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January 23, 2013

John Galliano News. Disgraced Couturier Is Given a New Chance to Work After a Scandal

oscar de la renta

Oscar De la Renta

Huge amount of bad press has been said about John Galliano after he was famously fired in one day after making anti-Semitic remarks. After heading Dior fashion label for over a decade and creating a new brand John Galliano, designer was let go officially and non-reversibly from the LVMH. Galliano was further disgraced in court for not apologizing for his terrible remarks against both Jewish and Asian people. Galliano was in consequence found guilty .

And fashion world went on as usual. Scandal appeared and slowed down. Dior hired a new couturier. John Galliano glasses collection was indefinitely put on hold. But the talent is not forgotten. Geniuses deserve a second chance. And apparently, John Galliano is about to get his.

It has been reported that today, Oscar de la Renta offered John Galliano to work in his creative studio. Galliano apparently spent past two years in rehab on and off treating his alcohol and anger management disorders. De la Renta said “John and I have known each other for many years and I am a great admirer of his talent. He has worked long and hard on his recovery and I am happy to give him the opportunity to reimmerse himself in the world of fashion and reacclimate in an environment where he has been so creative.” The working project is rumored to be invented by Anna Wintour, a Voque magazine Editor in Chief.

John Galliano is now moving to New York to create again, and hopefully in a company of many Jewish customers (ex. Sarah Jessica Parker, Chelsea Clinton etc) of De la Renta will receive forgiveness and inspiration.

August 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong to Lose all Titles. Is it Fair?

Today USADA (US Anti Doping Agency) has won a fight against Lance Armstrong, worlds most famous cyclist, to strip him of all titles and ban him for life from ever competing again. These news are rather shocking, given that ban span over a decade back, making Lance worlds most penalized athlete.

Up until today most of people know Lance Armstrong as the only athlete to ever win 7 Tour de France competitions. America’s best also scored a bronze and silver Olympic medals. He is also known for his charity Livestrong, largest private contributor to testicular cancer research. Since the foundation was formed in 1997 it raised over $500 million. Oakley Livestrong collection of sunglasses was among the main tools of that.

Today we learn more about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal that apparently was in investigations for years, somehow staying under the press radar, mainly due other great deeds of this great athlete and a public figure. It all came to an end after numerous appeals have been lost. Today Lance has dropped a fight citing according to Yahoo News:

“There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, ‘Enough is enough.’ For me, that time is now,” Armstrong said. He called the USADA investigation an ”unconstitutional witch hunt.”

But USADA found its reasons. Organization that was formed in 2000 to uncover “cheaters” of sport, was on Lance’s tail since the beginning. It all started in 1999 when after winning Tour de Frace Lance’s urine contained a very small, acceptable amount of anti-inflammatory drug. USADA put Lance on a hot list of potential offenders. Next serious allegation came in 2004 when he was denied $5 million bonus by a sponsor for winning Tour de France that year because of media speculations that he “might have” used banned substance. There was no proof, but clearly $5 million was worth a fight for a sponsor. Rumors took over with some testimonies from former teammate and his ex wife that he allegedly confessed to cancer treatment doctors that he used steroids in the past. The fact that these were just rumors from people having obvious motive to undermine his reputation, was not taken into account.



Last Tour de France performance was in 2009 when he came third. All of this after fighting a deadly cancer.

Can a man of the Lance Armstrong profile be really taking banned drugs for years, continuously passing all kind of doping tests? How can one year where he clearly passed the test be put as a proof for all next years when tests came out clean? And what power does USADA over Tour de France, a private competition run over Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO). By the way ASO has yet to come out with a statement regarding this.

Lance is trying to finish this with class saying ”I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999,” he said. ”The toll this has taken on my family and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where I am today – finished with this nonsense.”

”Today I turn the page. I will no longer address this issue, regardless of the circumstances,” he said. ”I will commit myself to the work I began before ever winning a single Tour de France title: serving people and families affected by cancer, especially those in underserved communities.”

We surely hope that this will not affect the reputation of Livestrong collection of Oakley sunglasses. Maybe Livestrong Oakleys will soon become a collectible?

June 6, 2012

Gucci Won Trademark Lawsuit Against Guess. Is the Battle Over?

