Bvlgari Glasses Fall Winter 2011

Bvlgari glasses made a small step down from massive crystals and rheinstones on their eyewear. Instead brand decided to take a bit less glamorous approach and replace blings with coins, just like in the 2011 jewelery Monet collection as well as simple buckles or rings. Nevertheless Bvlgari glasses still look top notch due to classic shapes and color combinations. In the end of the day, one does not need to light up the streets with the stones on the temples. Rich is in the heart right?

Bvlgari BV1026 Bvlgari BV2045B Bvlgari BV2118B
BV1026 BV2045B BV2118B
Bvlgari BV2119B Bvlgari BV2121 Bvlgari BV3008
BV2119B BV2121 BV3008
Bvlgari BV3015 Bvlgari BV4049B Bvlgari BV4050
BV3015 BV4049B BV4050
Bvlgari BV4053B Bvlgari BV4054B
BV4053B BV4054B

It is nice to see some men models just like metal full rim BV1036 or plastic BV3008. Bvlgari also notably follows cat eye inspiration in BV4053 and Bv4050 while not going too extreme with the idea. Beautiful eyewear for all ages!

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