Fashion Designers Collaborate for The Great Gatsby Film

Costume design in Hollywood has taken a new stand. Nowadays inviting a famous fashion designer to do costume designs has become a trend. The Great Gatsby upcoming and highly anticipating film based on Scott Fitzgerald novel adaptation has not only gathered celebrities actors but designers. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio will be wearing Prada suits and Carey Mulligan will too!

Miuccia Prada has been keen on retro designs during entire 2012 season making cute little dresses with boa for both Fall and Spring 2012 collections. Perhaps this was a reason film director Baz Luhrmann invited her to do costume design for his film. in fact it was his wife, Catherine Martin, a costume designer for the film who came up with the idea.

Miuccia Prada selected 40 designs from her past collections as a base for the costumes in film.

Another big brand Tiffany & Co. provided the jewelry for the Great Gatsby actors. Tiffany couldn’t be a better fit for the job. Tiffany was just in the midst of high growth in New York when movie plot supposedly took place. Tiffany’s history in American jewelry and silverware had a lot of ready material for the film use.


2 Comments to “Fashion Designers Collaborate for The Great Gatsby Film”

  1. The clothing style for the original The Great Gatsby film (starring Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby), which was released in 1974, was contracted to Ralph Lauren. The styling and costumes provided by Ralph Lauren turned out to be a huge success for the brand and were critically acclaimed. Theoni V. Aldredge, who was a costume designer for this movie, eventually won Academy Award for Costume Design.

    The benchmark is set extremely high, it will be interesting to see if Prada will be able to repeat success of Ralph Lauren in the upcoming The Great Gatsby film.

  2. Great info Sasha. Ralph Lauren must have been very young back in 1974 – branded fashion placement in movies was still a new concept. I am more excited to see Tiffany work in this film!

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