Prom Dresses To Fit Every Shape And Size

Today’s prom dresses come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. You may see one in a magazine or on TV and fall in love with it, and decide that’s going to be your dream dress, and you must wear it for prom. The problem is that not all dresses are made for all the different shapes and sizes of today’s modern teen girl. There are some things to take into consideration when deciding which one will look best on your specific shape.

prom night

Which Dress Is The Right One For You?


Tight-Fitting Dress- These are always in style. They conform to you shape, they are designed to flatter and show off every curve of your body. They can come in strapless, thin strapped, or even full arm sleeves. They can be very short, knee length, or maybe the one you want is a full length with a side or back slit. Often these dresses are designed for the female who is either lucky enough to be naturally slim, or work out and eat right, which results in a toned, fit bodies that have flat tummies, and almost no bootie.  This style of dress is not designed to flatter a pear-shaped body, nor one that has some extra weight on it. So unless you have a slim, toned physic this dress may not be the best option.

High-Waist Dress- Thick belts on dresses have become fashionable again. These are deigned to bring out and accentuate the girls’ hips when they have more of a straight waste line, have a longer upper body and are tall. If you were naturally “hippy” this would not be the best selection for you to wear, as it may make you look overly “hippy”. This is also not a good look on an individual who has a short upper body, or if you happen to be short.

Ball Gowns- When you wear these long flowing gowns you can almost ensure that they will look good on you. If you happen to be a big-busted girl, ball gowns or A-line gowns look great on you. Smaller busted girls would look better in an empire ball gown. If you pick an empire gown with detailed beading, ruffles or embroidery on top, it will make you appear to be bigger chested. When you’re a wide shouldered female deciding on a strapless gown, will work nicely to complement them, or even a nice cap sleeve gown will accent them beautifully.

It’s A Big Decision


Yes deciding on a dress is a big decision. Deciding can be hard depending on if you are a pear or apple-shaped lady, full-figured, or hourglass shaped, tall in thin, short and athletic. The best way to decide over all, do you feel comfortable in it? Do you like it on yourself? If yes to both, then buy it, go to your prom proud and know you look good, feel good, and have fun. is a prom forum that brings parents and teenagers together in one location and allows them to discuss all aspects of the 2013 prom.

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