Gucci Glasses 2013. First Release This Year.

Gucci is taking this year by storm. At least in Canada. Their print ads are everywhere – in malls, on billboards, on bus stations and in many more public places. I do think that their next big step is to expand the stores across North America. In North America brand is one of the major factors why people buy certain things. So Gucci is pushing on to make their brand really really big.

So, what’s up with glasses this year. Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news is that Gucci added over 30 new models. This is a very large amount of models for one single release. I mean most of brands just have 30 models total. Gucci added 30 new to already existing 60. Bad news is that all of these so called new models, are actually put back into production best sellers over the years. You can actually find 10 year old models back in production. So, the strategy so far has been why fix it if it’s not broken. If glasses were selling like a hot cake then, why reinvent the wheel. Just give people what they want.

Enough said, here are our selection of the best 2013 models:

GUCCI 3553 GUCCI 2810 GUCCI 3010
Gucci 3553 Gucci 2810 Gucci 3010
Gucci glasses 3542 Gucci glasses 3552 Gucci glasses 3203
Gucci 3542 Gucci 3552 Gucci 3203
Gucci 3198 Gucci glasses 2791 Gucci 1019 glasses
Gucci 3198 Gucci 2791 Gucci 1019

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