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November 24, 2013

Dior Creates New Sunglasses Styles for Christmas Season

Dior Sunglasses are always been a great Christmas gift idea. Not only becuase Dior is a big brand name, but also because they are truly beautiful. Dior sunglasses also have good fitting, a bit conservative and a bit fashionable. Fashion is not something Dior cares about to follow. Dior is a huge brand that creates fashion. Yes, they rarely copy or follow other ideas, they stick to their own and eventually others pick up and go with. For example cat eye sunglasses. No one knows if they were the first to bring the cat eye sunglasses back from 50s to modern age, but they were the most consistent brand to keep these sunglasses going for so many years now. Same goes about geeky ophthalmic frames. Dior was the first to recover the style from 60’s  by putting the glasses on Gisele Bundchen in their 2008 ad.

So, you will never go wrong with buying Dior sunglasses as a gift for your lady. Your girlfriend, your mom, your business partner – anyone really. Any age and any style will pull off these Diors:

Dior sunglasses DIORISSIMO 2 N S



DAIQUIDIOR S sunglasses


Dior MYDIOR 3 N S sunglasses


Dior MYDIOR 1 N S sunglasses


LADYINDIOR 2 S sunglasses


LADYINDIOR 2 F S sunglasses


LADYINDIOR 1 S sunglasses









August 29, 2013

Christian Dior Loved Flowers and Number 8

00/00/1957. Christian Dior Portraits by Lord SnowdonDior online magazine gave us new information about label founder Christian Dior. Apparently Christian Dior loved flowers and knew a lot about growing florals. He had extensive knowledge of various types of flowers and his favorite one was lily-of-the-valley. This does not come as a surprise since we see flowers in many of his original dress designers. In fact, he was a master of silhouette and often said that woman should look like a flower.

Dior was also interested in numerology. His favorite number was 8. He used it in his designs as well, but more importantly incorporated it in his business. His atelier included 8 floor and 8 workshops. Number 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture because by the sound it means wealth. It is also a significant number in Japanese numerology and general Astrology. With enough digging one can find a lot of resemblance in number 8. So, we learn that Christian Dior was superstitious.

He didn’t have an easy life, especially during the war. During the WW2 Christian Dior was dressing up Nazi’s wives when his own sister was arrested by Gestapo and sent to a labor camp. He tried to help her via his Nazi connections, but in vain. She was released eventually and lived until 2008 outliving him by some 40 years. So, war and tough times certainly impacted Christian’s outlooks and to shield himself from troubles he used to work on his garden and grow flowers.
diorFlowers2Flowers are very easy to incorporate into women fashion designs. Raf Simons, current Dior designers put a special emphasis on using flowers in almost each and every run way model. The enamel rings with flowers put into production under past designer John Galliano are still extremely popular buy for women. Flowers are used on Dior purses and Dior sunglasses extensively.



Christian Dior was openly gay, but his romantic connections were kept out of public view. It was not common to talk about private life with public and was not even considered a good tone to ask. Unlike today, famous people had a lot of power to shield their lives from publicity and press was respectful of that. Love of flowers can explain his sexual orientation as he tried to enjoy what women do and flowers at that time were among the greatest objects of admiration.

August 21, 2013

Best Dior Sunglasses of 2013

Dior has offered a wide choice of sunglasses this year. In fact 2013 is the most productive year for Dior sunglasses yet. This applies to sunglasses shapes, color and combination of both. What is the most admirable about Dior sunwear is that designers did not bother to follow trends. They just thought of creating beautiful accessories to go with clothing models. As Karl Lagerfeld once said “There is no trend any more. There are beautiful thing and ugly things.” Dior sunglasses are beautiful things, at least in 2013. Enjoy the collection”

Dior sunglasses Ladyindior 1s Dior sunglasses Tiedye 1s
Dior Demoiselle 1s sunglasses Dior Demoiselle 2S sunglasses
Dior sunglasses Demoiselle Dior sunglasses Demoiselle 2S
Dior Entracte 1 Dior Ever 2S
Dior Entracte 1 Dior Ever 2S sunglasses
Dior Flanelle 3S sunglasses Dior Frozen 1S sunglasses
Dior Flanelle 3S sunglasses Dior Frozen 1S sunglasses
Dior Minuit FS sunglasses Dior Piccadilly 2S
Dior Minuit FS sunglasses Dior sunglasses Piccadilly 2S
Dior Ladyindior 1fs Ladyindior 2s sunglasses
Dior sunglasses LadyinDior 1FS Dior sunglasses LadyinDior 1FS
July 28, 2013

Evolution and Revolution by Dior. How Dior Style Became Iconic.

