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October 29, 2012

Big Head Glasses for Men. Bvlgari 2012 Glasses Collection.

To continue on topic of which glasses are suitable for big heads, we would like to put a few suggestions from Bvlgari 2012 collection. Bvlgari tends to employ men models with rather large heads, Clive Owen being the latest. Clive Owen is a British actor who is known for his appearances in American movies such as Sin City, Closer and Inside Man. Clive Owen is 6.2 feet, or 1.89 cm – his head is one of the biggest.

Quick summary on what you need to look for when buying glasses for a big brainy head:

  1. Ensure that size is large, 54 and up
  2. Lens is deep to achieve balanced look in both vertical and horizontal directions
  3. If you like lense to be very large, go for semi-rimless frames. This will make lens visually appear not as large as it is.
  4. Large glasses look better on narrow arms/temples. When arms are wide they tend to visually enlarge the look of entire glasses. Bvlgari glasses, all have very elegant, balanced arm.
  5. Arms should be long enough to reach properly behind your ear. Since Bvlgari frames are made large, you don’t need to worry about the temple from this brand. Otherwize, make sure arm is at least 140 cm long.
  6. Bridge is only a concern if your nose is wide in the area where glasses normally sit. Clive’s nose is not wide in that area. But of course, if you pick metal frames glasses bridge is not a concern at all because nosepads can be adjusted to fit any size.

Here are several Bvlgari glasses frames from 2012 fall collection:

Bvlgari BV1049

Bvlgari BV1049

Bvlgari BV1050

Bvlgari BV1050

Bvlgari BV1053

Bvlgari BV1053

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Bvlgari BV1054

Bvlgari BV1054

Bvlgari BV3017

Bvlgari BV3017

Bvlgari BV3018

Bvlgari BV3018

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Bvlgari BV3019

Bvlgari BV3019

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October 25, 2012

Bvlgari Men Sunglasses 2012 Fall Collection

Bvlgari BV5022K real gold

Bvlgari BV5022K real 18K gold sunglasses

Blvgari is one of most luxurious brands available in Canada when it comes to glasses. This year Bvlgari went over the top making a pair of aviator sunglasses made out of 18 carat gold. It’s not just gold color, which has always been popular among Bvlgari lovers. It’s a real gold precious metal. Whoever is looking for a perfect gift for a men, Bvlgari BV5022K real gold aviators can’t be matched. Given that they only go for $699 at EyeInform sunglasses store, this is a no brainer.

Other models wouldn’t disappoint also. Clean cut, solid shapes and very little branding make new Bvlgari sunglasses hard to not like for men who like elite things but without much show off. People who recognize the brand will appreciate, others will just look and enjoy. Of course average price for a good pair of Bvlgari sunglass is around $350 – also a good value given how massive this brand is. Many pairs have polarized version available. Any how, check new 2012 fall Bvlgari collection.

Bulgari BV5025 Bvlgari BV7012

Bvlgari BV7013

Bvglari BV7013 can fold four times to fit in a small pocket

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November 9, 2011

Bvlgari Sunglasses 2011 Fall Winter Additions

Bvlgari Sunglasses 2011 Fall Winter Collection matches new glasses release. Collection shows a decline in amount of jewellery so famously present in the last many years. Bvlgari sunglasses are gearing towards chic and simple. Italian glamour has stepped down to American elegance. Also note a number of men options and a few ladies models that would be a great fit with prescription lenses.

Bvlgari BV5011 Bvlgari BV6051 Bvlgari BV6052B
Bvlgari BV5011 Bvlgari BV6051 Bvlgari BV6052B
Bvlgari BV8063 Bvlgari 8064 Bvlgari BV8068B
BV8063 BV8064 BV8068B
Bvlgari BV8088B
November 7, 2011

Bvlgari Glasses Fall Winter 2011

Bvlgari glasses made a small step down from massive crystals and rheinstones on their eyewear. Instead brand decided to take a bit less glamorous approach and replace blings with coins, just like in the 2011 jewelery Monet collection as well as simple buckles or rings. Nevertheless Bvlgari glasses still look top notch due to classic shapes and color combinations. In the end of the day, one does not need to light up the streets with the stones on the temples. Rich is in the heart right?

Bvlgari BV1026 Bvlgari BV2045B Bvlgari BV2118B
BV1026 BV2045B BV2118B
Bvlgari BV2119B Bvlgari BV2121 Bvlgari BV3008
BV2119B BV2121 BV3008
Bvlgari BV3015 Bvlgari BV4049B Bvlgari BV4050
BV3015 BV4049B BV4050
Bvlgari BV4053B Bvlgari BV4054B
BV4053B BV4054B

It is nice to see some men models just like metal full rim BV1036 or plastic BV3008. Bvlgari also notably follows cat eye inspiration in BV4053 and Bv4050 while not going too extreme with the idea. Beautiful eyewear for all ages!

