Fall Eyewear Styles

Here are ten reasons why fall is an amazing season for sunglasses:

  1. Sun is not as bright in the fall as it is in the summer. Lenses of lower intensity will be more comfortable. You can finally try gradient fills and softer lens colors.
  2. Fall/Winter 2011 sunglasses collections for most brand names are released. They are paired with Spring/Summer 2012 clothing collections that were released as well.
  3. Fall sunglasses are perceived more as a fashion accessory as oppose to must have functionals due to less intensive sun in the fall. You can experiment more with shapes and designs of glasses to dress up your overall fall look.
  4. Fall is back to work, back to school, back to intensive driving and travelling for many people. A new pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses is absolutely must-have for many
  5. Have you lost your fav pair of sunglasses somewhere on the beach this year? No worries, fall is a great time to get a new pair.
  6. Many movies have been released over the summer. Sunglasses that were pre-released through films are finally out, just like Cameron Diaz Prada PS 01LS from “Bad Teacher”.
  7. Summer is over, Winter is approaching – a vacation season for many. New swims, new beaches, new sunglasses
  8. Fall’s winds may be heavy, but a good pair of sunglasses will protect your skin, eyes and makeup even in the most severe twists.
  9. Fall is time to start thinking about ski season, that in some regions start as early as October. New pair of designer ski shades like this Gucci 1653 is waiting for you.
  10. You’ve been working a summer job so hard earning extra money. Now is time to spend it. Nothing beats designer sunglasses by price/satisfaction ratio

Check new frames by typing Fall/Winter 2011 in Search to see all new models for Dior Fall Winter 2011, Gucci Fall Winter 2011, Boss Fall Winter 2011, Tiffany Fall Winter 2011, Bulgari Fall Winter 2011 and others.

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