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November 1, 2012

Buying Sunglasses as a Present for a Mother. Tips from Tiffany 2012

Buying a gift for your mother is always a challenge. Many mothers won’t admit what they really want, they don’t want to tell their children to spend any money on their gifts. In retrospect, mother will be very proud with a gift from her son or daughter and always mention the gift to her friends. Getting her sunglasses as a present is a good idea. Not only it will show that you care for how she looks, it will show that you care for her health. When buying sunglasses as a gift for your mom, follow these simple tips:

1. Get conventional shape

You don’t want to play trendy when getting sunglasses for your mom’s gift. Clearly you don’t know what she might like. Unless she specifically pointed to you that she likes that one pair in the store, just get her classy rectangular or oval shaped sunglasses. These Tiffany’s will be a good choice:

Tiffany TF4066

Tiffany TF4066

Tiffany TF4069B

Tiffany TF4069B

 Buy them here  Buy them here

2. Pay attention to details

Today fashion world is mad about minimalism. It even may be something you like to wear. Simple cut, monotone color… Sunglasses for your mom can’t be simple. Remember it is a gift. It will be something she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. Make sure your gift has nice details, crystals, flowers, nice decorations. For example:

Tiffany TF4060B

Tiffany TF4060B

Tiffany TF4059

Tiffany TF4059

 Buy them here  Buy them here

3. Pay attention what she wears today

If you mother already has one or two pairs of sunglasses, even very old ones, take a note of what it is. She may even have her favorite pair that she wears all the time. Depending on how old is your mom, she may have a pair that is from 70’s, even 60’s. Don’t worry, luckily today, you can find a pair from any era. These are inspired by 70’s style:

Tiffany TF4064B

Tiffany TF4064B

Tiffany TF4065B

Tiffany TF4065B

 Buy them here  Buy them here

4. Remember, low key does not mean boring

When you are getting sunglasses for your mom as a gift, while sticking to classic designs as much as possible, you don’t need to be extreme. Sunglasses will look good only when they are updated, current and new in all regards. Of course brand image will play a key role in this. Certain brand names are geared more toward teenagers, such as Marc Jacobs or Ray Ban. Others, more towards mature people. Tiffany is perfect for mature women. Every single pair will be appropriate for your mom.

Tiffany TF4067

Tiffany TF4067

Tiffany TF4058B

Tiffany TF4058B

 Buy them here  Buy them here

5. Trust your feelings

If you see something on the shelf and feel very strongly about it, go for it. In the end it is gift from you for your beloved mom. If you are strongly opinionated and believe your mom needs a pair of aviators, no problem. Or perhaps she is ready for a pair of butterfly shaped sunglasses just trust yourself and get her this. Tiffany ensured that even aviators are classy, elegant and chic.

Tiffany TF3034

Tiffany TF3034

Tiffany TF4061G

Tiffany TF4061G

 Buy them here  Buy them here

6. Packaging is also important

In today’s material world packaging often becomes as important and it’s content. The moment of unwrapping a gift is quite indulging and pleasurefull. But Tiffany took packaging a step further. Their blue box is a true icon. There were countless movies made showing Tiffany blue box with white ribbon. Believe it or not, Tiffany sunglasses packaging is just as awesome as engagement rings. It also has a blue box, shiny blue hard case and silky blue cotton cloth. Packaging alone is worth getting Tiffany’s for a gift.

July 7, 2011

Sunglasses for Big Heads. Tips, Ideas, Styles.

Many men find it challenging to chose a nice pair of sunglasses because they have a big head. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, everyone has their own problem and while it’s true many optical stores don’t offer wide selection of glasses for big heads necessarily it does not mean that people with average sized or small heads have large choices. Finding glasses is not like finding shoes. Nose bridge, cheek bones, ear positioning, face shape – all adds their own layer of complexity to finding right glasses. In this post we would like to offer tips to finding glasses for big heads. And offer some nice styles to chose from.

How big is big?

Ok, first let’s see what would be considered “big head”. If to look through majority of designer sunglasses offered for sale today, size over 142 mm in width would be big. In addition, lens over 64 mm and bridge 18 mm or more would qualify as big.

Frame width 146mm + Lens width 64mm + Bridge width 18mm +

How to know your size?

