There is Something Similar Among Dior Homme Models

Dior Homme is a men brand. And this brand has a specific man in mind. Just like Tom Ford said that his designs are tailored for a tall and slim man, Dior Homme is also constantly forming an image for their wearers. In conclusion Dior Homme sunglasses will make you look more romantic, sexier and bolder. These accessories are for real men with rich lives and many problems 🙂 Dior Homme producers choose specific models, that not only looks similar sort of, they also have similar lifestyles and similar troubles. Let’s analyze.

dior homme jude lawLatest model Jude Law. A Brit, very handsome, a sex symbol really. He looks very young, even thought he is above 40 already. Jude Law still looks in his 20s. By the film roles he chooses lately we can tell that he is a person of humor. He also has lot’s of troubles with women. According to most rescent news, he is expecting a fifth child with his ex!!! girlfriend. What, not only they are not married, they are already exes and she is pregnant, and that is just fine with Jude Law. But it makes woman mad. So, here you go Dior Homme.

dior homme pattisonRobert Pattinson is also another current Dior Homme model. He is also a Brit, he is tall and slim. A sex symbol for sure. He is much younger than Jude Law, still in his 20s, but he does look older, we give him 32. His film roles are diverse, but more on the romantic side. He does have woman troubles. But this time, his own image is clean. His wifey Kristen Stewart chetaed on him according to tabloids and he forgave her. This made a lot of women super mad. So this Dior Homme guy is one of a kind.

dior homme modelsOther Dior Homme models are not as famous, but they have appearance similarities. They have very sleek faces, very neutral, almost CIA-ish . They have bold facial expressions making you wonder that they are either robots or have a lot of life problems. But they are handsome and look very pleasant. Just a bunch of young boys.



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