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March 9, 2011

Gucci Sunglasses Spring 2011 Collection

Following a very successful 2010 year, Gucci is continuing to do designs that are both suitable for many people and fashionable. In 2011 Gucci took a safe path in choosing colors. Black and their best seller Tortoise, make most of their collection color tone and will suit people of any skin and hair color. Logo design has not changed since last year, and bright gold or gunmetal silver is still a signature on most of the frames.

Here are some 2011 frames that you should have a look at before shopping for any other brand.

Cat EyeCat Eye Gucci 2891 and Gucci 3162. These are the only cat eye frames from Gucci this year. Again, Gucci tries to remain conservative catering to majority, but as a fashionable brand they did follow the 2011 cat eye mania and released their version of it, one metal and one plastic.

Gucci 2891/S Gucci 3162/S

Bold Square Shapes are dominant. We already see that ladies enjoy what was supposed to be men models, among them Gucci 1648, Gucci 1945, Gucci 1641 and Gucci 1943. These models come in a variety of colors and will look amazing on both guys and girls.

Gucci 1648/S Gucci 1945/S
Gucci 1641/S Gucci 1943/S

Feminine Bold Squares. Of course, ladies first… so Gucci, understanding that ladies love big logos and wrapped around fitting, released these models to satisfy beauties that want latest 2011 square trend. Gucci 3170/S, Gucci 3170/N/S, Gucci 3169/S and Gucci 2892/S.

Gucci 3170/S Gucci 3170/N/S
Gucci 3169/S Gucci 2892/S

Bold Aviator. This is not a sweet, classic aviator any more. It is a military inspired, wide, thick aviator that is covering bigger part of your face. Gucci, along with Dior and Prada are setting this trend for 2011. If you want something new, here your go: Gucci 1639, Gucci 1944, Gucci 1566 and Gucci 1889.

Gucci 1639/S Gucci 1944/S
Gucci 1566/S Gucci 1889/S

Updated 2010 models include Gucci 3159, Gucci 3161, Gucci 3163, Gucci 3164. Last year Gucci totally rocked outselling big brand names such as Chanel. This year they are clearly set to win and instead of reinventing the wheel they updated a number of models without any trend following, just keeping their main colors and shapes that sold well.

Gucci 3159/S Gucci 3161/S
Gucci 3163/S Gucci 3164/S

Want to see more, visit our online eyewear store and type in search 2011, then choose Gucci in brand to see new Gucci Sunglasses and Gucci Glasses models.

December 28, 2010

Tom Ford – Master of Minimalism

Since 2005 when Tom Ford announced his own brand, he launched clothing, perfume, accessory collections. His eyewear collection however made the most buzz.

Unlike many other designers, Tom Ford completed his education in architecture. He is a person with extreme learning

ability – after just few years of working at not so mainstream Ellis Perry, starting in PR, he took on the challenge to reinvent Gucci as a Creative Director – not something you’d expect from an American bred architect.




Tom Ford eyewear is designed very much on principles of architecture – shape is everything. When other brands such as

Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Gucci etc are concentrating on decoration of the temple – side of the eyeglasses, Tom Ford is concentrating on the frame – front of the eyeglasses. One may think that many frames look similar, but after you imagine your face in it, you will realize how much difference a slight deviation of an angle can make.


His unique factor is simplicity, just unambiguous genius simplicity. You will find every simple shape in Tom Ford sunglasses and Tom Ford eyeglasses: square, just like TF5147, rectangular just like TF5149, oval, round and even bow shape just like TF0175. In fact Tom Ford eyeglasses are the only ones that have aviator shape in prescription variant. He is the only one who has a perfect round shape in plastic material just like TF5150. I would however note, his style is not in primitivism, it’s in minimalism. Frames are made with lots of thinking about face curvatures making sure glasses fit and are comfortable. There are many bridge and eye sizes satisfied in both 2009 and 2010 collections.


