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January 20, 2013

How To Save Money On Prom Night

Prom night is exciting, but it can also be very expensive. Once you take into account the ticket prices, dinner out if your prom doesn’t host a meal, your dress or tuxedo, hair, makeup and nails. Then if you decide to rent a limo on top of everything else, the price is getting really steep at this point. As exciting as this might is, not everyone has the budget to fit all these items into the night. So if you happen to be wondering how to save money on your big night, below we have some tips and tricks that can have you looking just as stylish as everyone else, but for half of the cost.

prom night2

Your Dress For Prom

If you buy your dress you could be looking at a bill of $100-$400 with accessories included. This is really steep considering you’ll only be wearing this for one night. A way to cut your cost is to rent your dress. This is a great way to save money, and remember you’re only going to be wearing this for under 12 hours, and no one will ever know that you rented it.  Make your own dress if you have the talent for design. This is a cheap way, plus you can customize it for your figure, and get exactly what you want. No compromising that way.

Prom Dinner

If you’re lucky you will have dinner included in your prom night, but if this is not an option that your school is offering, then it’s common to go to dinner. Considering that you’re all dressed up, you’re going to want to go to a very classy restaurant, and they have a hefty price tag on their food. An option that will save you money and still provide you with a fun dinner is to get a group of your friends together and make your prom dinner. Each person will be assigned a task to help make it go smoothly. You can plan your menu weeks in advance, and who is bringing what.

A Ride To The Prom

It’s natural to want to show up at prom with style and class in a nice limousine. The problem with this is it’s very costly. You’re going to be looking at hundreds of dollars for a ride, a single ride! The worst part of that is, that everyone will be so excited, and worried about how they are getting there that most people won’t even notice how you arrived at the prom. So it’s not a bad idea to save money and have your parents take you. If that’s not cool enough for you, a friend or date can pick you up. This will save you quite a bit of money, and still get your there on time.

What To Do After Prom?

There will be hotel parties, clubbing parties and many more options to attend after prom. The cheapest way to celebrate your big night is to have a house party. Invite your friends; everyone can chip in and bring things. This is fun, cheap and a great way to end your big night with your closest friends. is a prom forum that brings parents and teenagers together in one location and allows them to discuss all aspects of the 2013 prom.

October 24, 2012

Tavi Gevinson. Young Phenomenon of Future Fashion Business

Tavi Gevinson. A phenomenon of todays fashion publishing.

Today Toronto Star has made a post about Tavi Gevinson, an American fashion blogger who several years ago has blown Internet with her creative blog about fashion. Tavi made headlines when her photos in front rows of Paris Fashion Week surfaced up , and then a few more together with John Galliano. This was back when John Galliano was still a living legend, still a head of House of Dior and Tavi a child really, but flamboyantly dressed with grey colored hair.

Tavi’s story was very simple. She was blogging about fashion posting simple pictures she found online and in fashion magazines about what interested her. And then after a year or so, her blog somehow was picked up by Google attracting millions of hits a month. When you get millions hits a month, your blog becomes something like a Justin Bieber early YouTube videos – a phenomenon of todays Web 2.0. Tavi’s blog was mentioned by a fashion magazine and then she got interviewed by New York Times and subsequently endorsed by fashion brands to blog about them. She became an Internet sensation.

Few months later, back in 2010 I wanted to show her blog to my daughter and found that Tavi’s blog was down. There was a message from Google Blogger service stating that the blog was taken down for “copyright” concerns. I was a bit puzzled and thought it was some kind of a joke. But today when Toronto Star has wrote about now 16 year old, I am more than happy. Young people should get a chance. All that hard work she did travelling around America, making photos and writing creatively can not be wasted. In fact it is remarkable that her blog The Style Rookie is still hosted by Blogger…

Anyhow, I find Tavi a phenomenon of today’s publishing. Ever since blogging became a norm and the most common form of website, people like Tavi overpower fashion magazine editors and journalists. When you look at her blog today you see that she mostly writes about herself, her ideas and likes slightly connecting them to brands, trends, fashion news and so forth. Her blog appears very far from commercial bias, information presented in a free opinionated, a little bit childish form. People love that. Young people love that. Teenagers love that. Young people feel good about not being lied to, they are fed up with outdated advertisements that haven’t changed since 1960’s. Ads themselves didn’t change, just where they are shown has changed. Tavi simply gets it.

