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September 30, 2014

Woman Prada Sunglasses for Chickie Ladies

Prada Sunglasses for Woman has been a topic at many fashion magazines this year. Large gems and bright colors, thick plastic frames and dark lenses made them so fun to write about. Sunglasses suppose to be for fashion. Why not! You can just have one of bright yellow sunglasses and forget about rest of wardrobe. You will look stunning guaranteed!


Now let’s look at the best Prada sunglasses models of 2014.


Prada SPR 28Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 28Q Voice

Prada SPR 28Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 27Q Voice

Prada SPR 26Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 26Q Voice

Prada SPR 22Q suntlasses

Prada SPR 22Q Voice

Prada SPR 21Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 21Q Voice

Prada SPR 16Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 16Q Cinema

Prada SPR 09Q Sunglasses

Prada SPR 09Q Cinema

Prada SPR 08Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 08Q Portrait

Prada SPR 07Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 07Q Poeme

Prada SPR 06Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 06Q Journal

Prada SPR 04Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 04Q journal

Prada SPR 03Q sunglasses

Prada SPR 03Q Handbag

July 3, 2013

How to Pick Best Sunglasses for Golf

With golf season under way, more people are looking for a good pair of sunglasses specifically for golfing. There is practically nothing made specifically for golf, at least not from designers. Golf is a lifestyle sport, so designers feel is that they have made enough beautiful sunglasses that will work for game of golf. And I fully agree with them. However, you can get a bit practical when looking for a good pair of sunglasses to be used while playing golf. Here are a few tips:

1. Consider polarized lenses.

I am being careful saying “consider” because not everyone likes polarized lenses. Some people find them too dark and some simply annoying because they cut more from the view than just glare. But with few exceptions, I think polarized lenses is a good feature in your golfing sunglasses. Some people report that their eyes feel less strained in polarized sunglasses. Also, when you are on the sun for 4-5 hours, very dark sunglasses will only help. These would be a good choice:

Polarized Versace 4240 Polarized Bvlgari BV5028 Polarized Prada 55O

2. Comfort is everything.

Sunglasses that are worn for hours at a time must be comfortable. Last thing you want is to develop a headache because they are too tight or heavy. And it does not really matter if they are made out of plastic (acetate is used for high end sunglasses) or metal. These days some plastic sunglasses are far heavier than metal. Designers learnt to use light weight metals such as aluminium, titanium or thin steel to overcome the weight barrier in sunglasses. The best way to get sunglasses that fit right is to avoid any extreme shapes, just go for something average like rectangular or oval shape instead of oversized round, square of butterfly. Buy something like this:

Dior Homme 0165 Gucci 1027S Hugo Boss 0514S

3. Style is also important.

Golf for many is a show off game. It is a high end activity. An average game will cost you $40, plus membership fees that can range in tens of thousands. Golfing equipment is also expensive. So, don’t be cheap on your sunglasses. Other people will not just understand. Don’t get some $20 frames to go with your Lacoste outfit. And Ray-Ban will also not make a cut. Get descent sunglasses from Prada, Dior Homme, Gucci or comparable brand. You don’t need to be extreme with Cartier or Bvlgari. But spending anything around $300 should be enough to get you covered:

Prada SPS 53O Versace VE4198 Tom Ford William TF207
September 29, 2012

Sunglasses in Oxblood Color. Oxblood is a Trendy Color of the Season.

Oxblood is a new emerging color that suddenly gained popularity this 2012 Fall Season. Oxblood color is rich burgundy baurdaux mix. It is dark, almost brown with a bit of red shade. Oxblood is part of warm color palette which means you can mix in a lot of other colors with it without looking aggressive. Perfect for the fall actually.

Oxblood sunglasses would look perfect on the face because they add softness to the face. They don’t look as agreesive as conventional black and not as boring as conventional brown sunglasses. Oxblood is also perfect for blond and light haired people as it is soft looking color. If you are really looking for something new, oxblood sunglasses are what you need.

At EyeInform we have plenty. Check these few models. For more, please visit our oxblood sunglasses collection.