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Dior is one of the mega brands of modern age. Over the past 50 years brand went through smooth evolution, created revolution in fashion and even got itself covered in scandals, boosting the media attention to the brand to a new level.

Christian Dior, the originator of the brand, worked very hard entire life. Only in the past decade of his life he was able to show off his talent and create a blueprint in a fashion industry. He was known to be a humble boy from a noble family. His mother was of very strong character and made his career choice difficult. His family owned a fertilizer factory and was quite wealthy until business failed and they went to near poverty. Whoever thinks that making a career is hard today, didn’t really thought how it was for people then. But these stubborn, old fashion times actually allowed Christian Dior create an iconic “New Look”.

Dior 1Christian Dior truly revolutionized fashion and actually created the phenomenon of fashion. He became very famous when he cut the skirt making it just a right length to show off the shoes and beautiful woman ankle. This move in itself gave boost to shoes fashion, as shoes became much more visible under such skirt.

Christian Dior adored working with silhouettes. Fabric during World War 2 was scare and given little choices, Christian Dior creatively made new silhouettes to emphasize woman fragility and femininity. He once said “I created a flower woman”, meaning that the entire look from head to toe resembled a flower. He was big on accessories, and specifically preferred to use real jewelry and gemstones as oppose the replicas. Accessorizing the simple silhouette was another way to make a woman more attractive and her look finished. He was also a big fan of glasses. In fact Dior glasses were the first fashion eyewear accessories. He experimented with materials and shapes and bought out rights on Optyl – specially created plastic material that is widely used today in glasses manufacturing.

Just before Christian Dior passed away, Yves Saint Laurent was hired by then well established fashion house. He came just in time to work with the iconic designer side by side. Since Yves Saint Laurent was only 18 years old when he started, he embraced Dior fashion and continued perfecting the New Look. He kept working with silhouettes, shaping woman’s body line and designing new accessories before leaving to create his own brand.

Among the most recent and most memorable designers at Dior was John Galliano. He spent close to 20 years perfecting the brand and bringing it to the modern age. Galliano’s biggest contribution to the brand was that he kept it very famine. Despite new trends of trousers, jeans and minimalism, Dior brand kept it’s mark high concentrating on florals, details, beautiful female figure and colorful accessories. It was very unfortunate that John Galliano was fired a few years ago for a verbal fight in a bar. Since the Dior brand is a business where public image is everything, there was no place for a lead designer accused of antisemitism and alcohol dependence.

Today, Raf Simons is a lead designer of Dior house. His first collection gained negative reviews as he tried to divert the Dior style towards manly and simplistic making all figures grey and dull. He quickly corrected himself this year creating a hit collection based on Flower Woman idea and putting more emphasis on accessories.

January 13, 2012

Dior 2012 Sunglasses Collection

Now when Christmas shopping season is over, it’s time for a sun vacation season. Dior has now revealed its 2012 sunglasses collection.
So, what’s new? Well, Dior is a brand that gears towards mid age fashionable ladies who prefer to tone down the glamour and bling. You won’t often find much flowers or crystals on main Dior sunglasses collection apart from a few limited editions that often become major hits.
Dior 2012 collection is full of color, grace and class. Check these beautiful new models.

Dior Mystery1s Dior PICCADILLY/S Dior CDior 3228
Dior Mystery1S Dior Piccadilly Dior CDior 3228
June 23, 2011

John Galliano Trial Report

John Galliano trial was held yesterday, June 22 in Paris. Following the incident in the Paris café on February 28, 2011 after which flamboyant designer has been arrested he was accused for anti-Semitism and racism. John was also fired by house of Dior the next day after the arrest. To date, John Galliano scandal is the loudest in the history of fashion.

First reports regarding the pace of the trial has appeared in press.

John appeared in court with the team of his lawyers and an interpreter. It was reported that he was dressed in rather reserved outfit if compared to his usual wear, however one could still say this was a man of fashion and art by his tie over the bare skin and long hair.

All witnesses spoke out in details describing Galliano behaviour and singling out offensive words he said under the influence of alcohol. What exactly he said, please read and watch here.