Take a ruler, ideally plastic that can bend a bit and measure your head from one temple to another. Keep in mind that glasses normally extend a few cm on the side. If you have a pair of sunglasses that fit, it is easier to take measurements from it following the pictures above. If you are lucky you will find some measurements printed on the side of the temple of your glasses. Today, most of the glasses specify lens width, bridge width and temple length. Writing will be something like this: 63 x 17 136. First two numbers are lens and bridge width. The last number is temple length. Temple size is of less concern as it is usually made in proportion and if too large can stick out a bit – it’s normal. Just make sure you don’t assume that 136 is frame width, it’s not. Frame width needs to be calculated: 2 x Lens width + Bridge width. So, in our example: 63 x 2 + 17 = 143 mm.

Glasses styles for big head

Many styles will fit. You are lucky this year because trend is actually toward bigger sunglasses, so choices are huge. Some men like rectangular sunglasses, especially if they have a very round head. Square glasses will balance it out. All time classics aviators will also fit many face shapes and very big heads. They are already made very large by design and will cover the eye from all directions. Just keep in mind that aviator glasses were initially made for sport, so even now when there are many variations of the shape, aviators tend to look more casual than rectangular glasses. I personally really like shield shape on big head men. Shields wrap around the face in front adding some trendiness to the look. There are also shields with combination of aviator drop shape – good option for stylish men. This year you will find nice Dior Homme and Gucci sunglasses inspired by Carrera style – two lenses that blend on the bridge. This is a true military look. Check our suggestions.

Rectangular – Business Style

E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 glasses Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 glasses Prada PR 54IS sunglasses GUCCI 1856 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 Prada PR 54IS GUCCI 1856

Aviator – Casual Style

GUCCI 1889 glasses BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS glasses
GUCCI 1889 Hugo BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 glasses Gucci 1956 sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3026 sunglasses
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 Gucci 1956 Ray-Ban RB3026

Shields – Universal Style for All Occassions

D&G DD8039 sunglasses Armani E_ARMANI 9423 sunglasses Prada PS 07HS sunglasses
D&G DD8039 Armani E_ARMANI 9423 Prada PS 07HS
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268

Racing Inspired Style – Military and Tough

Carrera BACK 80 Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695 glasses
Carrera BACK 80’s Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934 sunglasses
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934
June 2, 2011

Designer Mobile Phones and Smart Phones – Future of Tech Luxury Accessories

Designer phones and smart phones is an untapped market that presents opportunity of $10 billion. Such phones are created in collaboration between phone manufacturers and fashion or jewellery designers and launched with a collective effort through either distribution chain. In the past Nokia and Samsung were most active and have brought the idea to the mass market through collaborations with Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Armani, Versace and others.

First phones started to appear in 2006, but by 2011 offering has surprisingly dropped. Today only handful of such collaborations is active and selling. Gucci, Hugo Boss had rumours that failed through. We did our research to see what is out there or what was out there. Our list includes Fashion and Jewellery companies only. Some of the auto manufacturers filled the niche quite strongly currently offering phones from Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren Mercedes in collaboration with Alcatel, LG and Sharp.

We would really like to see such companies as Bvlgari, Tiffany, Valentino, Gucci, Luis Vuitton join the game – this is really a serious untapped multi billion market. In fact we yet to see BlackBerry or iPhone join the game. Yes, there are many accessories such as cases, pockets in purses or chain links offered by almost every major designer label, but entire phones is something completely different.

Dior Nokia Phone

Are selling now on Dior website. First released in 2008. There are mother of pearl, gold sapphire, sapphire crystal and diamond designs offered. Diamond sells for $29,000 in case you wonder. Made in collaboration with ModeLabs, phone has a touch screen display and camera. Blogger reviews give the overall functionality low reviews, but design is definitely fronts the market right now.

D&G phone

Dolce&Gabbana Phone

What can make Motorola Motorazr still interesting? Initially released in 2006 in collaboration with Dolce Gabbana MOTORAZR V3i DG by Motorola phone is equipped with 1.2 Megapixel camera, MP3/Video Player, Bluetooth technology, and a solid battery life lasting 6.5 hours of talk time.

