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October 8, 2013

Gucci Sunglasses 2013 Collection

Guccio Gucci has created a brand that remains most sought after even today. In fact, Gucci brand is named as one of the most recognizable by Forbes magazine. Amount of advertising put by the company this year is insane. I see Gucci add everywhere – on most of websites I go to, on billboards in the city, subway stations etc. This makes Gucci one of the most aggressive brands in fashion industry. Gucci is also very productive. Gucci sunglasses 2013 collection is a proof. Here are my favorite models of this year:

Gucci 4247 sunglasses Gucci 3616 sunglasses Gucci 3613 sunglasses
Gucci 3611 sunglasses Gucci 3610 sunglasses Gucci 3589 sunglasses
Gucci 2235 sunglasses Gucci 2227 sunglasses Gucci 2222 sunglasses
Gucci 1047 sunglasses Gucci 1041 sunglasses Gucci 4239 sunglasses
September 19, 2013

Gucci Glasses 2013 Collection

Gucci always has great styles for any taste when it comes down to glasses. Not only there are many plastic, geeky styles that are popular in the past few years, there are many metal frames. Making metal glasses frames is much harder and cost consuming than plastic. Admittedly, making a plastic frames all it takes is to manufacture a mold and keep stamping. Gucci, an elite brand hand assembles every frame and includes many nice accents onto the plastic frames. But metal frames need more work. After metal frame has been manufactured, often from a titanium or steel, it needs to be coated in color, glaze etc. It then needs to be assembled with screws and other parts, and just like plastic, a logo, rein stone or other detailed needs to be added. Don’t forget, metal frames also have rotating nose pieces. So, if you appreciate quality and value, you will appreciate Gucci metal glasses frames because they sell for about the same price as plastic.

Here is Gucci 2013 Glasses Collection

Gucci 3010 glasses Gucci 1045 glasses Gucci 1024 glasses
Gucci 3010 glasses Gucci 1045 glasses Gucci 1024 glasses
Gucci 4228 glasses Gucci 4223 glasses Gucci 4222 glasses
Gucci 4228 glasses Gucci 4223 glasses Gucci 4222 glasses
Gucci 4220 glasses Gucci 4213 glasses Gucci 3607 glasses
Gucci 4220 glasses Gucci 4213 glasses Gucci 3607 glasses
January 23, 2013

Gucci 2013 Prescription Glasses For Men. New Selection

Gucci has revamped the ophthalmic collection of glasses, all ready for 2013 sales. And this time Gucci is putting much more emphasis on men than ever before. In competition with Prada and Tom Ford, Gucci is trying to offer many modern designs, classic designs and even funky options. I have a feeling this will be a great year for Gucci. If you follow financial news, Gucci is not to miss. They advertise all over the city (at least in Toronto they do), do interesting collaborations and try to make positive news regularly. Check these Gucci glasses and enjoy:

Gucci 1006 glasses Gucci 1008 glasses Gucci 3545 glasses
Gucci 1009 glasses Gucci 1885 glasses Gucci 1010 glasses
Gucci 1883 glasses Gucci 1651 glasses Gucci 1019 glasses
Gucci 1612N glasses Gucci 1023 glasses Gucci 1022 glasses
January 16, 2013

Gucci Glasses 2013. First Release This Year.

Gucci is taking this year by storm. At least in Canada. Their print ads are everywhere – in malls, on billboards, on bus stations and in many more public places. I do think that their next big step is to expand the stores across North America. In North America brand is one of the major factors why people buy certain things. So Gucci is pushing on to make their brand really really big.

So, what’s up with glasses this year. Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news is that Gucci added over 30 new models. This is a very large amount of models for one single release. I mean most of brands just have 30 models total. Gucci added 30 new to already existing 60. Bad news is that all of these so called new models, are actually put back into production best sellers over the years. You can actually find 10 year old models back in production. So, the strategy so far has been why fix it if it’s not broken. If glasses were selling like a hot cake then, why reinvent the wheel. Just give people what they want.

