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July 28, 2013

Evolution and Revolution by Dior. How Dior Style Became Iconic.

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Dior is one of the mega brands of modern age. Over the past 50 years brand went through smooth evolution, created revolution in fashion and even got itself covered in scandals, boosting the media attention to the brand to a new level.

Christian Dior, the originator of the brand, worked very hard entire life. Only in the past decade of his life he was able to show off his talent and create a blueprint in a fashion industry. He was known to be a humble boy from a noble family. His mother was of very strong character and made his career choice difficult. His family owned a fertilizer factory and was quite wealthy until business failed and they went to near poverty. Whoever thinks that making a career is hard today, didn’t really thought how it was for people then. But these stubborn, old fashion times actually allowed Christian Dior create an iconic “New Look”.

Dior 1Christian Dior truly revolutionized fashion and actually created the phenomenon of fashion. He became very famous when he cut the skirt making it just a right length to show off the shoes and beautiful woman ankle. This move in itself gave boost to shoes fashion, as shoes became much more visible under such skirt.

Christian Dior adored working with silhouettes. Fabric during World War 2 was scare and given little choices, Christian Dior creatively made new silhouettes to emphasize woman fragility and femininity. He once said “I created a flower woman”, meaning that the entire look from head to toe resembled a flower. He was big on accessories, and specifically preferred to use real jewelry and gemstones as oppose the replicas. Accessorizing the simple silhouette was another way to make a woman more attractive and her look finished. He was also a big fan of glasses. In fact Dior glasses were the first fashion eyewear accessories. He experimented with materials and shapes and bought out rights on Optyl – specially created plastic material that is widely used today in glasses manufacturing.

Just before Christian Dior passed away, Yves Saint Laurent was hired by then well established fashion house. He came just in time to work with the iconic designer side by side. Since Yves Saint Laurent was only 18 years old when he started, he embraced Dior fashion and continued perfecting the New Look. He kept working with silhouettes, shaping woman’s body line and designing new accessories before leaving to create his own brand.

Among the most recent and most memorable designers at Dior was John Galliano. He spent close to 20 years perfecting the brand and bringing it to the modern age. Galliano’s biggest contribution to the brand was that he kept it very famine. Despite new trends of trousers, jeans and minimalism, Dior brand kept it’s mark high concentrating on florals, details, beautiful female figure and colorful accessories. It was very unfortunate that John Galliano was fired a few years ago for a verbal fight in a bar. Since the Dior brand is a business where public image is everything, there was no place for a lead designer accused of antisemitism and alcohol dependence.

Today, Raf Simons is a lead designer of Dior house. His first collection gained negative reviews as he tried to divert the Dior style towards manly and simplistic making all figures grey and dull. He quickly corrected himself this year creating a hit collection based on Flower Woman idea and putting more emphasis on accessories.

July 9, 2013

Prodesign Eyeglasses – Elegance With Style

Prodesign eyeglasses, is a Denmark eyeglasses product line that has been established over 15 years ago. This happened when people were still wearing simple eyeglasses in black or brown color, thin metal frames, when world of eyewear was still boring. Then there was a brand with vision for something more cool. Prodesign was among the first to realize that people want more color, more quality and variety.

I personally like Prodesign glasses because they are simple in general design, but have that elegant touch that delivers a good taste to it’s wearer. Not sure how else to describe, just have a look and pick your favorite!

Prodesign 6129 Prodesign 1394
Prodesign 6129 Prodesign 1394
Prodesign 6130 Prodesign 1395
Prodesign 6130 Prodesign 1395
Prodesign 1397 Prodesign 6132
Prodesign 1397 Prodesign 6132
Prodesign 6133 Prodesign 6134
Prodesign 6133 Prodesign 6134
Prodesign 1675 Prodesign 1678
Prodesign 1675 Prodesign 1638
Prodesign 6137 Prodesign 1694
Prodesign 6137 Prodesign 1694
July 6, 2013

Apple Hires YSL CEO To Get Into Wearable Fashion Industry

appleApple has confirmed Yves Saint Laurent former CEO Paul Deneve to work as a VP on “special projects”. Announcement came just weeks after Apple filed a trademark on word iWatch, which caused their stock to rise the same day. The company is only rumored to be getting into wearable fashion, but media is already buzzing about all kind of potential Apple endeavors.

People tend to forget that we don’t hear much of YSL any more. In fact the company is no longer called Yves Saint Laurent. As of last year it has been re-branded to simply Saint Laurent. Just like a river that runs across Montreal 🙂 Yes, the name of iconic designer is no longer figuring in the company name.  This was the last thing Paul Deneve has done for the company before leaving for Apple. Luckily YSL sunglasses are made and distributed by Safilo are still one of the few YSL products that carry an iconic YSL style. Safilo so far has chosen not to divert the brand name away from late designer legacy.

Apple has not revealed what “special projects” Paul Deneve will be working on. He could either get involved in creating new products or managing the retail store operations, or even marketing campaigns. Many people want to see more cool products from Apple, iWatch, iShoes, iCar, iVaccumCleaner, iBed, iLamp, iBaby and iWife.

Apple is facing a serious competition against iPhone that is coming from Samsung, BlackBerry and Huawei. Microsoft is also opening retail stores across USA and Canada to promote their software and smartphone technologies. So for Apple to take a full advantage of space in their huge store the only way would be to offer more products. Products not as sophisticated as iPhone, but cool enough to triple charge the consumer.

July 3, 2013

How to Pick Best Sunglasses for Golf

With golf season under way, more people are looking for a good pair of sunglasses specifically for golfing. There is practically nothing made specifically for golf, at least not from designers. Golf is a lifestyle sport, so designers feel is that they have made enough beautiful sunglasses that will work for game of golf. And I fully agree with them. However, you can get a bit practical when looking for a good pair of sunglasses to be used while playing golf. Here are a few tips:

1. Consider polarized lenses.

I am being careful saying “consider” because not everyone likes polarized lenses. Some people find them too dark and some simply annoying because they cut more from the view than just glare. But with few exceptions, I think polarized lenses is a good feature in your golfing sunglasses. Some people report that their eyes feel less strained in polarized sunglasses. Also, when you are on the sun for 4-5 hours, very dark sunglasses will only help. These would be a good choice:

Polarized Versace 4240 Polarized Bvlgari BV5028 Polarized Prada 55O

2. Comfort is everything.

Sunglasses that are worn for hours at a time must be comfortable. Last thing you want is to develop a headache because they are too tight or heavy. And it does not really matter if they are made out of plastic (acetate is used for high end sunglasses) or metal. These days some plastic sunglasses are far heavier than metal. Designers learnt to use light weight metals such as aluminium, titanium or thin steel to overcome the weight barrier in sunglasses. The best way to get sunglasses that fit right is to avoid any extreme shapes, just go for something average like rectangular or oval shape instead of oversized round, square of butterfly. Buy something like this:

Dior Homme 0165 Gucci 1027S Hugo Boss 0514S

3. Style is also important.

Golf for many is a show off game. It is a high end activity. An average game will cost you $40, plus membership fees that can range in tens of thousands. Golfing equipment is also expensive. So, don’t be cheap on your sunglasses. Other people will not just understand. Don’t get some $20 frames to go with your Lacoste outfit. And Ray-Ban will also not make a cut. Get descent sunglasses from Prada, Dior Homme, Gucci or comparable brand. You don’t need to be extreme with Cartier or Bvlgari. But spending anything around $300 should be enough to get you covered:

Prada SPS 53O Versace VE4198 Tom Ford William TF207