Roberto Cavalli – A Designer Who Is Inspired By Women

Roberto Cavalli is one of the makers of what we call Italian fashion. Excessive decorations with stones, prints, feathers and colorful patches is what makes Italian style. Roberto Cavalli spent over 50 years proving the world that a style should be consistent, but it does not have to be monotone.

When asked what inspires him, he gladly says “I am inspired by women”. Woman lover, woman mother or woman wife – he had them all and says that studied their psychology and body needs as if he studied science. This helped to develop ultra feminine style with accent on sexiness and aggressiveness. Hence is the animal prints that became signature for every collection.

In one of his interviews for NewStyle, Roberto elaborates that the best compliment he received for his designs was from a woman who said “I tried everything from Ives Saint Laurent to Chanel, but when put on your clothing realized that suddenly all men are looking at me. You changed my life”. He is inspired by women who are desired. While press and media is picking on minimalism and architectural designs in women fashion, Cavalli is not getting much appraisal from big Vogue and Elle. In fact there was only one interview with the designer for the past 10 years! He however is getting enough attention from such women, who keep coming back for clothes that make them sexy and beautiful.

When asked what makes his designs so true to his style he said “The secret lies in deep knowledge of women body proportions and fearless attitude to their femininity. I don’t change my designs in favor of monochrome, I use chic silks, reptile skins and furs. Anything that makes woman look like Goddess.” Goddess will not only wear dresses, but also accessorize to the max, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses became an attribute of a true fashionista.

His Goddess of two decades is Eva Cavalli, his wife who was able to tame the gypsy soul and create a family with playful designer. Roberto admires his wife. He says that the secret to their long marriage is that she is not just beautiful, she is a strong personality with similar life values and ideas. According to maestro, to keep a good men on a short leash for many years, beauty is not enough. Woman has to carry a mystery. So in styles, he does not like anything too short or too open. Super mini skirt or very open shirt will not make a woman sexy. What will is a mystery that she hides behind her leopard coat or snake skinny pants.

Roberto admits that his muse is Jennifer Lopez. A true Italian does not hide the fact that he was once madly in love with Latino legend. She inspired him on many new designs. Her love of her own body led him to create more designs for women of similar proportions.

Roberto Cavalli also has a men line. American Aerosmith lead singer Steve Tyler is one of the biggest admirers of Cavalli style. However there is not much for men other than a small selection of jeans and shirts. Roberto admits that it’s not his goal to create competitors among men by dressing them well.

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