Enough said, here are our selection of the best 2013 models:

GUCCI 3553 GUCCI 2810 GUCCI 3010
Gucci 3553 Gucci 2810 Gucci 3010
Gucci glasses 3542 Gucci glasses 3552 Gucci glasses 3203
Gucci 3542 Gucci 3552 Gucci 3203
Gucci 3198 Gucci glasses 2791 Gucci 1019 glasses
Gucci 3198 Gucci 2791 Gucci 1019
June 14, 2012

Frida Giannini Sketches. Lessons from a Professional

There is very little known about Frida Giannini, presently lead designer for Gucci. Frida, a beautiful, talented and very hard working woman. In many ways she reminds me Stella McCartney. Frida has a formal art education from Rome’s Fashion Academy. Her talent was noticed right out of school and her first job was with Fendi.
Frida Giannini’s sketches are quite academic. She is well trained on drawing techniques and is well aware of human anatomy, thus people she draws are proportional and are often depicted in complex poses. She often signs her sketches as Gucci, instead of her name – which only speaks about her high dedication to the company. Another notable fact that her sketches are often in color and look like drawn on computer, almost animated. You still can see the hand drawing, but as a modern woman, she most likely uses a drawing tablet as oppose to a paper and pen. This allows the drawings to be more thought through, clean and clear to the team. Enjoy!

Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
Gucci sketch Gucci sketch
June 11, 2012

Gucci 2012 Sunglasses

Gucci after winning a historic lawsuit from Guess can now breathe freely and concentrate on making all time classic sunglasses. Gucci 2012 sunglasses are a bit playful, fun, unique and truly high end. They are for people who have taste, style and chutzpah. With years Gucci has expanded the eyewear collection to cover all age categories and social statuses from fashionable students to mature business people. Recent 2012 Gucci sunglasses collection has new models for all of these people:

Gucci 2213 sunglasses Gucci 2214 sunglasses Gucci 2215 sunglasses
Gucci 2213/S Gucci 2214/S Gucci 2215/S
Gucci 3540 sunglasses Gucci 3554 sunglasses Gucci 4216 sunglasses
Gucci 3540/S Gucci 3554/S Gucci 4216/S
Gucci 4217 sunglasses Gucci 3510 sunglasses Gucci 3522 sunglasses
Gucci 4217/S Gucci 3510/S Gucci 3510/S
Gucci 1011 sunglasses Gucci 1012 sunglasses Gucci 1013 sunglasses
Gucci 1011/S Gucci 1012/S Gucci 1013/S
Gucci 1014 sunglasses Gucci 1018 sunglasses Gucci 2202 sunglasses
Gucci 1014/S Gucci 1018/S Gucci 2202/S
June 6, 2012

Gucci Won Trademark Lawsuit Against Guess. Is the Battle Over?

After 3 years of evidence collection and trials Gucci finally won a trademark lawsuit against Guess. We have already written about the case and presented our evidence comparing Gucci and Guess products back to back. The viewer was to analyze and make conclusions, but case definitely had grounds. Famous GG logo has been used in a very similar fashion by Guess, disregarding the fact that GG stands for Guccio Gucci and has been around for 100 years, while Guess only has one “G” in their brand name. Very minor interpretation of the logo was used by Guess in purses, shoes and glasses imitating the famous pattern style, brown/beige color combination and even font style. Gucci has used single G in bold style, and in the past few years spelled entire word Gucci in Italic font. Guess followed both examples in their products.

Among another violations were examples of Guess using red and green stripe, shapes and designs of various products and “coincidental” timing with which these were coming out – always after Gucci releases to the stores.

New Guess endeavor

While Gucci has won, they were only awarded $4.6 million dollars in damages instead of $200 that they were seeking. This perhaps has something to do with the fact that the lawsuit took stands in the United States, native to Guess. Even to be fair, trademark infringement was hard to deny, how $4.6 million figure came about is unclear.

The judge Shira Scheindlin in her final statement wrote: “Over the past three years, the parties have put in countless hours and spent untold sums of money, all in the service of fashion–what Oscar Wilde aptly called ‘a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.’ It is my hope that this ugliness will be limited to the runway and shopping floor, rather than spilling over into the courts.”

In the meanwhile this Spring one can find a new Guess collection, that to me looks way too much similar to iconic Chanel – little rectangular quilted pursues with the chain handle. Is this a beginning of a new fashion wave or targeted marketing endeavor by Guess marketing department?