We only wish he would have more options for ladies and hopefully in 2011 it’s all yet to come.

December 18, 2010

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Trends of 2010

As 2010 is coming to an end we would like to conclude with overview of the new trends that could be observed in eyewear fashion throughout the year.

They continued becoming rounder

It is evident that eyeglasses, especially sunglasses were getting bigger and rounder just like this Dior’s Myladydior.

We can say with confidence that round shape has the largest count in our current sunglass collection.

More experiment

What we used to call “classical” was definitely going away throughout the year. Guccis, Diors, Cavallis and Pradas while trying to relate to their signature shapes were much more experimental this year. This applies to both color and shape particularly in ophthalmic just like this Gucci 2883. We saw much more red, purple and white. Some companies were experimenting with material introducing leather, jeans and coloured decorative stone to the frames or simply combining metal with plastic in one frame.

Shiled rocked

Almost every brand we sell had at least few shield models just like this Bvlgari BV6029B. Without question shield is popular for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Because shield frames are mounted on metal carcass along with adjustable nose pads, it makes frame much more flexible and friendly to many face shapes and bridge sizes. Shield shape also wraps around the face providing for more sun coverage on the sides. These best sellers also look stunning!

Interesting observation our staff had is that currently among newest models (2011) there is no gold frame shield frames. There is really no explanation to this, but it’s the fact – you won’t find a gold shield frame today.

Plastic progressed

Ugly Betty frame types gained popularity in 2009 that reached the peak in the middle of 2010. Retro nerd vintage look spectacles now come in huge variety making at least 15% of each ophthalmic collection. Prime example would be this Prada PR 01NV. Although we note, this is a diminishing trend in 2011 among younger people, but adults are just now starting to catch up.

December 15, 2010

Festive Eyeglasses

This year our beloved brand names are especially creative with designs that are suitable for parties. Generally we see the clear trend in frames, even those for every day, work wear that they are much more decorated than before. You see more rhinestones, color and material combination on one frame. Companies are getting very creative and over the past year we saw new materials present in a frame that appeared impractical for the first glace but ended up to be good sellers. I am talking about such materials as pure wood, leather or even cotton jeans.

So while you are thinking what prescription frames you can buy that will go well with your festive ensemble, here are few suggestions:

Gucci 3002

This plastic prescription Gucci frame has combination material temple made quite interestingly. While still having a Gucci signature logo pattern it also has two rows of rhinestones that make it very dressy. This frame comes in a variety of colors (black, red and two types of brown) and should satisfy any taste.

Bvlgari BV2075B

Bvlgari, a famous jewellery maker, has created this metal prescription frame to serve you as a jewellery item while still carry the function of eyeglasses.  Big crystals stand out beautifully creating especially posh and high end feel. Combination of plastic and metal on the temple visually weight out the heavy crystal adding elegance to this frame.

Tiffany TF2011B

This elaborate Tiffany prescription frame does truly look like a jewellery item. Large rhinestone sun shaped buckle on the temple is a signature item in the 2010 collection. Frame comes in beautiful pink and brown in addition to black. When wearing this frame you no longer need to worry about earrings – frame will work for two.

Prada PR 13MV

While having a reputation in more of a sporty style eyewe

ar, Prada created this frame to give you an option of dressed up eyewear. Plastic frame comes in a beautiful red, purple, brown, tortoise and black. Row of rhinestones on a unobtrusive metal  belt makes this frame very elegant and dressy – will be perfect if you want to look festive but without making a loud statement.

Roberto Cavalli RC0475

Cavalli is a leader festive eyewear maker. Every frame has design of incredible beauty. When some people are referring to term “designer eyewear”, they probably thinking of Roberto Cavalli glasses. We picked this frame for this article because it is an example of a rimless frame that is very decorated and dressed up. Metal flowers with rhinestone middle will add that festivity you are looking for while providing for a light frame to open the face. This is a true classic to enjoy.

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