Armani phone

Armani Smart Phone

Armani collaborated with Samsung and in 2007 released design for SGH-P520 model. Minimalistic style seems to only include Armani logo with everything else coming from standard Samsung smart phone. Phone has been since discontinued. It included 2.6 in display, 3.15 Megapixel camera and battery allowing 6 hr talk time.

prada phone

Prada Phone

Released in 2007 LG’s Prada Phone KE850 has 2-Megapixel camera, also capable of recording videos, 8 MB of storage space, built-in MP3 and video player. Just like Prada sunglasses this phone comes with a Prada cell phone carrying case and cleaning cloth.

Levis Phone


Jeans manufacturer LEVIS was not going to just watch premium brands play the game. Released in 2008 phone has a radio, an MP3/Video Player, 2 GBs of storage space and 2 Megapixel camera. Phone is offered in two colors “Silver Shiny” and “Gold Shiny” and a flip-open cosmetic mirror.

Giambattista Valli Phone

Giambattista Valli Phone

Giambattista Valli is a niche designer for Vatican, formerly with Fendi and Ungaro. His collaboration with Nokia produced 7373 model equipped with 2 Megapixel camera, an MP3/Video Player, a Radio, and Bluetooth Technology, built-in “Rhodium” ring tone.

Versace Versus phone

Versace Phone

Versace Samsung E500 was released under the youth label Versus in 2006. This flip phone is available in three colors and contained all specifications of typical Samsung’s basic SGH-E500: 1.3 megapixel camera, a music player, and support for Bluetooth wireless connections.

tag heuer phone

Upcoming Tag Heuer Phone

Tag Heuer is taking orders for over 12 designs of their signature phone. Design is inspired by their watch collection integrating several functions, such as reversible clock, 1/100 of a second chronograph and incoming call identification. Dual display is especially convenient as one shows time while the other addresses phone functions. 2 megapixel camera, long battery life and integrated Blootooth technology are the highlights of long list of specifications. Many design variations are offered with most luxurious being Full Diamond overall weight 7.42 carat with rubies on place of red and green button. Prices start at Euro 4250 for steel models.

March 21, 2011

Ophthalmic Frames Trends 2011

Spring of 2011 is a true season of interesting innovations in prescription glasses trends. We made observations from a number of premium brand collections and have spotted similarities that hope you will follow.


Clear Frames

Clear frames have definitely kicked in. If you prefer plastic glasses over metal but always looked for something lighter on your face, clear is the way to go. Put these on and you will get a “disappearing” effect, similar to rimless. In the same time these glasses look dressy and unusual. These are a definite compliment sucker.

Prada PS 01BV Tiffany TF2016 Bvlgari BV4034B


Colorful Oversized Shapes

Oversized round and square shapes were on the market since last two years. As people just started to get used to them and only real fashionistas put them on, this year added even more fun to these retro rounders – color. Of course, black is still a hit, but if you are looking for something more suitable for your light hair or tanned skin, 2011 gives you more options:

Dior 3198 Gucci 1635 Dior 3198


Cat Eye

This intricate eyeglasses shape was slowly getting introduced back to the market through few sunglasses models in 2010. But not many expected that 2011 will became a real boom of cat eye shapes. Almost every premium designer has their version of cat eye glasses. While glasses may look a bit wild on the shelf, you should definitely try them on to see the result. The uplifted side corners open up eyes quite nicely on many face types and look especially good on round and square face shapes. Due to popularity of this shape this year, we added it to the menu for you to quickly find cat eye prescription glasses and cat eye sunglasses frames on our website.

Dior 3197 Dior 3203 Prada PR 23MV


Decorated Geeky Frames

By now people got used to black heavy geeky frames that no longer see a barrier in any of age or status categories. Some companies experimented with adding elements of decor to the temple and front of the frame to make those more appealing and girly.

Tiffany TF2035 Bvlgari BV4024 Gucci 3133


Navette Shapes

Navette is a real novelty of this year with few companies introducing their first versions. We expect much more next year, so if you are a first mover getting navette shaped eyewear will guarantee you first place on “Most Trendy” list. Disregarding whether you are into fashion or not, this shape will look great if you have a small face. Also looks great on Asians.

Gucci 3134 Prada 17MV Tiffany TF2033


Two Tone

Plastic frames remain all time favourites for many people. Fashion brands agreed to experiment with the color also offering two tone lamination options. Result is actually quite nice especially when light color is on the inner side illuminating the face from the inside.

