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May 10, 2016

2016 Spring Sunglasses Trends

Versace2016 sunglasses collections are out by all major brands carried at and we have spotted a few very interesting trends.

  1. Haute Couturish Sunglasses

If in prior years it was all going backwards into history, 2o16 fashion is about future. We see a lot of crazy shapes, twisted templates, unusual colors. This year the idea of haute couture for everyday wear is really showing for sunglasses. These sunglasses will become mainstream by year end.






 prada-spr-13s-spr-13s-79576-66489-4  giorgio-armani-ar8064-ar8064-80836-67566-4  dolce-and-gabbana-dg6104-dg6104-90117-75891-3
Prada SPR 13S  

Giorgio Armani AR8064


Dolce and Gabbana DG6104

2. Mirror Shields

Very futuristic looking mirror shields add masculinity to woman’s glasses. Can be equally worn by men. Many major brands advertise them in their spring clothing campaigns.

 giorgio-armani-ar8056-ar8056-80875-67598-4  versace-ve2166-12525a-74282-62172-4  roberto-cavalli-rc926s-a-rc926s-a-85939-72142-4
Giorgio Armani AR8056 Versace VE2166 Roberto Cavalli RC926S A

3. Intricate Jewelry Embellishments

If jewelry used to be the specialty of Tiffany and Bvlgari sunglasses, in 2016 more brands joined the game. Dolce Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli took the challenge very seriously and ther 2016 sunglasses will just blow your mind!

 roberto-cavalli-rc972s-rc972s-85944-72146-4  dolce-and-gabbana-dg4267-dg4267-78377-65465-4  dior-dior-inedite-f-s-dior-inedite-f-s-74901-62709-4
Roberto Cavalli RC972S Dolce and Gabbana DG4267 Dior DIOR INEDITE F S

4. Less Cat Eye

Cat eye sunglasses slowly losing the battle as they didn’t live up to revenue expectations. People loved to try them, but didn’t buy them. Many women found cat eye sunglasses too aggressive and too aging.

5. Retro Still In

Retro round sunglasses are still going strong in 2016 and we can still call it a trend. More men are warming up to the idea as fashion brands were able to make them cool looking as oppose to aging.

 giorgio-armani-ar8053-ar8053-80862-67588-4  prada-spr-51s-spr-51s-79648-66544-4  gucci-3788-s-gucci-3788-s-87071-73172-3
Giorgio Armani AR8053 Prada SPR 51S GUCCI 3788 S
May 10, 2016

Every Famous Model Was Once Told She is Not Good Enough

gisele-bundchen-youngThe recent Vogue article about Gisele Bundchen reveling that she was told many times that she is not good enough to ever be on magazine cover due to her nose prompted us to do some investigation on how many models had the same problem and what it took to become famous.

It took Gisele 2 years and 42 casting rejections to finally be chosen to cat walk for a major brand Alexandr McQueen. It really means that everyone rejected her first YSL, Chanel, Gucci, Dior – everyone! She kept on working because she said she knew she got a chance.






kate moss youngKate Moss

Dropped out of school at 15 to pursue modeling career and moved in with her boyfriend, Kate Moss was modeling a lot, but wasn’t earning enough money for descent food or lodging. She was told into her face that she is just “a common bitch”. Kate knew she was smaller than average model and that she won’t do well on cat walk. But she has so much confidence that she personally just walked in to a Calvin Klein casting at age 18, without a referral. Calvin chose her because he liked that she looked plain and not aggressive. He had a great vision.





cindy-crawford-model-daughterCindy Crawford

Cindy was teased by classmates for her now a signature mole. She was told she has a chocolate on her face. She considered to get her mole removed but was convinced by her mother that instead of the mole there will be a scar. She dropped out of first year of Northwestern University to pursue modelling career because she felt there is place to her in big fashion.





linda-evangelistaLinda Evangelista

Linda was a Canadian young model and everything moved for her smoothly after she was head hunted during the Miss Niagara beauty pageant. She actually rejected the career herself because one time in Japan she was asked to pose nude. Linda refused to do the job, returned to Canada and took two years to try modelling again.





Gigi-Hadid-Blonde-HairGigi Hadid

While Gigi was modeling since age of 5 due to her famous mother’s connections, she was rejected to model for Victoria’s secret two times. She was told she is not skinny enough. Disregarding her ultra famous status she didn’t take rejection personally and kept on auditioning until this year when she made her first appearance as Victoria’s Angel








karolina kurkovaKarolina Kurkova

Who knows a lot about rejection is Karolina Kurkova. A Czech model who had one of the toughest career paths. Being from a poor country with no English or affluent friends, and even with no belly button, Karolina moved to New York to become a model. She faced a lot of rejection because of unusual body feature, but it didn’t take long before she became Victoriya’s Angel.