Tavi has a bright future. I surely hope that she can one day head the Elle, or Vogue magazine or some very large Advertising company.

May 13, 2011

Blogger is Back – Not For Us

As swings in technology happen, downtime is almost a given for a major services like Twitter, Skype and Gmail. We are so used to this that learnt to ignore related news or buzz from our friends. But now with Blogger joining the down time club we just can’t ignore it. Now it hurts right in the heart.

I was absolutely shocked to login to my blog hosted by Blogger and find out that blog is completely gone. GONE! All posts, design and even sub-domain are no longer available. Most peculiar thing is that when I typed my blog name in the search it said “Name is available – go ahead register a blog under this name”. Wow! So, all my followers, posts, links were created for nothing.

Is this a Friday 13 joke?

When I went to Help Forum trying to log a bug with little hope anyone will reply I stumbled on their post “Blogger is Back”. Post was published today at 10:45 AM, probably PST time. So, the statement “Blogger is Back” was made long 3 hours ago and my blog does not seem to have been included as a part of it.

We have had a similar story with Skype unavailability in March and experienced some down time on WordPress few months ago. So, no one is perfect and you can’t expect much of a free blog. This cumulative experience seriously makes us consider using on our own servers. This also prompts us to invest some time and back up all the posts we did on our blogs to avoid hair loss next time.

In the meanwhile, we pray that Blogger will figure things out and be back for sure with our blog inclusive.

March 28, 2011

Sunglasses for the Wedding

Photo courtesy of Doug Mcgoldrick Photography

Following our post on eyeglasses for your wedding, we are continuing the topic with sunglasses. Now when sun is coming to its full effect, having a descent pair of sunglasses is a must. If you are planning a big day, you should also be putting “getting sunglasses” on your to do list.

If you live in Chicago, we are very pleased to recommend you a great wedding photographer Doug McGoldrick. Check his portfolio website to see wonderful moments of many weddings he worked on. He also has a very informative blog dedicated to wedding tips and ideas – a must read for all brides and grooms seeking tips on photography, event vendors and even tips on family affairs surrounding your big day.

Doug and I will tell you that location and format of your event will drive many vendor decisions for your wedding. Location will also be a driving factor in choosing the style of your sunglasses. Nowadays more people opt in to do a destination wedding or a theme wedding as alternative to a local lavish format. Destination and theme require less formal attire, thus sunglasses should follow the overall style of the event. Formal format will require a more conservative style and color for your sunglasses.

Sport Glasses

If you plan to hold a ceremony on a yacht wearing swim trunks or somewhere on a hill overlooking the volcano, sport glasses are among first to consider. Not only they are made to stick to your face in active movement or strong wind, they are also very comfortable. Some premium brands have a series of sport sunglasses such as Prada Sport and Oakley. Among their collections you will find models that are still elegant and dressy and could be a great choice for the wedding.

Prada PS 03MS Prada PS 06LS Oakley Enduring Pace

Prescription Sunglasses

We already talked that relying on contact lenses on your wedding day is not a good idea. It may happen so that your eyes are too tired from a sleepless night before or you can experience excessive tearing. If your distance vision is bad, consider getting prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses should be small enough to fit the thick lenses and cannot be curved or shield shaped. Look for a full frame and avoid bear lens on the sides. While keeping this in mind you have a very broad selection among rectangular and oval shapes.

Gucci 3168/S Bvlgari BV8021B Boss 0339S

Glamorous Styles
If your dress is couture why not matching it with sunglasses that are as glamorous. A number of brand names specialize on such styles. Among them is Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Bvlgari. Other brand names such as Gucci, Dior, Tiffany and others have nice selection covering all levels of glamour to fit your taste. Go for oversized round or square to complete your model look.

Roberto Cavalli RC573S John Galliano JG0003 Bvlgari 8081B

Classic Styles
Wedding is a traditional event for many people. If you are trying to minimize attention to yourself and prefer simple elegant style, classic designs will be your best bet. Look for models that have little decoration on the temples and less pronounced logo. Avoid extreme black lenses and extreme shapes. Don’t worry, classic styles make a big part of premium brands collections – Gucci, Dior, Hugo Boss and Tom Ford.