Gucci 3097 sunglasses

Gucci 3097

Roberto Cavalli RC440S sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli RC440S

Dior Symbol 3 sunglasses

Dior Symbol 3

Buy Gucci 3097 here Buy Roberto Cavalli RC440S here Buy Dior Symbol 3 here

Dior Symbol 2 sunglasses

Dior Symbol 2

Prada SPR 07O sunglasses

Prada SPR 07O

Dior Bonvoyage sunglasses

Dior Bonvoyage

Buy Dior Symbol 2 here Buy Prada SPR 07O here Buy Dior Bonvoyage here

Gucci 3132 sunglasses

Gucci 3132

Bvlgari BV8083B sunglasses

Bvlgari BV8083B

Bvlgari BV8091B

Bvlgari BV8091B

Buy Gucci 3132 here Buy Bvlgari BV8083B here Buy Bvlgari BV8091B here

Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses

Oakley Straight Jacket

Dior Ladylady 2

Dior Ladylady 2

Gucci 3108 sunglasses

Gucci 3108

Buy Oakley Straight Jacket here Buy Dior Ladylady 2 here Buy Gucci 3108 here
April 16, 2012

Men Emporio Armani 2012 Sunglasses Collection

Georgio Armani has always been true to his men clientele. Bold, stylish and rich are often descriptors of his style. Armani eyewear is no different. Most of 2012 men sunglasses collection are classic, a bit trendy and well balanced models. Each Armani sunglasses would work with all types of outfits. Whether it is a formal suit, a shirt and jeans or shorts and polo shirt, Emporio Armani sunglasses would match the look. Enjoy the 2012 collection!

Men Emporio Armani 2012 Sunglasses Collection

EA9753 EA9815
Armani EA9761 Armani EA9753 Armani EA9815
EA9817 EA9819 EA9820
Armani EA9817 Armani EA9819 Armani EA9820
Emporio Armani 9804
Armani EA9854 Armani EA9813 Armani EA9804
Emporio Armani 9857 Emporio Armani 9803 Emporio Armani 9855
Armani EA9847 Armani EA9803 Armani EA9855
July 14, 2011

Prada Glasses 2011 – Prescription Classics

Prada is one of the best keepers of original brand traditions. Ever since creation the idea of quality has been the major mover throughout an ever evolving fashion world. Prada does not bend under the temptations to reinvent fashion. Now, under the creative management of Miuccia Prada, company is producing models that are meant to last for decades. While some admire trendiness of progressive designers such as Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and futuristic Donatella Versace, Miuccia moves along her own brand style. And this is particularly admirable in the world of eyewear. When everyone is happy to try crazy designs, sale goes to one that makes face look better and more beautiful. Please check new Prada 2011 Glasses collection!

Something for Men

Prada PR 04NVA glasses Prada PR 12LV glasses Prada PR 17GV glasses
Prada PR 04NVA Prada PR 12LV Prada PR 17GV
Prada PR 52LV glasses Prada PR 52MV glasses Prada PR 55IV glasses
Prada PR 52LV Prada PR 52MV Prada PR 55IV

Something for Ladies

Prada PR 03LVN glasses Prada PR 06LV glasses Prada PR 06MV glasses
Prada PR 03LVN Prada PR 06LV Prada PR 06MV
Prada PR 07LV glasses Prada PR 09MV glasses Prada PR 10MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV glasses Prada PR 21LV glasses Prada PR 54MV glasses
Prada PR 17IV Prada PR 21LV Prada PR 54MV

Prada 2011 Unisex Glasses

Prada PR 01LVN glasses Prada PR 13LV glasses Prada PR 16HV glasses
Prada PR 01LVN Prada PR 13LV Prada PR 16HV
Prada PR 59LV glasses Prada PR 59MV glasses Prada PR 74LV glasses
Prada PR 59LV Prada PR 59MV Prada PR 74LV

Prada 2011 Super Fashion

Prada PR 15MV glasses Prada PR 22LV glasses Prada PR 56LV glasses
Prada PR 15MV Prada PR 22LV Prada PR 56LV
Prada PR 58IV glasses Prada PR 60IV glasses Prada PR 65LV glasses
Prada PR 58IV Prada PR 60IV Prada PR 65LV
Prada PR 66LV glasses Prada PR 68LV glasses Prada PR 71IV glasses
Prada PR 66LV Prada PR 68LV
July 7, 2011

Sunglasses for Big Heads. Tips, Ideas, Styles.

Many men find it challenging to chose a nice pair of sunglasses because they have a big head. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, everyone has their own problem and while it’s true many optical stores don’t offer wide selection of glasses for big heads necessarily it does not mean that people with average sized or small heads have large choices. Finding glasses is not like finding shoes. Nose bridge, cheek bones, ear positioning, face shape – all adds their own layer of complexity to finding right glasses. In this post we would like to offer tips to finding glasses for big heads. And offer some nice styles to chose from.