March 30, 2012

Gucci Guess Trademark Lawsuit. Product Comparison

A lawsuit for trademark infringement between Gucci and Guess was suppose to be a private mitigation at first. But now, after the first hearing on March 26, the lawsuit seems to have turned into a real public war between the two brands. Only lazy publication didn’t write about it in fashion section over the past 3 days.

A month ago Gucci has filed a claim against Guess for infringing their interlocking GG logo by using it consistently in shoes and accessory products. A plaintiff Gucci is looking for immediate cease of logo use and $215 million in damages. Of course for Guess, taking all the products off the shelf that currently are in circulation with logo in question, would turn the overall damage into a billion, should they lose the case.

The history behind interlocking GG logo is out of questions, since Guccio Gucci used it since 1921 when he founded his famous namesake company. Guess, an American company, was founded 60 years later in 1981, and according to the lawsuit claim, started to heavily imitate Gucci logo and it’s use 7 years ago.

Many Guess customers have clearly enjoyed the imitation and perhaps, even bought much cheaper Guess products due to their resemblance of luxury brand Gucci. Initially Guess just adopted their own version of interlocking GG, but later turned over to imitating color combinations, ideas, shapes and details of design.

On March 26 Guess spoke out the first line of defense claiming that Gucci, over the 7 years has never issued a warning and that their products are not meant to resemble Gucci. We will very closely watch the case. Right now we can’t really predict, the outcome is really 50/50 because both companies have a point. However, the fact that the case is happening out of the New York courthouse is partially against Gucci because Guess is one of the most respected American companies. And the rule of thumb so far has been “Don’t sue American company in America”.

While Guess is in defense, let’s use our own judgment. Here is our attempt to set things straight and offer real product to product Guess to Gucci comparison.

What do you think, did Guess violate Gucci rights on the use of trademark?



February 14, 2012

Ladies Gucci 2012 Sunglasses

Gucci has entered 2012 with a powerful men collection of sunglasses. Ladies are never left off by Gucci as it’s one of the most progressive and trend setting global Italian brands. Target market is very broad – from teenage girls to mid age and older ladies who have a down to earth, modern style and respect quality. Apart from many companies, Gucci is exclusively made in Italy.

So, how to identify a 2012 collection? Gucci, has added a new logo. It’s in a way transformed famous GG logo, but in a shape of a heart! So cute!

Here is a new ladies Gucci 2012 collection.

Gucci 3500 Gucci 3503 Gucci 3504
Gucci 3500 Gucci 3503 Gucci 3504
Gucci 3505 Gucci 3506 Gucci 3508
Gucci 3505 Gucci 3506 Gucci 3508
Gucci 3510 Gucci 3511 Gucci 3522
Gucci 3510 Gucci 3511 Gucci 3522
Gucci 3530 Gucci 3532 Gucci 3538
Gucci 3530 Gucci 3532 Gucci 3538
Gucci 3539 Gucci 4201 Gucci 4203
Gucci 3539 Gucci 4201 Gucci 4203
February 14, 2012

Men Gucci Sunglasses and Gucci Glasses 2012

Gucci known as one of the most productive brands in area of eyewear. Every year we see four seasonal releases of new collections and also a few more models in between.

Many people ask what is the general style of Gucci sunglasses. I think that, in comparison to Dior sunglasses they are more casual. But this is also true in clothing. If to compare Gucci sunglasses to Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, it is evident that Roberto Cavalli is more dressed up and geared towards more posh clientele. And of course, Gucci is no math to Tiffany sunglasses, just like the whole positioning of the brand. Tiffany is a jewelry company where Gucci is true fashion. Gucci sunglasses without question are more fashionable and trend forward. In many cases Gucci sunglasses set a trend for other brands for the year.

It is pleasant to see that in 2012 Gucci sunglasses collection has a lot of men models. This is also news, where last year there were only 4-5 models in a few colors each. This year, men glasses is a great break-through. Here is a peak sneak:

Gucci 1001 Gucci 2206 Gucci 1002
Gucci 1001 Gucci 2206 Gucci 1002
Gucci 3501 Gucci 1004 Gucci 3514
Gucci 3501 Gucci 1004 Gucci 3514

Gucci Rx glasses for men also has a few models in 2012.

Gucci 1005 Gucci 2203
Gucci 1005 Gucci 2203