Giorgio Armani Sketches. Lesson from a Professional

In a Sketches series of our blog we are pleased to admire Giorgio Armani. We have already talked about Valentino sketches and Karl Lagerfeld sketches. Giorgio Armani deserves some credit as the most successful designer of all times, if measured by financial success. His company is one of the few, not yet swallowed by a group corporation. He is the only designer listed in top 500 richest people in the world. From 5 lines of clothing collections, to iconic Emporio Armani sunglasses, to furniture and even hotels, Giorgio has covered it all.

So, Giorgio Armani business talent casts no doubt. But what is also very impressive, is that he is a talented drawer. To call him artist, would be a big underestimation. He is indeed a great drawer. The lines of his sketches are close to perfection, making objects look like perfect models. The body elements such as muscles and natural curves are well followed and are in proportion. Just think about it, Giorgio Armani has absolutely no formal art education. He studied medicine before abandoning the idea of becoming a doctor and going to work as a window dresser. But perhaps, his deep knowledge of human anatomy helped him to be so precise with human body sketches. Enjoy this collection:

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