Galliano was given time to speak out his testimony. To our biggest surprise, all his testimony was directed towards turning jury into pity. He talked about his story with alcohol that began in 2007 and turned into addiction after tragic death of his best friend Steven Robinson. He testified that he is battling a “triple addition” to alcohol, Valium and sleeping pills. After a decade of his Dior tenure Galliano faced an immense pressure from corporation to not only produce several collections a year for both Dior and John Galliano label, but also promote it actively in the wake of financial crisis. In fact the pressure was so high that following his father death in 2005 he had to go back to work straight from the crematorium. His scandalistic behaviour in public places was not rare and knowing that he is famous, basically iconic figure, he was often provoked to say things he didn’t really mean. It is an undeniable fact that his love of Hitler came out in such public encounters with strangers several times. There are testimonies from direct plaintiffs and there is a video confirming the fact.

His lawyer Aurélien Hamelle argued that the video should be left out as evidence as Galliano spoke quietly and it should not be considered “public” speech.

The biggest surprise in all this trial is the lawyer team took defensive approach. Galliano has never apologized and now when lawyers are arguing against the video it is clear that apology will not come during the trial. If only Galliano would do what other celebrities did in similar cases, the whole trial would not be as public. If convicted all he will be facing is maximum $30,000 fine and six months in prison. Prison term is unlikely.

In a course of this defensive approach Galliano lost his job at Dior, was cut from the creative team of his own John Galliano label, faced the most negative press coverage by all national publications and even fashion press. All of this could have been minimized by a simple, public apology. Is it a matter of principle or a matter of a few thousand dollar fine? Is it worth a career?

The verdict is to be decided by September 8, 2011.




June 7, 2011

Dior 2011 Collection – New Additions

Dior eyewear team must be the hardest working from all. This year they have released over 40 new styles in various categories: trendy, retro and classic. The company has taken a utility approach to release many models to appeal to people of different styles, ages and even budgets. We can’t pass on mentioning the color versatility of the brand. Some models come in as many as 6-7 colors such as Dior Paname or Dior Ladycat 1/S. We talked earlier about eyewear industry trends and how companies are not following two seasons Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer- they are releasing new models few at a time adding them to the year collection. This makes sense because glasses don’t have a season – you wear them all year long every day and sun is shining no matter what. In line with this strategy please, enjoy a few new additions to Dior 2011 eyewear collection:

Dior 3213 Dior 3214
Dior C_DIOR 3213 Dior C_DIOR 3214
Dior 3754 C_Dior 3753
Dior C_DIOR 3754 Dior C_Dior 3753
May 17, 2011

Eyewear – A Dive in History

Eyeglasses – lenses embedded into a frame to correct vision have a very long and interesting history.What started as an object to fill very important health function has evolved to the object of fashion. Since glasses were put onto a face from their inception lots of consideration was given to their look, lightweight and comfort.

It is beleived that first documented evidence of spectacles appears in Santa Maria Novella dating back to 1306 written by the Dominican friar. According to the documented fact invention is contributed to Allesandro Spina, a Dominican monk. Italy at the time was a glass making country of the world. Before 1300 magnifying glass was already widely used and it was made out of crystal. Traditional glasses lenses made out of glass, but because first models were made out of beryl or rock  they were known as beryls. Term “brillen” is still used in German to refer to glasses.

First surviving picture of glasses circa 1352 is currently displayed in the church of San Niccolo at Treviso.

It didn’t take long before spectacles reached mass use and by early fifteenth century were associated with literacy. This “image” item is common on painitings, frescas and engravings often depicting monks, cardinals and bible preachers of 1400-1900 era.

first glasses glasses history

The earliest spectacles were made with two lenses mounted in rims made out of metal, horn or leather. They were held by hand and worn only when needed. Later a bridge appeared that connected the lenses and pressed them onto the nose.

first glasses glasses history

As technology of lens production improved, so the desire to wear them continuously. Spectacles were prone to fall of the face or hurt the nose. This problem was solved by the arm that was added to the design of glasses at around 1723. Eighteenth century was also an era of widely developing fashion. Glasses were considered an important part of accessory and therefore many designs spurred. Handles were decorated with precious stones, various shapes were made and materials used for the frame. A lot of attention was given to the cases to hold glasses. Cases were engraved, incrustated, often made out or gold, silver and decorated with mother or pearl, colored stones and even diamonds.

An arm that curved under the wig holding spectacles firmly fixed on the head

Of course simplier materials were also widely used. Among them wood – the easiest to finish, industrialized steel, aluminium, and later optyl. Optyl is a light flexible plastic invented in Austria in 1967. Christian Dior was first to use this material in his collection of fashion eyeglasses and sunglasses. Other forms of plastic were used in combination with metal on glasses frames.

