations to reinvent fashion. Now, under the creative management of Miuccia Prada, company is producing models that are meant to last for decades. While some admire trendiness of progressive designers such as Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and futuristic Donatella Versace, Miuccia moves along her own brand style. And this is particularly admirable in the world of eyewear. When everyone is happy to try crazy designs, sale goes to one that makes face look better and more beautiful. Please check new Prada 2011 Glasses collection!

Something for Men

Prada PR 04NVA glasses Prada PR 12LV glasses Prada PR 17GV glasses
Prada PR 04NVA Prada PR 12LV Prada PR 17GV
Prada PR 52LV glasses Prada PR 52MV glasses Prada PR 55IV glasses
Prada PR 52LV Prada PR 52MV Prada PR 55IV

Something for Ladies

Prada PR 03LVN glasses Prada PR 06LV glasses Prada PR 06MV glasses
Prada PR 03LVN Prada PR 06LV Prada PR 06MV
Prada PR 07LV glasses Prada PR 09MV glasses Prada PR 10MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV glasses Prada PR 21LV glasses Prada PR 54MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV Prada PR 21LV Prada PR 54MV

Prada 2011 Unisex Glasses

Prada PR 01LVN glasses Prada PR 13LV glasses Prada PR 16HV glasses
Prada PR 01LVN Prada PR 13LV Prada PR 16HV
Prada PR 59LV glasses Prada PR 59MV glasses Prada PR 74LV glasses
Prada PR 59LV Prada PR 59MV Prada PR 74LV

Prada 2011 Super Fashion

Prada PR 15MV glasses Prada PR 22LV glasses Prada PR 56LV glasses
Prada PR 15MV Prada PR 22LV Prada PR 56LV
Prada PR 58IV glasses Prada PR 60IV glasses Prada PR 65LV glasses
Prada PR 58IV Prada PR 60IV Prada PR 65LV
Prada PR 66LV glasses Prada PR 68LV glasses Prada PR 71IV glasses
Prada PR 66LV Prada PR 68LV
July 7, 2011

Sunglasses for Big Heads. Tips, Ideas, Styles.

Many men find it challenging to chose a nice pair of sunglasses because they have a big head. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, everyone has their own problem and while it’s true many optical stores don’t offer wide selection of glasses for big heads necessarily it does not mean that people with average sized or small heads have large choices. Finding glasses is not like finding shoes. Nose bridge, cheek bones, ear positioning, face shape – all adds their own layer of complexity to finding right glasses. In this post we would like to offer tips to finding glasses for big heads. And offer some nice styles to chose from.

How big is big?

Ok, first let’s see what would be considered “big head”. If to look through majority of designer sunglasses offered for sale today, size over 142 mm in width would be big. In addition, lens over 64 mm and bridge 18 mm or more would qualify as big.

Frame width 146mm + Lens width 64mm + Bridge width 18mm +

How to know your size?

Take a ruler, ideally plastic that can bend a bit and measure your head from one temple to another. Keep in mind that glasses normally extend a few cm on the side. If you have a pair of sunglasses that fit, it is easier to take measurements from it following the pictures above. If you are lucky you will find some measurements printed on the side of the temple of your glasses. Today, most of the glasses specify lens width, bridge width and temple length. Writing will be something like this: 63 x 17 136. First two numbers are lens and bridge width. The last number is temple length. Temple size is of less concern as it is usually made in proportion and if too large can stick out a bit – it’s normal. Just make sure you don’t assume that 136 is frame width, it’s not. Frame width needs to be calculated: 2 x Lens width + Bridge width. So, in our example: 63 x 2 + 17 = 143 mm.

Glasses styles for big head

Many styles will fit. You are lucky this year because trend is actually toward bigger sunglasses, so choices are huge. Some men like rectangular sunglasses, especially if they have a very round head. Square glasses will balance it out. All time classics aviators will also fit many face shapes and very big heads. They are already made very large by design and will cover the eye from all directions. Just keep in mind that aviator glasses were initially made for sport, so even now when there are many variations of the shape, aviators tend to look more casual than rectangular glasses. I personally really like shield shape on big head men. Shields wrap around the face in front adding some trendiness to the look. There are also shields with combination of aviator drop shape – good option for stylish men. This year you will find nice Dior Homme and Gucci sunglasses inspired by Carrera style – two lenses that blend on the bridge. This is a true military look. Check our suggestions.

