Gucci Guess Trademark Lawsuit. Product Comparison

A lawsuit for trademark infringement between Gucci and Guess was suppose to be a private mitigation at first. But now, after the first hearing on March 26, the lawsuit seems to have turned into a real public war between the two brands. Only lazy publication didn’t write about it in fashion section over the past 3 days.

A month ago Gucci has filed a claim against Guess for infringing their interlocking GG logo by using it consistently in shoes and accessory products. A plaintiff Gucci is looking for immediate cease of logo use and $215 million in damages. Of course for Guess, taking all the products off the shelf that currently are in circulation with logo in question, would turn the overall damage into a billion, should they lose the case.

The history behind interlocking GG logo is out of questions, since Guccio Gucci used it since 1921 when he founded his famous namesake company. Guess, an American company, was founded 60 years later in 1981, and according to the lawsuit claim, started to heavily imitate Gucci logo and it’s use 7 years ago.

Many Guess customers have clearly enjoyed the imitation and perhaps, even bought much cheaper Guess products due to their resemblance of luxury brand Gucci. Initially Guess just adopted their own version of interlocking GG, but later turned over to imitating color combinations, ideas, shapes and details of design.

On March 26 Guess spoke out the first line of defense claiming that Gucci, over the 7 years has never issued a warning and that their products are not meant to resemble Gucci. We will very closely watch the case. Right now we can’t really predict, the outcome is really 50/50 because both companies have a point. However, the fact that the case is happening out of the New York courthouse is partially against Gucci because Guess is one of the most respected American companies. And the rule of thumb so far has been “Don’t sue American company in America”.

While Guess is in defense, let’s use our own judgment. Here is our attempt to set things straight and offer real product to product Guess to Gucci comparison.

What do you think, did Guess violate Gucci rights on the use of trademark?



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