Today metal glasses and plastic glasses fragment the market. Silicone nosepads are part of all metal frames today. Glasses frames are further segmeted into full rim, semi-rimless and rimless that is possible to a very advanced technology of lens manufacturing and etching. Lenses technology development has its own chapter in parallel to sunglasses. We will be covering this in the future posts.

May 15, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld – Master of Sketches

Designers are artists. Most of them are classically trained and all of them possess high skills for drawing. Every outfit design starts with a sketch. Every productive designer produces thousands of sketches per season and as you can imagine only a fraction of them turn into life on a runway or ready to wear stores. I find watching the sketches just as fascinating as watching their collections. We are happy to announce a “Sketches” series where we will show famous designers ‘sketches and analyze them.

To start off, we are pleased to present Karl Lagerfeld. There is a particular interest to his sketches because of his background. In one of his interviews he confessed that he went to school to become a cartoon artist. He also said that sketching for him is like writing text for other people. His loyal team that has been working for him for over 20 years can look at the drawing and know what exactly he wanted an outfit to look like – shapes, fabric type, colors and details. Everything that could be described in pages of text is on one simple drawing. Karl says that he does not understand why other people need text. Well Karl, perhaps other people don’t have drawing skills… Interesting fact about him is that likes to wear Dior Homme glasses.

By looking at Karl sketches we can actually read cartoony style. Karl is one of the few designers who always adds background and a border to his sketches – an extra step that makes them really look like drawings. Ok, enough is said, enjoy the gallery. If you have more photos of his sketches, please let us know; we would love to add links here.

For Michelle Obama Inaguration

For Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

For Hogan Collection

For Hogan

For Coco Chanel Book

May 8, 2011

LVMH Invests in Asia

Louis Vuitton Hennessy Moet is the largest luxury brand retailer in the world. French owned LVMH, is publically traded on Euronext – European Stock Exchange under symbol MC. In the last year company posted over €37 billion in assets. Among companies largest subdivisions are well known luxury brands Luis Vuitton, Dior, TAG Heuer, Marc Jacobs and recently acquired Bulgari. A company is big on acquisitions, and over the last few years has been making on average 3-4 large buyouts per year.

But large acquisitions are not the only mechanism for LVMH to keep organic growth. Private investments via its Venture Capital funds is another, very active method for effective growth. Being a global company LVMH has interest in international emerging brands, lately specifically Asian based labels.

L Capital Asia fund is created to do just that – swallow emerging Asian companies in China, India and South East Asia. L Capital Asia is currently a $650 million fund and is head quartered in Singapore. Fund capital was syndicated by LVMH and US and Asian investors with LVMH investing close to 10%.

According to Ravi Thakran, the fund’s managing partner L Capital Asia is concentrating on brands that offer unique products and have capable entrepreneurial managers. Unlike its parent group LVMH, which concentrates on the top tier of the luxury sector, he said the fund focuses exclusively on promising Asian labels looking for a big breakthrough, particularly in the Chinese and Indian markets.

To date L Capital Asia fund has invested $23.5 million in Charles & Keith, Singaporean shoe retailer. The deal was announced on March 22, 2011. LVMH acquired 20% of stake in Charles & Keith.
In the prior deal, announced on February 11, 2011, LVMH purchased significant minority stake in Gitanjali Gems – Indian jewellery brand for $100 million.

Other deals totalled $90 million of stakes in two Singaporean fashion companies and a Hong Kong-listed watch and jewellery company. Very active fund is currently working of another number of deals to be announced shortly via LVMH press centre.

Based on these deals we see that fund is concentrating on well established companies with wide retail operations and proven market success. This investment strategy is in line with LVMH overall investment history where company biggest value add is in growing operations for its subdivisions utilizing the economy of scale for bulk purchased ad space in print media, TV and runway show participation.

In the past few years company showed that they are very serious about their presence in Asian market. According to recent studies conducted by ARC China, sale of luxury goods almost doubled in the past year. Greater China represents 28.0 percent of sales for Swatch, 18.0 percent for Gucci, 14.0 percent for Bulgari and 11.0 percent for Hermes.

LVHM showed zero tolerance for any hint on destructing their reputation among Chinese consumers. Recent fire of John Galliano from House of Dior who publically offended Asian men and Jewish woman, followed shortly by removal of the designer from his own label John Galliano. Sharon Stone remarks against Chinese people after the earthquake in 2008 resulted in stripping of all her Dior ads the following day after the incident in every Chinese mall.

Thus LVMH has set their long term strategy to tapping into fastest growing consumer market in Asia proactively – by not just opening retail locations for their primary brands in China and India, but also investing in promising Asia based labels to grow them at home and world wide.