2016 Spring Sunglasses Trends

Versace2016 sunglasses collections are out by all major brands carried at http://www.eyeinform.com and we have spotted a few very interesting trends.

  1. Haute Couturish Sunglasses

If in prior years it was all going backwards into history, 2o16 fashion is about future. We see a lot of crazy shapes, twisted templates, unusual colors. This year the idea of haute couture for everyday wear is really showing for sunglasses. These sunglasses will become mainstream by year end.






 prada-spr-13s-spr-13s-79576-66489-4  giorgio-armani-ar8064-ar8064-80836-67566-4  dolce-and-gabbana-dg6104-dg6104-90117-75891-3
Prada SPR 13S  

Giorgio Armani AR8064


Dolce and Gabbana DG6104

2. Mirror Shields

Very futuristic looking mirror shields add masculinity to woman’s glasses. Can be equally worn by men. Many major brands advertise them in their spring clothing campaigns.

 giorgio-armani-ar8056-ar8056-80875-67598-4  versace-ve2166-12525a-74282-62172-4  roberto-cavalli-rc926s-a-rc926s-a-85939-72142-4
Giorgio Armani AR8056 Versace VE2166 Roberto Cavalli RC926S A

3. Intricate Jewelry Embellishments

If jewelry used to be the specialty of Tiffany and Bvlgari sunglasses, in 2016 more brands joined the game. Dolce Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli took the challenge very seriously and ther 2016 sunglasses will just blow your mind!

 roberto-cavalli-rc972s-rc972s-85944-72146-4  dolce-and-gabbana-dg4267-dg4267-78377-65465-4  dior-dior-inedite-f-s-dior-inedite-f-s-74901-62709-4
Roberto Cavalli RC972S Dolce and Gabbana DG4267 Dior DIOR INEDITE F S

4. Less Cat Eye

Cat eye sunglasses slowly losing the battle as they didn’t live up to revenue expectations. People loved to try them, but didn’t buy them. Many women found cat eye sunglasses too aggressive and too aging.

5. Retro Still In

Retro round sunglasses are still going strong in 2016 and we can still call it a trend. More men are warming up to the idea as fashion brands were able to make them cool looking as oppose to aging.

 giorgio-armani-ar8053-ar8053-80862-67588-4  prada-spr-51s-spr-51s-79648-66544-4  gucci-3788-s-gucci-3788-s-87071-73172-3
Giorgio Armani AR8053 Prada SPR 51S GUCCI 3788 S

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