How big is big?

Ok, first let’s see what would be considered “big head”. If to look through majority of designer sunglasses offered for sale today, size over 142 mm in width would be big. In addition, lens over 64 mm and bridge 18 mm or more would qualify as big.

Frame width 146mm + Lens width 64mm + Bridge width 18mm +

How to know your size?

Take a ruler, ideally plastic that can bend a bit and measure your head from one temple to another. Keep in mind that glasses normally extend a few cm on the side. If you have a pair of sunglasses that fit, it is easier to take measurements from it following the pictures above. If you are lucky you will find some measurements printed on the side of the temple of your glasses. Today, most of the glasses specify lens width, bridge width and temple length. Writing will be something like this: 63 x 17 136. First two numbers are lens and bridge width. The last number is temple length. Temple size is of less concern as it is usually made in proportion and if too large can stick out a bit – it’s normal. Just make sure you don’t assume that 136 is frame width, it’s not. Frame width needs to be calculated: 2 x Lens width + Bridge width. So, in our example: 63 x 2 + 17 = 143 mm.

Glasses styles for big head

Many styles will fit. You are lucky this year because trend is actually toward bigger sunglasses, so choices are huge. Some men like rectangular sunglasses, especially if they have a very round head. Square glasses will balance it out. All time classics aviators will also fit many face shapes and very big heads. They are already made very large by design and will cover the eye from all directions. Just keep in mind that aviator glasses were initially made for sport, so even now when there are many variations of the shape, aviators tend to look more casual than rectangular glasses. I personally really like shield shape on big head men. Shields wrap around the face in front adding some trendiness to the look. There are also shields with combination of aviator drop shape – good option for stylish men. This year you will find nice Dior Homme and Gucci sunglasses inspired by Carrera style – two lenses that blend on the bridge. This is a true military look. Check our suggestions.

Rectangular – Business Style

E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 glasses Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9698 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 102 Dior Homme BLACK TIE 112
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 glasses Prada PR 54IS sunglasses GUCCI 1856 glasses
Armani E_ARMANI 9618 Prada PR 54IS GUCCI 1856

Aviator – Casual Style

GUCCI 1889 glasses BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS glasses
GUCCI 1889 Hugo BOSS 0284 Prada PS 52GS
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 glasses Gucci 1956 sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3026 sunglasses
Dior Homme DIOR 0144 Gucci 1956 Ray-Ban RB3026

Shields – Universal Style for All Occassions

D&G DD8039 sunglasses Armani E_ARMANI 9423 sunglasses Prada PS 07HS sunglasses
D&G DD8039 Armani E_ARMANI 9423 Prada PS 07HS
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268
Prada PS 54HS Prada PS 07FS Ray-Ban RB3268

Racing Inspired Style – Military and Tough

Carrera BACK 80 Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695 glasses
Carrera BACK 80’s Carrera Easyrider Armani E_ARMANI 9695
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934 sunglasses
Prada PR 61LS Dior Homme BLACK TIE 109 GUCCI 1934
May 13, 2011

Purple Sunglasses – Color Your Life

It is estimated that black and brown colors make over 70 % of all glasses purchases. Even people who have many glasses still tend to get dark frames for sunglasses. But the trend is really towards more color this year. Purple is a great option because it is not very intrusive as compared to yellow for example, but in the same time quite settled. Purple glasses look good with many other colors. It looks nice with black, brown, white, gold, silver, bronze, tortoise and shades of self.

Check out our collection of purple glasses:


Just Cavalli JC318S Valentino VAL 5753
Valentino VAL 5622 Roberto Cavalli RC529S
Tom Ford TF0167 Roberto Cavalli RC535S


Just Cavalli JC328S Emporio Armani E_Armani 9637/S
Valentino VAL 5688 Roberto Cavalli RC515S Roberto Cavalli RC518S


Dior 61/2Tiffany TF4025BRoberto Cavalli RC587S

Ovals and Shields

Valentino VAL 5692/S Just Cavalli JC324S
Prada PR 22MS Prada PS 51GS
March 28, 2011

Sunglasses for the Wedding

Photo courtesy of Doug Mcgoldrick Photography

Following our post on eyeglasses for your wedding, we are continuing the topic with sunglasses. Now when sun is coming to its full effect, having a descent pair of sunglasses is a must. If you are planning a big day, you should also be putting “getting sunglasses” on your to do list.