After 3 years of evidence collection and trials Gucci finally won a trademark lawsuit against Guess. We have already written about the case and presented our evidence comparing Gucci and Guess products back to back. The viewer was to analyze and make conclusions, but case definitely had grounds. Famous GG logo has been used in a very similar fashion by Guess, disregarding the fact that GG stands for Guccio Gucci and has been around for 100 years, while Guess only has one “G” in their brand name. Very minor interpretation of the logo was used by Guess in purses, shoes and glasses imitating the famous pattern style, brown/beige color combination and even font style. Gucci has used single G in bold style, and in the past few years spelled entire word Gucci in Italic font. Guess followed both examples in their products.

Among another violations were examples of Guess using red and green stripe, shapes and designs of various products and “coincidental” timing with which these were coming out – always after Gucci releases to the stores.

New Guess endeavor

While Gucci has won, they were only awarded $4.6 million dollars in damages instead of $200 that they were seeking. This perhaps has something to do with the fact that the lawsuit took stands in the United States, native to Guess. Even to be fair, trademark infringement was hard to deny, how $4.6 million figure came about is unclear.

The judge Shira Scheindlin in her final statement wrote: “Over the past three years, the parties have put in countless hours and spent untold sums of money, all in the service of fashion–what Oscar Wilde aptly called ‘a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.’ It is my hope that this ugliness will be limited to the runway and shopping floor, rather than spilling over into the courts.”

In the meanwhile this Spring one can find a new Guess collection, that to me looks way too much similar to iconic Chanel – little rectangular quilted pursues with the chain handle. Is this a beginning of a new fashion wave or targeted marketing endeavor by Guess marketing department?

March 30, 2012

Gucci Guess Trademark Lawsuit. Product Comparison

A lawsuit for trademark infringement between Gucci and Guess was suppose to be a private mitigation at first. But now, after the first hearing on March 26, the lawsuit seems to have turned into a real public war between the two brands. Only lazy publication didn’t write about it in fashion section over the past 3 days.

A month ago Gucci has filed a claim against Guess for infringing their interlocking GG logo by using it consistently in shoes and accessory products. A plaintiff Gucci is looking for immediate cease of logo use and $215 million in damages. Of course for Guess, taking all the products off the shelf that currently are in circulation with logo in question, would turn the overall damage into a billion, should they lose the case.

The history behind interlocking GG logo is out of questions, since Guccio Gucci used it since 1921 when he founded his famous namesake company. Guess, an American company, was founded 60 years later in 1981, and according to the lawsuit claim, started to heavily imitate Gucci logo and it’s use 7 years ago.

Many Guess customers have clearly enjoyed the imitation and perhaps, even bought much cheaper Guess products due to their resemblance of luxury brand Gucci. Initially Guess just adopted their own version of interlocking GG, but later turned over to imitating color combinations, ideas, shapes and details of design.

On March 26 Guess spoke out the first line of defense claiming that Gucci, over the 7 years has never issued a warning and that their products are not meant to resemble Gucci. We will very closely watch the case. Right now we can’t really predict, the outcome is really 50/50 because both companies have a point. However, the fact that the case is happening out of the New York courthouse is partially against Gucci because Guess is one of the most respected American companies. And the rule of thumb so far has been “Don’t sue American company in America”.

While Guess is in defense, let’s use our own judgment. Here is our attempt to set things straight and offer real product to product Guess to Gucci comparison.

What do you think, did Guess violate Gucci rights on the use of trademark?



September 26, 2011

A Real Reason Behind D&G Brand Shutdown

Breaking news about D&G line shutdown has certainly left many fashion critics wondering about a real reason behind sanity of this business decision. D&G, a youth line has been announced to live it’s last season during the Spring/Summer 2012 collection demonstration after which D&G will be history. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana explained the decision saying that the line was always meant to be a sibling to the main brand Dolce & Gabbana. Over the past few years D&G however outshined the father brand thus turning the consumer away from the main line.  Hm… so you guys are cutting the most profitable line in your company? Does it even make sense?

It is normal that during recession discounted luxury brands did better than luxury or mid-market. Companies such as Coach even capitalized on the idea by opening factory stores that are selling more than their flagship stores. Roberto Cavalli put more efforts on developing Just Cavalli line opening first JC flagship stores in Italy and the US. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

It is not a secret that both D&G founders are not friends with finances and the tax man. In 2009 Domenico and Stefano were charged for tax evasion for having moved the head office from Italy to Luxembourg thus hiding over $200 in taxes. But no one would think that guys would make such a daring move to kill one of the most successful brands in fashion history.

I think, a real reason is counterfeit. It is clear that D&G brand was either not trademarked on time nor is just too simple to double trademark. Some Donna and Garry can came out and argue that they also deserve D&G name to be used for trades. Acronyms in US are not even allowed to be trademarked.

