Bvlgari Men Sunglasses 2012 Fall Collection

Bvlgari BV5022K real gold

Bvlgari BV5022K real 18K gold sunglasses

Blvgari is one of most luxurious brands available in Canada when it comes to glasses. This year Bvlgari went over the top making a pair of aviator sunglasses made out of 18 carat gold. It’s not just gold color, which has always been popular among Bvlgari lovers. It’s a real gold precious metal. Whoever is looking for a perfect gift for a men, Bvlgari BV5022K real gold aviators can’t be matched. Given that they only go for $699 at EyeInform sunglasses store, this is a no brainer.

Other models wouldn’t disappoint also. Clean cut, solid shapes and very little branding make new Bvlgari sunglasses hard to not like for men who like elite things but without much show off. People who recognize the brand will appreciate, others will just look and enjoy. Of course average price for a good pair of Bvlgari sunglass is around $350 – also a good value given how massive this brand is. Many pairs have polarized version available. Any how, check new 2012 fall Bvlgari collection.

Bulgari BV5025 Bvlgari BV7012

Bvlgari BV7013

Bvglari BV7013 can fold four times to fit in a small pocket

Bvlgari BV5025 buy here Bvlgari BV7012 buy here Bvglari BV7013 buy here

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