Clothing and Fashion Accessories Made in USA

With economy slowly picking up after recession and upcoming presidential elections I think big topic of this year will be “Made in USA“. Apparel industry has retreated to China over the past 20 years and up until recently we could hardly find any clothing, shoes or accessories made locally. We kept talking about lost jobs, but kept buying what’s no longer made here, in most cases not because we didn’t want, but because we didn’t know what and where.

According to NY Times in 1960 98% of all shoes sold in America were made in America. Today, less than 10% is made here. But apparel industry does exist in America. Clothing follows similar fate. Not all industries are in such a tough position, for example car manufacturing, heavy manufacturing and food industries are mostly localized still.

So if you are one of those who’d say “Common, I want to buy Made in USA, but I can’t find it!”, we would like to offer a list of companies that largely sell what is produced here. I must admit that my research showed that clothing made in USA is more of a higher end with top or shirt prices averaging $100. But in many cases quality and design wouldn’t disappoint you.

Here is a list of companies that we discovered make their clothing in the USA. Note, unfortunately none of these companies make everything in USA, but according to our research, they do make either some or large percentage. Please e-mail them when considering buying specific item.

Ella Moss

Average price for a top: $120

Style: semi-casual

Target market: mid-age women

California inspired style, simplistic and classic. Ella Moss clothing caters to mid age women who prefer semi-casual style. There are many items to mix and match that will help you look professional and non-conventional at the same time. Many fabrics are natural such as cotton, semi-natural rayon etc.

Eileen Fisher

Average price for a top: $200

Style: casual, comfortable

Target market: mid-age women

Self-made, successful entrepreneur Eileen Fisher shares her passion through her environmentally inspired designs. Huge advocate for woman rights, Fisher styles are to deliver comfort at all costs. Most of items are very zen. Their website has four words to describe what they create: Simple. Sensual. Beautiful. Timeless. Functional.

Nicole Miller

Average price for a top: $200

Style: dressy & evening

Target market: young & rich

Hippie inspired Nicole Miller designs are for free spirited girls. Long skirts, colorful striped cardigans are mixed with classic little black dresses and evening gowns. Nicole Miller also has a wedding dress collection that is quite a treat. Clothing collection is on the pricey side though – a simple cardigan sells for over $500, but hey, if you can afford it, perhaps it will be your way to support Made in USA niche market.

Kate Spade

Average price for a top: $250

Style: dressy & casual

Target market: young and mid-age posh women

Kate Spade is one of the most known New York designers who grew her company to multi-billion dollar empire. Perhaps, recently company is most known for its signature colorful leather bags and shoes. Note, most of shoes are made in Italy, while many clothing items are made in the USA. Company is positioned towards high end with average dress price $500. Also, you will find a very large choice of accessories such as jewelry, hats and eyeglasses. If you are into shopping or searching for ideas, Kate Spade is one to visit for sure.


Average price for a top: $250

Style: semi-casual, business

Target market: mid-age working women

Relatively young, only 15 years old company, Theory took the stage by their urban modern designs. There is a big men collection and quite frankly ladies designs are also more gender neutral driven. But, this is what urban and modern all about nowadays, especially in our highly emancipated society.

7 for All Mankind

Average price for a top: $70

Style: casual

Target market: teen to young professionals

This company has reinvented jeans as we knew them. One of the first jeans companies that took a stage as high end offering their premium quality, Made only in USA, awesome jeans for $200 a pair. 15 years ago spending that much money on jeans was unspeakable, but today, this is about average what an urban chick will spend. Jeans made our culture, framed our spirits and continue to remain the prime bottom element of our daily attire. Note, company also has a small collection of other clothing such as tops, shirts and jackets, but they are not made in USA. All jeans are!

Joes Jeans

Average price for a top: $1oo

Style: casual

Target market: young men and women

Another high end jeans manufacturer, a direct competitor to 7 jeans. This brand offers more variety of styles that are both artsy and even a bit Japanese inspired. As compared to other jeans companies, Joes has much more other clothing apart from jeans. All jeans are Made in USA.

Helmut Lang

Average price for a top: $200

Style: casual

Target market: free spirited mid-age people

A company with rich international history Helmut Lang will surprise you with some striking designs. It is a treat for an eye to see some fresh ideas such as disproportional lines and avant-garde twists in much casual collection this year. Helmut Lang – a company founder is Austrian. Company was briefly owned by Prada and now is in hands of Japanese corporation. What started with slick conservative suits, now turned into crazy casual stretched tops and tees. Enjoy while it lasts.

Another notable companies, that manufacture in the USA are:

Citizens of Humanity

Hudson Jeans

J Brand Jeans

If know of any more companies who manufacture clothing in USA, post a comment and we will gladly add it to this list. I really hope it can grow to couple of hundreds!

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