Over the years of travelling across the word I have never seen more of any other brand name than D&G. One time I visited excursion to Turkey’s famous Salt Pools and on the way was brought to the cotton factory. In the factory shop along with famous Turkish towels and linens there was a huge section of pants and shirts with D&G label on it. Now, that was 10 years ago. Just this year I went to Paris and saw a huge D&G store on one of the central touristic streets. Happily, I went in there and was instantly disappointed. Not only I saw over 500 items on display, which is impossible as each D&G collection is not more than 40 items, but also all items were made in China. It is widely known that D&G is one of the few lines that is still made in Italy under rigorous control of both founders.  Ok, no one is even surprised by Turkey, but Paris! This is over the board. To conclude, in Toronto, in Yorkville (one block away of Bay & Bloor) which is the most touristic area of the city there is a store called Gabbana. It used to face another store called Dolce. I asked the store personnel a few years ago whether there is any affiliation with the famous brand and was told, that Dolce & Gabbana are simply two stores carrying same name.

Anti-counterfeit policy is the only solid reason that comes to my mind that logically explains why D&G brand has been shut down. One can’t blame Gominico and Stafano for not willing to share their success with thousands of other counterfeit shops. Dolce & Gabbana company is still privately owned. Unlike LVMH or much larger Armani Corporation Dolce & Gabbana has simply no resources to protect their Intellectual Property.

We can only hope that genius designers will quickly come up with a better lower luxury brand name and do all proper steps to protect the identity without leaving out the dedicated fans from the pleasure of buying their fashion creations for a rather reasonable price. For now D&G glasses and D&G sunglasses are becoming collectibles and are definitely worth checking out. At Eyeinform, you can be assured, glasses are authentic.

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September 9, 2011

John Galliano is Guilty

Yesterday Paris court has issued a guilty verdict on John Galliano. The punishment, as expected is rather symbolic – 6000 euro. John Galliano now is officially convicted by court in a hate crime and will bear a criminal record for the rest of his life.

The loudest fashion scandal of 2011 is now over. It began in late February of this year, when John Galliano has been arrested for anti-Semitic accusations spoken while drunk in Paris bar in the midst of Paris Fashion Week. The arrest would not have been so unusual if not Galliano had been fired by the House of Dior, subsidiary of LVMH the following night. The act followed by the video leak where John is taped in a drunk state yet in another bar where he clearly favours Hitler. Galliano’s black stripe of events continued with him being removed as a lead designer from “John Galliano” fashion brand, also owned by LVMH as part of Dior suite. The one day trial took place on June 22 where the details of the event were discussed including detailed analysis of Galliano’s childhood, early years as designer, his private life and his recent career.

John Galliano scandal is one of the loudest in the fashion history and the most covered by press in the history of modern media. The amateur video that became a grand evidence of true Galliano’s beliefs has been watched over 1 million times. There is no fashion magazine or blog that didn’t cover the event as it progressed over the course of past 7 months.

While there are few popular fashion figures such as top model Kate Moss and Voque Editor Anna Wintour, who came to defence and support the disreputable designer, the shade of shame will be hanging over his name for a while. By most part this is because he has yet to admit his wrongdoing, to apologize or to demonstrate sorrow for the things he said on public about Asians and Jews. One would think that logical way to rebuild reputation is to spend time with related charities, accept interview invites or do at least something. Until any of this happens, John Galliano page in now part of history in fashion world.

June 23, 2011

John Galliano Trial Report

John Galliano trial was held yesterday, June 22 in Paris. Following the incident in the Paris café on February 28, 2011 after which flamboyant designer has been arrested he was accused for anti-Semitism and racism. John was also fired by house of Dior the next day after the arrest. To date, John Galliano scandal is the loudest in the history of fashion.

First reports regarding the pace of the trial has appeared in press.

John appeared in court with the team of his lawyers and an interpreter. It was reported that he was dressed in rather reserved outfit if compared to his usual wear, however one could still say this was a man of fashion and art by his tie over the bare skin and long hair.

All witnesses spoke out in details describing Galliano behaviour and singling out offensive words he said under the influence of alcohol. What exactly he said, please read and watch here.

