Gucci 2013 Prescription Glasses For Men. New Selection

Gucci has revamped the ophthalmic collection of glasses, all ready for 2013 sales. And this time Gucci is putting much more emphasis on men than ever before. In competition with Prada and Tom Ford, Gucci is trying to offer many modern designs, classic designs and even funky options. I have a feeling this will be a great year for Gucci. If you follow financial news, Gucci is not to miss. They advertise all over the city (at least in Toronto they do), do interesting collaborations and try to make positive news regularly. Check these Gucci glasses and enjoy:

Gucci 1006 glasses Gucci 1008 glasses Gucci 3545 glasses
Gucci 1009 glasses Gucci 1885 glasses Gucci 1010 glasses
Gucci 1883 glasses Gucci 1651 glasses Gucci 1019 glasses
Gucci 1612N glasses Gucci 1023 glasses Gucci 1022 glasses

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