May 9, 2016

Why Sunglasses Today Make Best Price Quality Ratio For Brand Name Goods

PersolAverage consumer and active fashion shopper in her 40s has witnessed steep decline in fashion industry. The glamour, celebrity fluff is still a main focal point of Vogue magazine, but it’s not a focal point of Business of Fashion , the online independent publication that writes about how things really are in fashion. And we read a lot about outlet stores, fires, outsourcing of labor and talent and the hopes to milk average American consumer.

In eyeglasses brand name sector North American market accounts for 70% of total sales. When it comes to eyeglasses and sunglasses Americans and Canadians just love brand name. It has to be either fashion brand name such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Gucci etc, or very promoted eyeglasses brand name such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. Unless everyone heard of the brand, American will simply won’t buy a product.

And Americans can and want to buy authentic product. They consult their optician and try to buy from verified sources online like EyeInform website.

Also, eyeglasses consumer does not tolerate bad quality. Eyeglasses are meant to last and look like new for at least two years. Cutting corners on material and workmanship won’t achieve the result.

One of the main reasons I think why eyeglasses are still made amazing is because industry hasn’t entirely given up. Eyeglasses companies are in for a long term game. There is no 4 year term CEO who only cares for short term profit at expense of future of the company. There is no room to cut quality and style.

Sure enough, it’s true that Ray-Ban, some Dolce & Gabbana, some Burberry and other brands have models made in China. But you won’t tell the quality difference if you take a pair into your own hands. As long as you buy from known source you can be sure you are buying real product. Some brands continue making exclusively in Italy. All sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Dior, Gucci, Chanel are made in Italy.

The strong independent retail sector plays an important role to why brand name sunglasses are best as they ever been in 2016. Independent retailers make at least 30% of all sunglasses and glasses sales for many famous brands and as much as 80% for brands such as Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss and Gucci. Independent retailers are extremely careful of what they pick for their stores because firstly they need to pay upfront and secondly if product bad quality they will take the biggest hit. If product is not up to a high standard independent store will not carry it.

Today eyeglasses make the best brand name purchase when it comes to price/quality ratio and also beauty and utility.

May 9, 2016

Emporio Armani Sunglasses Will Be an Awesome Gift for Father’s Day!

Mother’s day is over. We all heard how much moms want the most for Mother’s Day to be left alone of sleep. But fathers are all very different. They want gifts! They want BBQ party and they want beer!

Every wife and girlfriend knows that choosing right Father’s Day gift or just any gift for a beloved men is the hardest thing in the world. Most of men either don’t know what they want or have everything they need. When I ask my husband he will respond with something ridiculous like “I want Ferrari”. Well hubby, how about a pair of nice sunglasses!

 emporio-armani-ea4058-ea4058-72481-60616-4  emporio-armani-ea2033-ea2033-72438-60584-4  emporio-armani-ea4048-ea4048-64532-53570-4
Emporio Armani EA4058 Emporio Armani EA2033 Emporio Armani EA4048

Sunglasses is an amazing gift for a men. He can’t have too many because fashion changes. And if you like fashion my dear, be sure that Emporio Armani sunglasses will be right on this year.

 emporio-armani-ea2031-ea2031-64520-53561-3 emporio-armani-ea4047-ea4047-59281-48879-4  emporio-armani-ea4042f-ea4042f-59247-48849-4
Emporio Armani EA203

Emporio Armani EA4047 Emporio Armani EA4042F

Emporio Armani is an Armani line, there is also Giorgio Armani, but Emporio is more casual and more suitable I think for Father’s Day. Emporio Armani sunglasses are very neutral in style, in a way similar to Hugo Boss glasses – a bit casual, bit elegant, not too sporty but will do with shorts.

 emporio-armani-ea4035-502683-59187-48794-3  emporio-armani-ea4029-ea4029-59152-48763-4  emporio-armani-ea4023-ea4023-59121-48737-3
Emporio Armani EA4035 Emporio Armani EA4029 Emporio Armani EA4023

At Eyeinform website you will find a complete collection of Emporio Armani sunglasses at unbelievably low price for an authentic product. Judge for yourself.