May 8, 2011

LVMH Invests in Asia

Louis Vuitton Hennessy Moet is the largest luxury brand retailer in the world. French owned LVMH, is publically traded on Euronext – European Stock Exchange under symbol MC. In the last year company posted over €37 billion in assets. Among companies largest subdivisions are well known luxury brands Luis Vuitton, Dior, TAG Heuer, Marc Jacobs and recently acquired Bulgari. A company is big on acquisitions, and over the last few years has been making on average 3-4 large buyouts per year.

But large acquisitions are not the only mechanism for LVMH to keep organic growth. Private investments via its Venture Capital funds is another, very active method for effective growth. Being a global company LVMH has interest in international emerging brands, lately specifically Asian based labels.

L Capital Asia fund is created to do just that – swallow emerging Asian companies in China, India and South East Asia. L Capital Asia is currently a $650 million fund and is head quartered in Singapore. Fund capital was syndicated by LVMH and US and Asian investors with LVMH investing close to 10%.

According to Ravi Thakran, the fund’s managing partner L Capital Asia is concentrating on brands that offer unique products and have capable entrepreneurial managers. Unlike its parent group LVMH, which concentrates on the top tier of the luxury sector, he said the fund focuses exclusively on promising Asian labels looking for a big breakthrough, particularly in the Chinese and Indian markets.

To date L Capital Asia fund has invested $23.5 million in Charles & Keith, Singaporean shoe retailer. The deal was announced on March 22, 2011. LVMH acquired 20% of stake in Charles & Keith.
In the prior deal, announced on February 11, 2011, LVMH purchased significant minority stake in Gitanjali Gems – Indian jewellery brand for $100 million.

Other deals totalled $90 million of stakes in two Singaporean fashion companies and a Hong Kong-listed watch and jewellery company. Very active fund is currently working of another number of deals to be announced shortly via LVMH press centre.

Based on these deals we see that fund is concentrating on well established companies with wide retail operations and proven market success. This investment strategy is in line with LVMH overall investment history where company biggest value add is in growing operations for its subdivisions utilizing the economy of scale for bulk purchased ad space in print media, TV and runway show participation.

In the past few years company showed that they are very serious about their presence in Asian market. According to recent studies conducted by ARC China, sale of luxury goods almost doubled in the past year. Greater China represents 28.0 percent of sales for Swatch, 18.0 percent for Gucci, 14.0 percent for Bulgari and 11.0 percent for Hermes.

LVHM showed zero tolerance for any hint on destructing their reputation among Chinese consumers. Recent fire of John Galliano from House of Dior who publically offended Asian men and Jewish woman, followed shortly by removal of the designer from his own label John Galliano. Sharon Stone remarks against Chinese people after the earthquake in 2008 resulted in stripping of all her Dior ads the following day after the incident in every Chinese mall.

Thus LVMH has set their long term strategy to tapping into fastest growing consumer market in Asia proactively – by not just opening retail locations for their primary brands in China and India, but also investing in promising Asia based labels to grow them at home and world wide.

March 10, 2011

LVMH Buys Bvlgari – Acquisition of the Decade

Business as usual for LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton), one of world’s largest fashion manufacturing corporation. It has been announced on March 7 that LVMH is to acquire Bulgari Corporation for a disclosed $5.2 billion (€3.7 billion). This is the largest LVMH purchase to date.

As mentioned in the earlier article Bulgari family is still very involved in managing the company. Currently a grandson of the founder Sotirio is a Chairman. Before the acquisition family owned the controlling 51% of the brand.  After the takeover Paolo and Nicola Bulgari chairman and vice chairman of the company, will get two seats on the board of LVMH as part of the deal.

The most recent deal for LVMH has been purchase of Hermes in October 2010. According to analysts Bvlgari deal is 82% costlier than Hermes due to amount offered per share. Total offering is 28.2 times EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). Some analytics have already expressed concern over the numbers calling them risky.

Bvlgari brand (spelled with V to emphasize Greek origin) was founded 125 years ago by Greek immigrant Sotirio Bulgari. Fashion brand is currently operating 230 stores across the world selling luxury jewelery goods and handbags, eyeglasses, watches and perfumes.

Despite all odds this is the most positive news for LVMH that is still recovering from John Galliano scandal. Bvlgari on it’s end is not without scandals either. Most recent being the ban of their ad with naked Julianne Moore posing. The ad was banned in Venice with President of Venice Foundation making remarks saying that ad is inappropriate and is better off in Hollywood. The remark itself sparked outrage and deemed racist since Moore is American. It was understood that if non-American model/actress posed naked that would be Ok for Venice St. Marcus square.

Bvlgari sunglasses and Bvlgari eyeglasses are among most luxurious eyewear items on the market. Emerald collection is a Spring 2011 novelty that is also presented through a series of sunglasses among them are BV6050BBV8079B and BV8081.