Sunglasses in Oxblood Color. Oxblood is a Trendy Color of the Season.

Oxblood is a new emerging color that suddenly gained popularity this 2012 Fall Season. Oxblood color is rich burgundy baurdaux mix. It is dark, almost brown with a bit of red shade. Oxblood is part of warm color palette which means you can mix in a lot of other colors with it without looking aggressive. Perfect for the fall actually.

Oxblood sunglasses would look perfect on the face because they add softness to the face. They don’t look as agreesive as conventional black and not as boring as conventional brown sunglasses. Oxblood is also perfect for blond and light haired people as it is soft looking color. If you are really looking for something new, oxblood sunglasses are what you need.

At EyeInform we have plenty. Check these few models. For more, please visit our oxblood sunglasses collection.

Gucci 3097 sunglasses

Gucci 3097

Roberto Cavalli RC440S sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli RC440S

Dior Symbol 3 sunglasses

Dior Symbol 3

Buy Gucci 3097 here Buy Roberto Cavalli RC440S here Buy Dior Symbol 3 here

Dior Symbol 2 sunglasses

Dior Symbol 2

Prada SPR 07O sunglasses

Prada SPR 07O

Dior Bonvoyage sunglasses

Dior Bonvoyage

Buy Dior Symbol 2 here Buy Prada SPR 07O here Buy Dior Bonvoyage here

Gucci 3132 sunglasses

Gucci 3132

Bvlgari BV8083B sunglasses

Bvlgari BV8083B

Bvlgari BV8091B

Bvlgari BV8091B

Buy Gucci 3132 here Buy Bvlgari BV8083B here Buy Bvlgari BV8091B here

Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses

Oakley Straight Jacket

Dior Ladylady 2

Dior Ladylady 2

Gucci 3108 sunglasses

Gucci 3108

Buy Oakley Straight Jacket here Buy Dior Ladylady 2 here Buy Gucci 3108 here

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