Boss 0186 Prada PS 11AV Tiffany 2016

Another interesting looking option with two tones gradually flowing vertically or horizontally.

Gucci 3094 Gucci 3152 Dior 3204


We welcome you to visit our site to find more options for each trend. Search glasses by shape, by color, material type in the menu. Also, if you are after 2011 year collections simply type “2011” in search field and then sort by brand or category.

February 16, 2011

The History of New Look From Dior

Christian Dior had an incredible intuition that led him to ultimate success. His first couture house opened in 1946, after the WWII. He was able to capitalize on a depressed mood of post war France and give women a new image. His friend back in childhood once said “The magic name consists of words God and Gold”.

The Parisian elite was simply stunned when the 90 models started to defile the runway decorated with pale gray and white stucco in the style of Louis XVI. Rumours of this collection  swell quickly throughout France. Christian Dior at the time was an ordinary tailor in a model  house Lucien Lelong.

Sculpted shoulders,  thin waist, rounded hips, developing long skirts, a veil that hides your eyes, gloves and a light step – conveyed the image of the femininity, which was lacking during the war. Almighty editor in chief of Harper’s Bazar Caramel Snow enthusiastically declared: “Dear Christian, this is totally new look!” That was enough to ensure that expression was used throughout the world.

Although Christian Dior died soon of a heart attack at age of 52, he died as famous as Ghandi. He was an admired “boss”, generous and happy. He led a quiet life trying to keep his private life away from the public. He had many friends and had tight relationships with many of them. “Women will help you succeed” one friend once said. Christian Dior learnt to listen to what people say and analyze. He tried to be ahead of the others.

Christian Dior, born in 1905 in Normandy, was a son of a rich chemical fertilizer factory owner. His mother, a woman of very strict traditional  background, didn’t get along with her son very well. When she ordered to grow a garden around their family mansion, Christian volunteered to help or order to find a common interest with her. Gardening turned into a lifelong love of flowers. He used flowers in his designs and lily, his favourite, to pluck the buttonhole instead of an ordinary button.

Since that time he became interested in the style of Louis XVI, light and bright, which made decorations in a private hotel on the Dior Montaigne Avenue. Because of his disapproving mother who wanted him to be an architect or a diplomat, Dior lived in the shadow of his creative friends, even after opening his own art gallery sponsored by his father. A  present came with one condition – the designer was not allowed to hang out the name of Dior on the facade, because Christian’s mother was ashamed of his son.

After 1929, when his family lost their wealth, a hard time began for Christian Dior – a life in the house without electricity, running water and a leaking roof. Freed, to some extent from the power of the  controlling personality of his mother, he finally decided to take up design.

So he lived, working hard until age of 40 when Marcel Boussac knocked as his door offering a position in his company. Dior’s talents shined to their fullest and his genius design skills got combined with his business ego. Today, sixty years later, Christian Dior is a leading fashion house, now part of Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Cocteau was right, Dior name is worth a name of Gold.

Today John Galliano is a lead designer of Haute D’Dior. He has been working in this position for 20 years. Energetic Galliano, just like Christian Dior, came out by surprise and has proven to be worthy of continuing Dior tradition. Both Dior Sunglasses and John Galliano Sunglasses are available in our store along with prescription Dior Eyeglasses frames. Some of the most beautiful are for preview below.


Our Price: CAD $210

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Our Price: CAD $210

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Our Price: CAD $210

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Our Price: CAD $215

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Our Price: CAD $230

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Model# DIOR MINI 2

Our Price: CAD $230

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Our Price: CAD $205

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Our Price: CAD $300

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Our Price: CAD $205

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Model# DIOR 61/1

Our Price: CAD $210

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Model# DIOR 61/2

Our Price: CAD $215

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Our Price: CAD $390

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Our Price: CAD $255

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Our Price: CAD $250

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Our Price: CAD $200

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Our Price: CAD $265

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Model# Dior COCOTTE

Our Price: CAD $190

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Model# Dior CLASSIC 3

Our Price: CAD $200

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Model# Dior CLASSIC 1

Our Price: CAD $200

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Our Price: CAD $240

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December 15, 2010

Festive Eyeglasses

This year our beloved brand names are especially creative with designs that are suitable for parties. Generally we see the clear trend in frames, even those for every day, work wear that they are much more decorated than before. You see more rhinestones, color and material combination on one frame. Companies are getting very creative and over the past year we saw new materials present in a frame that appeared impractical for the first glace but ended up to be good sellers. I am talking about such materials as pure wood, leather or even cotton jeans.

