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December 14, 2011

Buying Sunglasses for Christmas. Tips, Styles, Designs, Prices.

Getting sunglasses as a gift for Christmas is a great idea. But sunglasses are among the most challenging items to choose. How do you know if they will fit, if your loved one will like them and wear them? Don’t worry here are few tips that will guarantee your gift will be the favorite one:

Consider Style

Glasses are fashion. They have to match a style of a person you present them to. To make it simple there are four styles: business, casual, sporty and “everything goes”. In this article we’ll concentrate on everything goes style. One of the most versatile styles for men is Aviators or any models that appear Aviator inspired. Go for models that look less sporty. Opt for gun metal and black frame as oppose to silver or gold that may also appear flashy. Many men Prada, Hugo Boss and Gucci models would be a great fit for any men.

BOSS 0317 Prada SPR 52FS GUCCI 1894
Boss 0317 Prada Prada SPR 52FS Gucci 1894

For ladies to pick timeless styles that she can wear with everything. Aviators for her will work as well as for him. Among more classic models would be simple rectangular or oval sunglasses. Avoid rhinestones and excess jewelry unless she is mad about it and you know it for sure.

Tiffany TF4024 Roberto Cavalli RC516S Bvlgari BV8052B
Tiffany TF4024 Roberto Cavalli RC516S Bvlgari BV8052B

Consider Size

For ladies, opt for smaller sizes that will sit well on all face types. Generally people with higher and more pronounced nose bridges can pull off large bug looking sunglasses types, but on majority such glasses will sag leaving indentation marks on cheeks. This is not a problem with smaller frames such as these:

For men if they have a very big head, read our earlier post on big head sunglasses. If their head is average everything should fit as long as it’s not a shield shape (one piece lens) or very wrapped. Any classics such as rectangular or slightly enlarged shapes would fit. Check these:

Boss 0355 GUCCI 2983 Tom Ford TF156
Boss 0355 GUCCI 2983

Consider Color

For ladies, you can try to match to her skin and hair color. If she is blond, stay away from black frames as they may look a bit harsh. If she has dark hair or skin she can wear anything. Generally most popular sunglasses colors are black, brown, tortoise and grey. Of course many designer models have some fun colors such as purple sunglasses, blue, pink etc, but for a gift try to stay away from extremes. Color goes with the frame shape, material and style and tends to change overall look of glasses dramatically.

GUCCI 3166 Roberto Cavalli RC518S Roberto Cavalli RC529S
GUCCI 3166 Roberto Cavalli RC518S Roberto Cavalli RC529S

Consider Likes

It should be easy to spot what lady likes. Look at her purse and her shoes. What brand she likes? Is it Gucci, Valentino, Dior? Not sure, check this article on matching brand name accessories.  Otherwise, get her what she wears today. Remember, sunglasses are accessories, so they should either match other accessories or match the style of a person. If she wears a lot of gold, get her sunglasses with gold inserts. I wouldn’t still get entire gold frames, would try to get sunglasses that either have a logo or a small metal element on the front or temple of the color she wears most.

For guys it’s more tricky as they are not big on other accessories. Maximum majority has is a watch and wallet. This only makes your life easier. Opt for premium name like Prada, Hugo Boss or Gucci and you won’t miss. Try to get styles that represent these brand names. Prada is big on a red stripe logo. Hugo Boss is very businessy and Gucci is often more casual and cool. If your man is quite luxurious Bvlgari and Tom Form make a perfect gift as these brands keep their cool by providing excellent quality and in the same time materialistic design. You go for these, he will have nothing to pick on.

BOSS 0321  Prada SPR 50HS Tom Ford TF197
Boss 0321 Prada SPR 50HS Tom Ford TF197


Price is single most important factor most of the time.  Browse EyeInform website and sort by Price to get an idea. Have no time, generally I would rate most popular brands by price this way:

From lowest to highest:


Ray Ban

Hugo Boss




Roberto Cavalli

Tom Ford


Keep in mind that each brand name may have a few items that are more expensive and a couple that is cheaper than others. Be decisive and chose something you really like. 20 dollars here there won’t make you rich, but may make all the difference in enjoyment of your purchase later.

Time is Ticking

Can you believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away? We have created a fast ship category to help you narrow your choice based on how fast you can get your purchase in the mail, check our Christmas Sunglasses Deals category. Even with overnight courier service and glasses in stock, you should still plan for at least a week before Christmas. Consider customs and mail delays and also time you order. Clearly if you place an order in the morning you may save entire day in processing. Anything ordered after 4 EST will add a day to arrival times, especially on Fridays. This is not only us, this is everywhere.