Galliano was given time to speak out his testimony. To our biggest surprise, all his testimony was directed towards turning jury into pity. He talked about his story with alcohol that began in 2007 and turned into addiction after tragic death of his best friend Steven Robinson. He testified that he is battling a “triple addition” to alcohol, Valium and sleeping pills. After a decade of his Dior tenure Galliano faced an immense pressure from corporation to not only produce several collections a year for both Dior and John Galliano label, but also promote it actively in the wake of financial crisis. In fact the pressure was so high that following his father death in 2005 he had to go back to work straight from the crematorium. His scandalistic behaviour in public places was not rare and knowing that he is famous, basically iconic figure, he was often provoked to say things he didn’t really mean. It is an undeniable fact that his love of Hitler came out in such public encounters with strangers several times. There are testimonies from direct plaintiffs and there is a video confirming the fact.

His lawyer Aurélien Hamelle argued that the video should be left out as evidence as Galliano spoke quietly and it should not be considered “public” speech.

The biggest surprise in all this trial is the lawyer team took defensive approach. Galliano has never apologized and now when lawyers are arguing against the video it is clear that apology will not come during the trial. If only Galliano would do what other celebrities did in similar cases, the whole trial would not be as public. If convicted all he will be facing is maximum $30,000 fine and six months in prison. Prison term is unlikely.

In a course of this defensive approach Galliano lost his job at Dior, was cut from the creative team of his own John Galliano label, faced the most negative press coverage by all national publications and even fashion press. All of this could have been minimized by a simple, public apology. Is it a matter of principle or a matter of a few thousand dollar fine? Is it worth a career?

The verdict is to be decided by September 8, 2011.




April 5, 2011

John Galliano is Yet to Apologize and Other Loud Scandals

It has been over a month since John Galliano anti-Semitism and anti-Asian scandal broke out. Perhaps this was the loudest scandal in the fashion world in the last 25 years and given the breadth of news coverage this story tops as the loudest ever. Since February 25th when first news came out many things happened for John. He was fired by Dior practically on the spot after his arrest for the drunk-and-offend behavior. His collection presentation at Paris Fashion Week was cancelled. New evidence in form of video (posted here) from another similar incident was uncovered and again blew out the press. John Galliano has checked into a rehab to get treatment for alcoholism and anger management. But what everyone was waiting for has not happened yet – an apology! John has very vaguely admitted his alcohol issues through the lawyer. Just before the video was made public, he denied that incident has even taken place. He never gave an official interview explaining himself or issuing an official statement of apology. Is now too late?

While wondering how far this can go we dug several similar incidents where our beloved celebrities have saved their shaky reputation by apologizing on time.

Mel Gibson

On July 28, 2006 Mel Gibson was arrested for speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol. During the arrest he has made anti-Semitic remarks that included a file language and blaming Jews for “all the wars in the world”. Gibson was released on bail the following morning at 9 am and very same day, on July 29, 2006 issued a sincere lengthy apology admitting his wrongdoings, unacceptable behaviour and acknowledging that what he said was wrong. He said “… I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything I said and I apologize to anyone who I have offended …”. A few days later, on August 1, 2006 Gibson apologized again specifically for anti-Semitic remarks and offered to meet with leaders of the Jewish community to affect healing.

Since the unrest Mel Gibson has given many interviews discussing his health and anger issues. While his life was never the same and his career was recovering very slowly, people today seem to have forgiven him and no longer bring the anti-Semitic issue to the table when discussing his other, very turbulent personal or career affairs. His new movie The Beaver with Jodie Foster is scheduled to be released to theatres on May 20, 2011.

Prince Harry

On January 13, 2005 The Sun, a popular British Newspaper has published a photo of Prince Harry wearing swastika to his friends’ costume party. This was a beginning of the loudest anti-Semitic scandal of the modern Royal Family. Just two days later, Price Harry issued an official apology “I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologise.” Despite, there have been threats to deny the Price enrolment to the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as well as world-wide criticism of Harry’s behaviour and even overall association of the Royal Family to Nazis. New historical facts were publicized including Duke of Windsor visit to Germany as personal guest of Hitler in 1937. The Queen herself had to step in and apologize on the Families behalf. Harry was still accepted to Sandhurst and successfully graduated since. However, just in 2009 a new scandal broke out when a voice recording from 2006 military training was unveiled. On the recording Price Harry issues very offensive anti-Arab statements in the address of his Pakistani Army colleague. Apology was issued immediately. Today Price Harry is very active charity campaigner splitting the time between army duties and humanitarian activities. After the announcement that he is set to be a best men at his brother’s wedding, Harry’s reputation is on the steep recovery.

