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August 25, 2012

Lance Armstrong Scandal Presenation

This is the presentation in support of Lance Armstrong foundation.

August 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong to Lose all Titles. Is it Fair?

Today USADA (US Anti Doping Agency) has won a fight against Lance Armstrong, worlds most famous cyclist, to strip him of all titles and ban him for life from ever competing again. These news are rather shocking, given that ban span over a decade back, making Lance worlds most penalized athlete.

Up until today most of people know Lance Armstrong as the only athlete to ever win 7 Tour de France competitions. America’s best also scored a bronze and silver Olympic medals. He is also known for his charity Livestrong, largest private contributor to testicular cancer research. Since the foundation was formed in 1997 it raised over $500 million. Oakley Livestrong collection of sunglasses was among the main tools of that.

Today we learn more about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal that apparently was in investigations for years, somehow staying under the press radar, mainly due other great deeds of this great athlete and a public figure. It all came to an end after numerous appeals have been lost. Today Lance has dropped a fight citing according to Yahoo News:

“There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, ‘Enough is enough.’ For me, that time is now,” Armstrong said. He called the USADA investigation an ”unconstitutional witch hunt.”

But USADA found its reasons. Organization that was formed in 2000 to uncover “cheaters” of sport, was on Lance’s tail since the beginning. It all started in 1999 when after winning Tour de Frace Lance’s urine contained a very small, acceptable amount of anti-inflammatory drug. USADA put Lance on a hot list of potential offenders. Next serious allegation came in 2004 when he was denied $5 million bonus by a sponsor for winning Tour de France that year because of media speculations that he “might have” used banned substance. There was no proof, but clearly $5 million was worth a fight for a sponsor. Rumors took over with some testimonies from former teammate and his ex wife that he allegedly confessed to cancer treatment doctors that he used steroids in the past. The fact that these were just rumors from people having obvious motive to undermine his reputation, was not taken into account.



Last Tour de France performance was in 2009 when he came third. All of this after fighting a deadly cancer.

Can a man of the Lance Armstrong profile be really taking banned drugs for years, continuously passing all kind of doping tests? How can one year where he clearly passed the test be put as a proof for all next years when tests came out clean? And what power does USADA over Tour de France, a private competition run over Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO). By the way ASO has yet to come out with a statement regarding this.

Lance is trying to finish this with class saying ”I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999,” he said. ”The toll this has taken on my family and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where I am today – finished with this nonsense.”

”Today I turn the page. I will no longer address this issue, regardless of the circumstances,” he said. ”I will commit myself to the work I began before ever winning a single Tour de France title: serving people and families affected by cancer, especially those in underserved communities.”

We surely hope that this will not affect the reputation of Livestrong collection of Oakley sunglasses. Maybe Livestrong Oakleys will soon become a collectible?

August 23, 2012

How To Buy Oakley Sunglasses For Dummies

Oakley produces over 1000 various sunglasses models each year. Amount of choices of colors, shapes, types and sport designations is overwhelming for most people. In many cases retail store associates are not able to explain or guide customer because they are as confused as any one else. The worst part is that customers who are really into Oakley sunglasses, know so much that they will outperform any store associate from a regular optical store. So, what can you do to make an educated decision?

Oakley Glasses is a Science

Oakley company treats their products like a science. They spend millions of dollars every year on researching how to make their products more relevant and suitable for the upcoming world spots events. This year was London Olympics, next year it will be something else. Of course the company is very happy to share their scientific discoveries on their website and through press and media. You don’t need to worry about it. Unless you really want to, don’t waste your time on learning how one mm of lense depth will benefit you if you were to play golf wearing Oakley Flack Jacket Gold Specific glasses.

Oakley Flack Jacket GOLF SPECIFIC sunglasses

Oakley Flack Jacket GOLF SPECIFIC – sporty

Oakley POLARIZED BATWOLF sunglasses


 Oakley DISPATCH II Fire Iridium sunglasses

Oakley DISPATCH II Fire Iridium – trendy

Concentrate on What You Need

When buying Oakley sunglasses people really have two objectives. One to buy them for sport, another to buy them for style and convenience. This will eliminate half of your choices. Oakley sport glasses are very sporty looking, they will look weird with suit or even casual wear. On the other hand their everyday wear collections will not be as good for sports as they are not designed to stay on the head during rough athletic movements.

Oakley OIL RIG Matte Black sunglasses

Oakley OIL RIG Matte Black

Oakley Polarized DISPATCH 2

Oakley Polarized DISPATCH II



Analyse Your Movements

To determine which Oakley model will fit your movement type don’t get overwhelmed, just think for a minute how you usually move when wearing your potential Oakley sunglasses. If you play rough sports, like beach volleyball for example your head will move in all directions, plus you will fall a lot. Pick glasses that are very snug on your face and have full frames:

Oakley Pitt Bull Polarized Ducati

Oakley Pitt Bull Polarized Ducati





If you do cycling, your head will hardly move, but your entire body will move very fast. So, you need glasses that cover big part around your eyes. In this case ideally sunglasses are also aerodynamic so they don’t slow you down as wind slides through their surface, like through your car windshield when you drive:

Oakley Fast Jacket XL

Oakley Fast Jacket XL

Oakley Flack Jacket XLJ Transitions Grey

Oakley Flack Jacket XLJ



If you play golf, you want glasses that don’t interfere with your peripheral vision, otherwise anything else is not as important. Of course, you want them snug so they don’t slide as you lean down.
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August 8, 2012

Tiffany History and Interesting Facts