If you live in Chicago, we are very pleased to recommend you a great wedding photographer Doug McGoldrick. Check his portfolio website to see wonderful moments of many weddings he worked on. He also has a very informative blog dedicated to wedding tips and ideas – a must read for all brides and grooms seeking tips on photography, event vendors and even tips on family affairs surrounding your big day.

Doug and I will tell you that location and format of your event will drive many vendor decisions for your wedding. Location will also be a driving factor in choosing the style of your sunglasses. Nowadays more people opt in to do a destination wedding or a theme wedding as alternative to a local lavish format. Destination and theme require less formal attire, thus sunglasses should follow the overall style of the event. Formal format will require a more conservative style and color for your sunglasses.

Sport Glasses

If you plan to hold a ceremony on a yacht wearing swim trunks or somewhere on a hill overlooking the volcano, sport glasses are among first to consider. Not only they are made to stick to your face in active movement or strong wind, they are also very comfortable. Some premium brands have a series of sport sunglasses such as Prada Sport and Oakley. Among their collections you will find models that are still elegant and dressy and could be a great choice for the wedding.

Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 06LS Oakley Enduring Pace

Prescription Sunglasses

We already talked that relying on contact lenses on your wedding day is not a good idea. It may happen so that your eyes are too tired from a sleepless night before or you can experience excessive tearing. If your distance vision is bad, consider getting prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses should be small enough to fit the thick lenses and cannot be curved or shield shaped. Look for a full frame and avoid bear lens on the sides. While keeping this in mind you have a very broad selection among rectangular and oval shapes.

Gucci 3168/S Bvlgari BV8021B Boss 0339S

Glamorous Styles
If your dress is couture why not matching it with sunglasses that are as glamorous. A number of brand names specialize on such styles. Among them is Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Bvlgari. Other brand names such as Gucci, Dior, Tiffany and others have nice selection covering all levels of glamour to fit your taste. Go for oversized round or square to complete your model look.

Roberto Cavalli RC573S John Galliano JG0003 Bvlgari 8081B

Classic Styles
Wedding is a traditional event for many people. If you are trying to minimize attention to yourself and prefer simple elegant style, classic designs will be your best bet. Look for models that have little decoration on the temples and less pronounced logo. Avoid extreme black lenses and extreme shapes. Don’t worry, classic styles make a big part of premium brands collections – Gucci, Dior, Hugo Boss and Tom Ford.

Gucci 3140 Dior Volute 2/S Tom Ford TF0190

Other things to consider:


Polarized sunglasses lenses that cut off horizontal reflection. They are ideal for on-the-water events because water surface reflects sun and may cause excessive squinting. This being said, polarized lenses act as regular sun lenses on regular surfaces. You won’t see any difference wearing them in the park or on the street. In fact, a small distraction could be due to “rainbow” side effect when looking through the side of the glasses. Also, for the wedding, keep in mind that polarized lenses tend to be quite dark.

Frame Weight

When choosing frames for your wedding day beware of their weight. Very heavy frames will cause red markings on your nose and look funny when you take them off for pictures. Metal frames have this side effect more frequently than plastic due to all weight being concentrated on the small nose pads. We will also note, that size of frame matters, but not as much as frame design itself. Some oversized frames are very light and small oval or rectangular shapes can be very heavy. So, look for sunglasses that have thin frame and not too much solid metal decoration on the temples.

Don’t Delay

Finding a right pair can take several weeks. If you are filling prescription into your sunglasses, budget for another month to make sure you have enough time for redoes and lab losses that happen rarely but usually in the most critical moment. Also, if you want to save money and buy sunglasses online, plan for another two weeks for shipping and order filling. All together you should give yourself at least two months to get right glasses for your wedding.

March 9, 2011

Gucci Sunglasses Spring 2011 Collection

Following a very successful 2010 year, Gucci is continuing to do designs that are both suitable for many people and fashionable. In 2011 Gucci took a safe path in choosing colors. Black and their best seller Tortoise, make most of their collection color tone and will suit people of any skin and hair color. Logo design has not changed since last year, and bright gold or gunmetal silver is still a signature on most of the frames.

Here are some 2011 frames that you should have a look at before shopping for any other brand.

