Sunglasses Trends of 2012 – the World of Round

Ever since beginning of the year it was clear that 2012 biggest eyewear trend will be perfectly round sunglasses. Premium designers such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Dior, Boss and others have really brought the round shape to the new level this year and mid market designers have just overloaded their collections with it. What is most interesting is that people seem to finally gotten it. Tom Ford sunglasses collection have always had several perfectly round shapes, but only few public people were publicly wearing it. This year, question is who is not wearing it.

We noticed the trend in 2012 Oscars glasses that seem to have been the only thing men had on. But now sunglasses have caught up in a swirl. Check these models from various 2012 collection and compare them to pictures of people on the street. Glasses may seem boring at first, but trendy people are to take the credit for making them look cool.

Round Sunglasses of 2012

Dior Entracte sunglasses Gucci 3113 sunglasses Gucci 3501 sunglasses
Dior Entracte Gucci 3113 Gucci 3501
Gucci 3530 sunglasses Boss 0400 sunglasses Prada SPR27NS
Gucci 3530 Boss 0400 Prada SPR 27NS

Trendy People in Round Sunglasses of 2012

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