So while you are thinking what prescription frames you can buy that will go well with your festive ensemble, here are few suggestions:

Gucci 3002

This plastic prescription Gucci frame has combination material temple made quite interestingly. While still having a Gucci signature logo pattern it also has two rows of rhinestones that make it very dressy. This frame comes in a variety of colors (black, red and two types of brown) and should satisfy any taste.

Bvlgari BV2075B

Bvlgari, a famous jewellery maker, has created this metal prescription frame to serve you as a jewellery item while still carry the function of eyeglasses.  Big crystals stand out beautifully creating especially posh and high end feel. Combination of plastic and metal on the temple visually weight out the heavy crystal adding elegance to this frame.

Tiffany TF2011B

This elaborate Tiffany prescription frame does truly look like a jewellery item. Large rhinestone sun shaped buckle on the temple is a signature item in the 2010 collection. Frame comes in beautiful pink and brown in addition to black. When wearing this frame you no longer need to worry about earrings – frame will work for two.

Prada PR 13MV

While having a reputation in more of a sporty style eyewe

ar, Prada created this frame to give you an option of dressed up eyewear. Plastic frame comes in a beautiful red, purple, brown, tortoise and black. Row of rhinestones on a unobtrusive metal  belt makes this frame very elegant and dressy – will be perfect if you want to look festive but without making a loud statement.

Roberto Cavalli RC0475

Cavalli is a leader festive eyewear maker. Every frame has design of incredible beauty. When some people are referring to term “designer eyewear”, they probably thinking of Roberto Cavalli glasses. We picked this frame for this article because it is an example of a rimless frame that is very decorated and dressed up. Metal flowers with rhinestone middle will add that festivity you are looking for while providing for a light frame to open the face. This is a true classic to enjoy.

Please browse Eyeinform – your ultimate eyewear online store, for more styles to pick your perfect pair of glasses for the holiday season.

December 13, 2010

Glasses That Make the Best Present

With holiday times coming up in a few weeks the gift buying season is reaching its peak. Over the economy downturn gift buying patterns among general population have shifted towards practical. Glasses or sunglasses are now perceived as a good Christmas gift like never before.

So how do you buy glasses that will make a perfect gift for your loved one? Here are some tips:

Get something functional

Ask yourself “What does my beloved one like to do? Does the person enjoy any sport? Does it like going out? Does it drive a lot? “. The answer may lead you to an idea. If the person enjoys skiing, this Gucci Ski Goggle will make an excellent gift. It will fit practically any face shape and size and comes in two colors – black and white. Getting this Gucci authentic ski glasses will make long-lasting impression. Hey, you can’t even get a pair of socks from Gucci for this price. You spend only $150 and get a gift that worth all $300.

If you are planning to go away to Caribbean for the Holiday Season or soon afterwards a pair of good sunglasses will be “just in time” kind of gift. Choose among trendy brands and create a high end label surprise.

Get something fashionable

If your beloved one loves clubbing, check EyeInform’s list of suggestions for clubbing glasses. Clubbing glasses is a current trend; they make a great fashion statement while being quite functional. They have 100% UV protection and can be worn during the night driving or just dark days – and this winter promises many of those. Clubbing shades will satisfy any fashionista whether it’s a girl or a guy.

Get something brand name

Agree, a pair of glasses or sunglasses is a far better gift than a pair of shoes, sweater or a shirt. Not even mentioning that the latter will cost you at least as much if not more than a pair of brand name glasses. This is just how this industry works. You might have noticed that exclusive brands such as Bvgari, Gucci, Dior and such sell simple clothing items for the price of a full blown pair of sunglasses. And remember, EyeInform only carries authentic products. Each pair of glasses comes in original case, cleaning cloth and authenticity certificate inclusive.

Get something jewelery

If you are considering buying jewellery for a gift, look no further. Fancy looking glasses from most renown jewellery makers Tiffany and Bvgari will make your lady cry tears of joy as she puts them on the first time. Both companies sustain its class in eyewear products by using silver, rhinestones and even diamonds as a part of decoration. Their design style is also very well sustained with signature logos and trademark engravings used in each frame.