Rectangular – Business Style

E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 glasses Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 glasses Prada PR 54IS sunglasses GUCCI 1856 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 Prada PR 54IS GUCCI 1856

Aviator – Casual Style

GUCCI 1889 glasses BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS glasses
GUCCI 1889 Hugo BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 glasses Gucci 1956 sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3026 sunglasses
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 Gucci 1956 Ray-Ban RB3026

Shields – Universal Style for All Occassions

D&G DD8039 sunglasses Armani E_ARMANI 9423 sunglasses Prada PS 07HS sunglasses
D&G DD8039 Armani E_ARMANI 9423 Prada PS 07HS
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268

Racing Inspired Style – Military and Tough

Carrera BACK 80 Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695 glasses
Carrera BACK 80’s Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934 sunglasses
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934
June 3, 2011

Prada Sunglasses 2011 – Definite Head Turner

“We started with this idea of doing something fancy… but with the basis of sport.” – Miuccia Prada

Pradas are classic and always will be.  Prada is known for its classic sport inspired style. Prada sunglasses are made to last and most importantly to emphasize what we call elegant luxury. While following the trends in 2011 Prada tries to stay within its own boundaries. You will not find anything super decorated with rhinestones, super oversized or extreme. This is inline with the rest of accessories collection – purses and shoes. A little bit of black, silver, and of course signature red. Plastic is a dominating material because it is comfortable.

Prada Sport 2011 collection made for especially active people and each model has added details to make sure glasses really fit for sport – rubber inserts on the temples to hold head, ergonomic shapes to avoid wind and soft nose pads to allow better grab in front.

Given Prada’s IPO plans and announced whooping 150% increase in sales over the last year, company is set to succeed and this is only possible due to meticulous work of Miuccia and her super talented team. Enjoy the collection:

Ladies Classics

Prada PR 19MS Prada PR 23MS
Prada PR 19MS Prada PR 23MS
Prada PR 17MS Prada PR 08NS
Prada PR 17MS Prada PR 08NS
Prada PR 04NSA Prada PR 04LS
Prada PR 04NSA Prada PR 04LS

Men in Business

Prada PR 50HS Prada PR 54NS
Prada PR 50HS Prada PR 54NS
Prada PR 57MS Prada PR 54GS
Prada PR 57MS Prada PR 54GS

Ladies Trendy

Prada PR 09NS Prada PR 14NS
Prada PR 09NS Prada PR 14NS
Prada PR 05NS Prada PR 51NS
Prada PR 05NS Prada PR 51NS

Prada Sport 2011

Prada PS 01MS Prada PS 04MS Prada PS 02LS
Prada PS 01MS Prada PS 04MS Prada PS 02LS
Prada PS 51GS Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 02MS
Prada PS 51GS Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 02MS
Prada PS 52MS Prada PS 50MS Prada PS 54IS
Prada PS 52MS Prada PS 50MS Prada PS 54IS
May 26, 2011

Prada Plans for IPO

Prada – one of the world’s largest private fashion brands has announced yet another attempt to go public. Prada, currently trading on Milan stock exchange has announced plans for IPO at Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Listing date is currently set to June 23 or 24, 2011.

According to recent valuation company is worth anywhere from $10 billion to $15 billion. It has been announced that 20% of stock will be put up at Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Company has attempted an IPO 4 times in the last 10 years. Most recently, just in 2008 when decision was made to postpone the initiative due to economic crisis. The main goal for IPO is to pay off company’s outstanding debt of $1.4 billion. Over the years of industry struggle Prada was able to sustain firm market standing due to focus on purse and shoes. Over 2010 company reported 150% profits and sales increase. Full year sales for 2010 totalled $2 billion.

Company is currently operated by Patrizio Bertelli, husband of Miuccia Prada – a granddaughter of the founder and a Chief Creative Designer as of 1978. Along with anchor brand Prada, company also owns Miu Miu and two shoe companies – Church’s and Car Shoe.

The Asian IPO is deemed to have a marketing benefit to promote Prada boutiques opened across China, Hong Kong and South East Asia over the past decade. If IPO promotion is done right company may enjoy steep sales increases due to better brand awareness. It could be the most effective marketing technique since “Devil Wears Prada” film. Company is set to open 90 more stores in Asia in the near several years – an unprecedented increase for a foreign brand. This expansion strategy

Prada PS 01MS

Prada PS 01MS - 2011 Collection

is necessary to compete with LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton – one of the word largest fashion conglomerate that is exercising very aggressive Asian market penetration strategy.

Prada accessories are among most desired on the market. The collection of Prada eyewear was first launched in 1999 now expanded into Prada and Prada Sport product lines. Prada sunglasses are also among most popular among men. The brand following its minimalistic style and toned down colors has created a large variety of unisex glasses models and men sunglasses that capture a large portion of market share from Hugo Boss, Tom Ford and Dior Homme – other luxury eyewear rivals.