Cat EyeCat Eye Gucci 2891 and Gucci 3162. These are the only cat eye frames from Gucci this year. Again, Gucci tries to remain conservative catering to majority, but as a fashionable brand they did follow the 2011 cat eye mania and released their version of it, one metal and one plastic.

Gucci 2891/S Gucci 3162/S

Bold Square Shapes are dominant. We already see that ladies enjoy what was supposed to be men models, among them Gucci 1648, Gucci 1945, Gucci 1641 and Gucci 1943. These models come in a variety of colors and will look amazing on both guys and girls.

Gucci 1648/S Gucci 1945/S
Gucci 1641/S Gucci 1943/S

Feminine Bold Squares. Of course, ladies first… so Gucci, understanding that ladies love big logos and wrapped around fitting, released these models to satisfy beauties that want latest 2011 square trend. Gucci 3170/S, Gucci 3170/N/S, Gucci 3169/S and Gucci 2892/S.

Gucci 3170/S Gucci 3170/N/S
Gucci 3169/S Gucci 2892/S

Bold Aviator. This is not a sweet, classic aviator any more. It is a military inspired, wide, thick aviator that is covering bigger part of your face. Gucci, along with Dior and Prada are setting this trend for 2011. If you want something new, here your go: Gucci 1639, Gucci 1944, Gucci 1566 and Gucci 1889.

Gucci 1639/S Gucci 1944/S
Gucci 1566/S Gucci 1889/S

Updated 2010 models include Gucci 3159, Gucci 3161, Gucci 3163, Gucci 3164. Last year Gucci totally rocked outselling big brand names such as Chanel. This year they are clearly set to win and instead of reinventing the wheel they updated a number of models without any trend following, just keeping their main colors and shapes that sold well.

Gucci 3159/S Gucci 3161/S
Gucci 3163/S Gucci 3164/S

Want to see more, visit our online eyewear store and type in search 2011, then choose Gucci in brand to see new Gucci Sunglasses and Gucci Glasses models.

February 17, 2011

Oakley Steps Up To Help Fight Breast Cancer

In the last 100 years millions of women passed away to breast cancer. Although in the last 10 years statistics has been steadily improving, breast cancer is still tragic problem. Improvement is a result of huge amount of research performed across the world and millions of dollars raised in the United States and Europe.

But statistics are still very brutal . In the United States breast cancer has the highest recorded incidental rate as compared to the rest of the world: 298 out of 100 thousand in the past year. Breast cancer is second most common after skin cancer.

Before writing this article I didn’t know that breast cancer has second largest mortality rate, only proceeded by lung cancer. Two years ago it was a reason for 40,000 deaths in the United States. That made 2% of all deaths among woman. To my surprise there were around 500 men who died of breast cancer in that year out of 2000.

Breast cancer is also one of the earliest forms of cancers recorded in medical history. Perhaps because of its visual factors since it affects external organs. The first mentioning of it was in 1600 BC recorded in Egypt. Mastectomy – a surgical removal of breast was performed since 6th century and was a cause of death in a large percentage of cases. It wasn’t until 1800 when only affected breast tissue and lymph nodes were removed from the breast preserving most of the organ. However breast cancer was not as frequent as today because most of people didn’t live long enough to have it, dying before age of 50.

Presently breast cancer fundraising is very active. As of recently, month of October is deemed a National Breast Cancer Awareness month with many fund raisers taking place across the world. Such activities are carried out to promote mammography, a screening test that allows catching the disease in early, most curable stage. Big percentage of money raised goes towards service and equipment for the mammography with the goal to make it free of charge. Pink ribbon is a national emblem of the breast cancer awareness.

More and more media coverage is available on prevention of breast cancer. It has been proven that alcohol and smoking are among main causes of cancer. Also rapid weight gain and declined breast feeding are among known factors. Some studies uncovered that those women who maintained their normal weight throughout adult life had 50% less risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

Oakley Dangerous

Oakley Dangerous Sunglasses

A number of companies have been particularly active in giving and raising money for breast cancer research. There are thousands of charity dinners, fund raising activities involving profit sharing from sales, dedicated lotteries and online campaigns carried out every year. Over $100 million dollars is raised every year. Oakley, one of the most renowned American brands has launched a signature pink ribbon Oakley Sunglasses, proceeds of sales of which goes toward breast cancer research every year. Over $600,000 was donated in 2009 as a result of this campaign. We are so happy to find this statistics and share them with you. Knowing is power!

This beautiful sunglass is called Oakley DANGEROUS and retails for only $220.