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June 1, 2016

Evolution of Carrera Sunglasses

Carrera is one of the oldest fashion sunglasses brands in the world and many will argue that Carrera is the very first real sunglasses brand. Of course Dior came before, but Dior was always a clothing brand adding sunglasses as accessories. Carrera made sunglasses only, thus it was the first real sunglasses brand. In 1970s Carrera also was best selling sunglasses brand in the world.

Since inception in 1956 sunglasses styles have evolved and just by looking at certain models we can generally pinpoint the era, whether its 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 2010’s. What’s interesting is that Carrera even today sells some of the best selling models back in the days keeping the trend geared towards the brand itself, not letting the trend push the brand.

 1956  Carrera1956  Carrera brand was founded by Wilhelm Anger. Brand was called after Carrera Panamericana car racing event.

Current sunglasses that resemble that style is Carrera Topcar 1


 1960’s  Carrera1960  In 1960 Carrera brand experimented with new styles and materials. Optyl acetate was invented to make glasses more adjustable, hypo-allergenic and lighter.

Today’s style from 1960’s is Carreara 6015 S

carrera-6015-s-carrera-6015-s-70103-58566-3 Entire Carrera 60… line resembles those times

 1970’s  Carrera1970


 1970’s were the prime years for Carrera brand. We can see how many everyday designs were introduced geared toward sporty men. Famous Porsche Design collection was launched in 1979.

Today’s styles from 1970’s are

Carrera 5025 S


Carrera 105 S


Carrera 5003 ST S


  1980’s  Carrera1981Yoko


 1980’s had a whole history of style as its the era of many major fashion style changes. In 1986 famous Carrera Boeing collection  was launched.

Today’s 1980’s styles are:

Carrera New Safari S


Carrera 5530 S


and Carrera Carrerino 11S



 1990’s  Carrera1990  1990’s was a turbulent era not for Bruce Willis who famously divorced Demi Moore, but also for Carrera brand. Carrera brand sponsored two Olympic games in Calgary and Lillehammer. Financially company struggled which eventually ended in a sale out to Safilo group – an Italian company.

Today’s Carrera styles that resemble those times is

Carrera Carrerino 12 S


 2000’s  Carrera2000


 In 2000’s and on Carrera was steadily redesigning the iconic brand to suit the modern trends. On a major scale there were nothing dramatic in new styles. Why change something when it sells well as is? In 2013 Carrera had first collaboration with Jimmy Choo – a fashion designer and added more styles for woman:

Carrera Carrerino 10 S


Carrera 6000JCM S


June 1, 2016

Yes Canada Has Its Own Glasses Brands

Canada is regularly voted as one of the best countries in the world to live it because of its financial and social stability. Canada is a great country because it has everything. Canadians are among the best dressed people in the world primarily because Canadians travel across the globe paying attention to moderns trends and style developments.

Canada even has its own glasses brands. Bertelli, KliiK, FYSH and Izumi are known and widely recognized Canadian glasses brands in Canada and well beyond its borders. Ever since EyeInform website is selling KliiK glasses, we shipped many pairs to United States, United Kingdom and even Australia.

KliiK glasses frames are very wearable in terms of style. There is a lot of designer touch in each model with color and shape well combined. But there is also maintaining of a right balance between beautiful and too fashionable. KliiK glasses are excellent for people with small heads because many models come in size 48-50 mm

kliik-557-kliik-557-83623-70132-3Kliik 557

kliik-552-kliik-552-83606-70117-3KliiK 552

kliik-538-kliik-538-63559-52691-3KliiK 538

Bertelli glasses frames are known to be good options for reading glasses. Bertelli glasses frames are fun and durable. They make great reading glasses because many frames are actually short to medium height – a popular height among reading glasses.

bertelli-b-847-bertelli-b-847-83841-70337-3Bertelli B847

bertelli-b-845-bertelli-b-845-83833-70329-3Bertelli B845

bertelli-b-831-bertelli-b-831-76431-63948-3Bertelli B841

FYSH glasses are more of a fashionable treat. Unlike other Canadian brands, FYSH designers let their fantasy go wild with bright colors and unconventional shapes and temple decorations.

fysh-3555-fysh-3555-83824-70320-3FYSH 3555

fysh-3550-fysh-3550-83652-70160-3FYSH 3550

fysh-3482jb-fysh-3482jb-72207-60403-3FYSH 3482

Izumi glasses fill another niche for people who love glasses and have a lot of glasses. Izumi glasses are inspired by colors of Japan and also by unique style of Japanese people. A bit settle but also very creative glasses styles make biggest part of Izumi glasses.

izumi-os-9217-izumi-os-9217-83991-70474-3Izumi OS 9217

izumi-os-9213-izumi-os-9213-83973-70457-3Izumi OS 9213

izumi-os-9206-izumi-os-9206-83875-70370-3Izumi 9206