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September 9, 2013

OGA Glasses Are The Best for Men with Big Heads

We have recently learnt that Buying Tips for Big Head Sunglasses written years ago still makes one of the most read articles on our blog. Given the interest, we would like to expand on the topic and give some tips on buying regular prescription glasses for big heads. It turns out that some brands offer better selection for men with big heads than others. And often those will not be a central designer line, like Prada or Gucci. It will be a niche line, like OGA for example. Reason is that designers are targeting customers with specific looks to wear their products. This is a reason why clothing is not offered in big sizes either. Designer brands are interested in slim, tall and average men to wear their glasses. Marketeers believe if “beautiful” men wear their stuff, their stuff looks better and subsequently sells better. As discriminating as this marketing strategy is, it is true. No one can deny this strategy has been there from the Chanel and Dior times. It was more visible in women’s fashion. As men getting more into fashion, it is more visible in men’s fashion too. Glasses fell victims of this, luckily for OGA Eyewear.

OGA, a Scandinavian brand chose the strategy to offer a huge selection to men of any sizes and shapes. Not only there is a selection of glasses of various shapes and forms, there is a BIG selection. Many glasses models are offered in large lens size. As we talked earlier, lens width of 55 mm would be considered a standard of men with big heads. Anything larger such as 56 mm or 57 mm is for a very large heads 🙂 Pair that with not very wide arms, ideally metal for easier adjustment and you are all set. Here are our top picks from 2013 collection:

OGA 7026O glasses OGA 7080O glasses
OGA 7027O glasses for big head, 55 mm OGA 7026O glasses for big head, 55 mm OGA 7080O glasses for big head, 55 mm
OGA 7085O glasses OGA 7191O glasses OGA 7190O glasses
OGA 7085O glasses for very big head, 56 mm OGA 7191O glasses for very big gead, 57 mm/td> OGA 7190O glasses for a big head, 55 mm
OGA 7189O glasses OGA 7181O glasses OGA 7180O glasses
OGA 7189O glasses for very big head, 56 mm OGA 7180O glasses for very big head 57 mm OGA 7180O glasses for big head, 55 mm