Gucci 3140 Dior Volute 2/S Tom Ford TF0190

Other things to consider:


Polarized sunglasses lenses that cut off horizontal reflection. They are ideal for on-the-water events because water surface reflects sun and may cause excessive squinting. This being said, polarized lenses act as regular sun lenses on regular surfaces. You won’t see any difference wearing them in the park or on the street. In fact, a small distraction could be due to “rainbow” side effect when looking through the side of the glasses. Also, for the wedding, keep in mind that polarized lenses tend to be quite dark.

Frame Weight

When choosing frames for your wedding day beware of their weight. Very heavy frames will cause red markings on your nose and look funny when you take them off for pictures. Metal frames have this side effect more frequently than plastic due to all weight being concentrated on the small nose pads. We will also note, that size of frame matters, but not as much as frame design itself. Some oversized frames are very light and small oval or rectangular shapes can be very heavy. So, look for sunglasses that have thin frame and not too much solid metal decoration on the temples.

Don’t Delay

Finding a right pair can take several weeks. If you are filling prescription into your sunglasses, budget for another month to make sure you have enough time for redoes and lab losses that happen rarely but usually in the most critical moment. Also, if you want to save money and buy sunglasses online, plan for another two weeks for shipping and order filling. All together you should give yourself at least two months to get right glasses for your wedding.

January 28, 2011

Blog of the Week – Finance Source From a Professional

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a great finance tutorial website:

This website is created by my former Finance professor Barry Bisson. Out of many business courses that I took in the past, what initially sounded like a boring course, Finance by Barry turned out to be one of the most exciting ones. Finance is very practical course.  Here you really start understanding the value of business or product measured by money in the past, present and future tense.  Barry’s teaching style is very practical – each concept was presented in frames of a business case which made it even more practical.

Barry is kind enough to create this amazing source and post all sort of materials on his website: entire tutorials, finance spreadsheets and information on theoretical concepts of finance. Barry is too kind, given that each of us paid close to $30K for the program, and to be “financially correct” about $3,000 per course – you get it all for free.

Another great thing about Barry, he is a President of an amazing organization Shad Valley International. Shad Valley is a non-profit organization that runs a prestigious summer program for 10-12 grade school students focused on entrepreneurship and business. If I would describe this program in one phrase, I would say it’s essentially a short version of an MBA for high school students. Program is organized with a support from local businesses and is known to carry out a very exciting curriculum bringing high profile CEOs and business owners as speakers on a daily basis. Children, or I should say, young people, get to learn the basics of business first hand from successful entrepreneurs, accomplished scientists and university professors. Enrollment is highly competitive with tough academic and personal requirements. Candidates have to submit an application over 9 months in advance that includes proof of academic achievements and essays describing motivation, followed by interview.

So if you qualify by age, you should apply to Shad. If you pass the age, no worries, you can catch up reading his website

January 20, 2011

Blogs of The Week

Ok, we continue to mention other blogs that we found interesting this week. Before going into details, we discovered a fun place to keep all blog in one place Bloglovin. Here you can track all new posts by your favorite bloggers, tag them, follow them etc. Main advantage is that you can quickly glimpse through new articles of your favorite blogs – all in one place, very easy and convenient. If you’d like to keep track of our blog that way, we are here: Eyeinform Bloglovin

Ok, here is a list. Of course, those of you that are kind enough to notice your blog here, we hope you return the favor and mention us on your blog. We will be even nicer in return and give you $10 coupon.

A Style File is a nice blog run by Allyson. Very clean, minimalistic blog about little things that make women happy: bags, shoes, cosmetics, nail care and so forth. Allyson is professional publicist, so her blog is a good place to learn how pros do it.

The Pop Buzz is a blog about pop culture, music, art, film, cultural events and everything that makes a culture. Neat idea to put music on the home page, at equally neat that you can pause the music right away.

Hey World Xo is a fashion oriented blog. Also found on Bloglovin Yey! Cute posts about new streams, fashion events, opinions etc. Hey World, did you know we are also in Toronto?

If you want us to write about your blog, give us a shout.