Every Famous Model Was Once Told She is Not Good Enough

gisele-bundchen-youngThe recent Vogue article about Gisele Bundchen reveling that she was told many times that she is not good enough to ever be on magazine cover due to her nose prompted us to do some investigation on how many models had the same problem and what it took to become famous.

It took Gisele 2 years and 42 casting rejections to finally be chosen to cat walk for a major brand Alexandr McQueen. It really means that everyone rejected her first YSL, Chanel, Gucci, Dior – everyone! She kept on working because she said she knew she got a chance.






kate moss youngKate Moss

Dropped out of school at 15 to pursue modeling career and moved in with her boyfriend, Kate Moss was modeling a lot, but wasn’t earning enough money for descent food or lodging. She was told into her face that she is just “a common bitch”. Kate knew she was smaller than average model and that she won’t do well on cat walk. But she has so much confidence that she personally just walked in to a Calvin Klein casting at age 18, without a referral. Calvin chose her because he liked that she looked plain and not aggressive. He had a great vision.





cindy-crawford-model-daughterCindy Crawford

Cindy was teased by classmates for her now a signature mole. She was told she has a chocolate on her face. She considered to get her mole removed but was convinced by her mother that instead of the mole there will be a scar. She dropped out of first year of Northwestern University to pursue modelling career because she felt there is place to her in big fashion.





linda-evangelistaLinda Evangelista

Linda was a Canadian young model and everything moved for her smoothly after she was head hunted during the Miss Niagara beauty pageant. She actually rejected the career herself because one time in Japan she was asked to pose nude. Linda refused to do the job, returned to Canada and took two years to try modelling again.





Gigi-Hadid-Blonde-HairGigi Hadid

While Gigi was modeling since age of 5 due to her famous mother’s connections, she was rejected to model for Victoria’s secret two times. She was told she is not skinny enough. Disregarding her ultra famous status she didn’t take rejection personally and kept on auditioning until this year when she made her first appearance as Victoria’s Angel








karolina kurkovaKarolina Kurkova

Who knows a lot about rejection is Karolina Kurkova. A Czech model who had one of the toughest career paths. Being from a poor country with no English or affluent friends, and even with no belly button, Karolina moved to New York to become a model. She faced a lot of rejection because of unusual body feature, but it didn’t take long before she became Victoriya’s Angel.



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