Miley Cyrus

In February of 2009, a group picture of Miley Cyrus and friends posing slanting their eyes went viral. Despite that she was not the only one doing the grimace and even there actually was one Asian in the centre of the group, Miley Cyrus undergone a massive media criticism for the photo. Organization of Chinese Americans found the photo officially offensive and one lady sued Miley for $4 billion dollars. Just two days after the photo was released Miley apologized in her own teen way “I’ve also been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces! Well, I’m sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context! In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity!” Her life went on since and reputation recovered through her active charity campaigning for cancer, a new music album “Can’t Be Tamed” and movie appearance.

A Few More
There have been more racial scandals in the past 25 years, among them Michal Richards making most obnoxious racial statements to date, made in his November 17, 2006 live comedy performance. Apology issued at David Letterman show. Sharon Stone has been involved in anti-Asian scandal when she, despite her presumably Mensa-level IQ score, offended Chinese people days after worst earthquake of decade, in 2008. She offered her explanation to the reason of the earthquake by saying that it is bad Karma because “they” (Chinese) are not nice to her friend Dalai Lama (Tibetan). She has not apologized and her Dior ads were torn down from Chinese malls immediately and movies banned from Chinese cinemas.

Given these few stories we wonder when John Galliano will step out and issue his sincere and official apologies. Now it’s been almost 2 months and even though his collection of Galliano prescription glasses released in Spring of 2011, perhaps by legacy agreements, his other creative business halted.

March 10, 2011

LVMH Buys Bvlgari – Acquisition of the Decade

Business as usual for LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton), one of world’s largest fashion manufacturing corporation. It has been announced on March 7 that LVMH is to acquire Bulgari Corporation for a disclosed $5.2 billion (€3.7 billion). This is the largest LVMH purchase to date.

As mentioned in the earlier article Bulgari family is still very involved in managing the company. Currently a grandson of the founder Sotirio is a Chairman. Before the acquisition family owned the controlling 51% of the brand.  After the takeover Paolo and Nicola Bulgari chairman and vice chairman of the company, will get two seats on the board of LVMH as part of the deal.

The most recent deal for LVMH has been purchase of Hermes in October 2010. According to analysts Bvlgari deal is 82% costlier than Hermes due to amount offered per share. Total offering is 28.2 times EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). Some analytics have already expressed concern over the numbers calling them risky.

Bvlgari brand (spelled with V to emphasize Greek origin) was founded 125 years ago by Greek immigrant Sotirio Bulgari. Fashion brand is currently operating 230 stores across the world selling luxury jewelery goods and handbags, eyeglasses, watches and perfumes.

Despite all odds this is the most positive news for LVMH that is still recovering from John Galliano scandal. Bvlgari on it’s end is not without scandals either. Most recent being the ban of their ad with naked Julianne Moore posing. The ad was banned in Venice with President of Venice Foundation making remarks saying that ad is inappropriate and is better off in Hollywood. The remark itself sparked outrage and deemed racist since Moore is American. It was understood that if non-American model/actress posed naked that would be Ok for Venice St. Marcus square.

Bvlgari sunglasses and Bvlgari eyeglasses are among most luxurious eyewear items on the market. Emerald collection is a Spring 2011 novelty that is also presented through a series of sunglasses among them are BV6050BBV8079B and BV8081.

March 1, 2011

John Galliano Offensive Video Released to Public

Since last Friday fashion press has been discussing rumors about John Galliano allegedly offending Asian-Jewish couple for which he was fired the next day. We covered the initial news, House of Dior reaction which was essentially Galliano’s suspension from the job, and Galliano’s reaction to everything in prior articles.

As of today more information surfaced up, particularly a video, now available on YouTube where John Galliano says that he loves Hitler and that lady talking to him is ugly. On this video, John appears very drunk and not aggressive and in fact, quite playful.  But what he is saying is very clear. What is surprising is that he speaks English and is dressed apparently differently than on last week’s eventful night. This makes it obvious, that the video is from a different night. Has John been saying such things repeatedly?

It is also unclear whether the beginning and end of this video was cut. It is quite possible that John was responding to something when he said that he loves Hitler.

As we suspected Natalie Portman, Jewish, did not wear Dior gown to Oscar night on Sunday. She issued a statement earlier: “I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today.”

Out of many stars expected to wear Dior, only Nicole Kidman was the one wearing a gown from 2009 collection.

Stay tuned for more news. Again, check John Galliano sunglasses and Dior Glasses and Dior Sunglasses collections to see what controversial talent has put together last year.