Boss 2012 Sunglasses

Boss Sunglasses are made in a perfect German clean and sleek style. 2012 Boss sunglasses are not much different from 2011 or 2010 models. But this is what brand decided to do – not to follow trends, but to remain true to itself and serve their customers well. In the end of the day, who already has a pair of sport Prada sunglasses, or a pair of trendy Gucci sunglasses, one day will arrive at the need to own something classic, mature and truly Boss style.

Boss 0342 sunglasses Boss 0343 sunglasses Boss 0349 sunglasses
Boss 0342/S Boss 0343/S Boss 0349/S
Boss 0402 sunglasses Boss 0403 sunglasses Boss 0410 sunglasses
Boss 0402/S Boss 0403/S Boss 0410/S
Boss 0440 sunglasses Boss 0442 sunglasses Boss 0466 sunglasses
Boss 0440/S Boss 0442/S Boss 0446/S

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