Vintage Sunglasses at EyeInform

Vintage sunglasses, or in other words vintage looking sunglasses are at the peak of their popularity. Brand name fashion eyewear has a relatively short history – about 100 years. First movers were Dior, Ray Ban, Carrera, Persol. Brands that joined later, with most recent being Tiffany (just 5 years ago) had to keep up with the well established players and innovate. But vintage sunglasses do have their features. Here are few short tips:

– Tortoise shell color

Tortoise shell historically was invented to accommodate market need to replace horn. Natural horn was used for eyeglasses for over 200 years and as they became globally worn, it was simply inhumane and even unpractical to use animal horn. So the invention of tortoise shell some 8o years ago had a bit impact on sunglasses trends. Lots of old advertisements have sunglasses in tortoise color. Today it just makes them look vintage

– Extreme shapes

In 40-60 there was not that much choice in sunglasses like we have today. Optical store literally had a few dozens styles. Today it’s about a thousand in a store of average size. So, certain shapes particularly stood out: round, cat eye, aviators. Today we associate them with vintage.

– Vintage brand names

50 years ago an eyewear brand name would become popular due to one sunglasses model. Ray Ban sold over 10 million of Wayfarers until today. Persol is still making it’s original Persol PO0649. Carrera has never gave up their sport racing style. Dior is still big on cat eye.

To make it easier for you we created a new category in EyeInform store for Vitange Sunglasses. Have a look at our selection. We hope big brands will be keep making cool vintage sunglasses in 2013.

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