Oscar 2012 Glasses Get Your Own

Further to our article about spotted eyewear trends at 2012 Oscars we would like to offer a few suggestions in case you want to get same look. In the end of the day rich and famous got some serious image makers work with them to create  undeniably cool and modern look.  Trends are narrowed down to men glasses since no woman was wearing glasses to Oscars. If she would, she would be most discussed in photo-blogs and press.  May be one day we will see Angelina Jolie or Salma Hayek wearing cool glasses with their dresses. For now, men lead the group.

So, in our last post we discovered that there were two 2012 glasses trends: Round Retro and Plastic Geek. These trends have been slowly picking up in the past 5 years, but looks like this year they dominate the market by large.

If you want some round retro, check these out:

GUCCI 3518 GUCCI 3148 Tom Ford TF5150

If you are after plastic geek, go for one of these:

GUCCI 3205 GUCCI 1005 GUCCI 3517
Tom Ford TF5147 Tom Ford TF5163 Tom Ford TF5164

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